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An architect student who dreamt of becoming a designer to being a star in the entertainment industry. #madanEXCLUSIVExWar, every moment that led to ‘War...


It’s almost the long holiday break, so pack your bags and follow us to the best 5-holiday spots in Thailand that your favorite artist...


Check out the Behind the Scenes of the first ever #madanofTheMonth photoshoot with BKC Bas-Kimmon-Copter in a ‘Sunday Morning’ theme that will fill your...


Kaona – Turbo – Kong – Fourwheel,  who’s the most handsome of the all?! Find out in #mandanCHALLENGExKTK4 EP.4 or tell us who you’d...


This or That with BKC (SBFIVE)Chill out with BKC from SBFIVE and get to know them better in our This or That challenge #MadanofTheMonthxBKC

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