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Celebrate PRIDE MONTH with 10 cartoons that break the rules of all the love boundaries

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There are many LGBTQ stories all over the social media recently because June is the month of pride for the LGBTQ community.

Normally, people may understand that LGBTQ is a group of gender preferences that do not match the boundaries of what society has defined as ‘normal’, but in truth, love is not defined by the gender of the person you love or the person you are being attracted to. It also includes the tastes and different expressions that do not match the birth gender that are framed by the society. All these things can come from many aspects that may be related to the environment, values ​​and social conditions. However, there is one thing that cannot be denied. It does not matter what your tastes and preferences are, it is an individual right that every human being has and it is normal to be ‘proud’ of being like that.

We would like to invite you to celebrate Pride Month and convey this delicate topic by opening up your mind through ‘Cartoons’, where the stories are being narrated in various styles, exciting and heartwarming. All the cartoons that we have selected are from a popular online cartoon reading application called ‘WEBTOON’. There are more and more of these kinds of high quality cartoons. Moreover, some of them are created by Thai writers. All cartoons have an easy to understand story, great plot to read, which will absolutely satisfy you. 

Master Chef Dormitory Boys

Status: a new episode is released every Monday.

Let’s begin with a BL favorite, ‘Master Chef dormitory boys’, which is the latest cartoon released but got a lot of good feedback from the readers. Even if the title sounds ordinary, the synopsis makes us feel the passion from the characters and the state of Korean society which has a high competition.

The story is about ‘Jong Jiho’, a poor college student who decided to apply to compete in ‘Master Chef dormitory season 2’, a cooking competition show for the college students who need income to support themselves. The reward for the winner is 50 million Korean Won. In order to win the grand prize that will that is so necessary to his life, Jiho tried to follow his friend’s advise, to try and create himself as an ‘imaginary couple’ with some outstanding competitor in this show to become more popular. As such, this became the beginning of a beneficial relationship between ‘Jong Ji – ho’ and the handsome boy ‘Choi Woo – hyuk’  

After reading, we noticed that the imaginary couple’s characters who seem to dislike each other, was surprisingly charming together. Furthermore, the most outstanding point is that the supporting characters which are around them reflect the state of an ambitious society where everyone is competitive in order to climb to the top of the pyramid. The popularity of the ‘imaginary couple’, is the lead characters’ tool in this story. The acceptance of gender diversity which gradually increases, has slowly become a ‘path’ to success a little bit more. If we talk about transparency, this might not be the best idea (However, we still like this plot anyway). In contrast, this might help the characters understand themselves, the meaning of victory and growing up eventually (from the story-telling pattern, this seems possible). So, these are the reasons why this cartoon is attractive enough to follow and there will be a lot of unpredictable stories for us to root and follow.

Green Apple Paradise

Status: a new episode is released every Monday.

We are still with Korean cartoons here. This story has been very popular because of the smooth drawing lines and gradual story-telling. It also has a suspicious puzzle at the beginning that BL lovers can’t help but feel curious and will always cheer the lead characters to come out and accept their own feelings.

It is the story of ‘Yang Mae – Hwa’ who realizes that he has a thing for ‘Myeong Jae Won’, so he tries to back off and stay away from Jae Won. However, they accidentally met at the university and Myeong Jae Won started to pay special attention to him. It doesn’t matter how far Mae Hwa tries to escape, Jae Won won’t stop pursuing him.

This kind of situation could happen to anyone. When we have a secret crush on someone that we need to decide whether to confess or continue to keep it secret. It doesn’t matter who you are, this hesitation could be on your mind. Even if you are not BL lovers, you will really get into the story because of these reasons. In case you want to try to read BL fictions, Green Apple paradise is a good choice to kick off. Although the story seems to go on and on, there are some things that can make you laugh, feel satisfied and intense like it is squeezing your heart at all times.

AI Jon

Status: completed

We are still with BL cartoons, this time let’s check out a Thai writer’s work. This cartoon is a also a chaotic cartoon which will give you laughter and unique cheerfulness.

The story is about ‘Aueng Nua’ who suddenly has a new mate ‘Jon’, who came from abroad to live in the same house with him. Jon is not only superbly handsome, but his innocence also causes many troubles for Aueng to solve, day after day. How can Aeung deal with this trouble maker?!

Jon’s innocence might surprise and amaze you since the beginning, but this is an enchanted charm that will make you crave for more. We could say that it is as good as its reputation and it also has a surprise and unpredictable ending. AI Jon is one of comical BL cartoons that will give you a big smile and relieve your stress.

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