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3 Ship Couples this Valentine“Kim-Cop”, “Per-Poy” and “Max-Tul” are LINE SHOPPING’s special guest

Who wants to tell how much they love these boys? Head on to LINE SHOPPING x @TuesLIVE and surprise these 3 ship couples with “Kimmon-Copter”, “Per-Poy” and “Max-Tul” with “Pa Tue” to surprise fans in this month of love!

But this is not your typical live because Pa Tue is here to help fans enjoy the live and is giving out 1,000 baht coupons at every 100,000 views!!! 

madan boy love y
Cr. ภาพและข่าวจาก star society

There are also free giveaways such as special bags of TuesLIVE to Airpods! I have to say that anyone who missed out

As fans of “Kimmon-Copter”, “Per-Poy”, “Max-Tul” can send in questions by adding LINE @TuesLIVE send in questions from today until 5.00 PM and they will answers in the live!

Set your Notifications and add line @LINESHOPPINGTH and live LINE SHOPPING x @TuesLIVE 

Cr. ภาพและข่าวจาก star society

Have you heard Gameplay’s new song?! It’s the ost Mini-Series Ingredients, the sound, the melody and voices are wonderful so don’t forget to check it out!

How can I choose one from these three 🎵 Bas – Kimmon – Copter is too good to be true in this fashion set in the hashtag #GuylarochexBasKimCop

Cr. ภาพจากทวิตเตอร์ Heaven sent you to me

Today I want to introduce you to Superboy of Star Hunter Entertainment and can follow them from their work schedules😘

Wow! Saint and the Jao Phraya river view is a 10/10 for me! The sunset is just too romantic! Do you guys agree?! 🥰

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