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‘5 BL fictions’ – completed and must-Read in 2021

Due to the popular trend on social media, we can suggest that 2021 is the golden year of boys love series. It shows that imaginations can come to life and boys love series have become famous among audiences around the world. Many of these kind of series are always on top of the Twitter trend throughout the year. Boys love series is inspired by boys love fictions which are published on many applications and websites, such as Dek-d, Tunwalai, ReadAWrite and Fictionlog.  

In this article, Madan has selected 5 boys love fictions with happy endings for you to experience the amazing story. We assure you will not want to skip any part of the story. Which fictions will it be? Let’s check it out!

1. Grab a Bite by Sammon

Grab a bite By Sammon

The author’s reputation guarantees the intensity and quality of the story. His previous work is ‘The Manner Of Death’, where the series version received an overwhelmingly good feedback on social media. This fiction is a romantic and heartwarming fiction. The lead character ‘Chef Eur’ faces obstacles after becoming the winner of a cooking competition. Then he suddenly sees the light from an ordinary, but talented food delivery man called ‘Ek’. If you read this fiction, we assure you will blush and roll yourselves on the bed over and over again, because ‘Chef Eur’ has a crush on ‘Ek’. Every element in the fiction, including the language are written in a natural form, reading will feel very fluid. We will let you on to a secret, this fiction will be created into a series soon.

2. Fill the Love with Colors by Indigo_

Fill the love with colors By Indigo_

This is another fiction that will be created into a series and will be airing soon. The story is about the superb painting artist ‘Pap’, who needs to work with a greedy organizer ‘Mate’, while constantly quarreling all the time. Pap is tricked by Mate, and he unintentionally becomes Mate’s employee to pay back a favor. The most amusing part is that both of them will not compromise for each other. This fiction is a bit on the comedic side, not quite heavy. When the lead characters argue, it gives us a lot of flavor during reading, up until the end. The written language is easy to understand and it also describes for us to clearly see the image in each scene. For those who are looking for a relaxing story, we suggest this one!

3. Sea Space by One Way

Sea Space By One Way

This fiction is definitely in the must-read list. We will even sail a boat to follow closely and see how this ‘Chief mechanic’ has a crush on ‘Talay’. Age gap won’t even stop his heart from being shaken, because of Talay’s stubbornness and cuteness. However, the big problem is not the storm nor the strong wind gusting to the coast. It is the big boss ‘Chan’, a strict father who is really loving and possessive of his son. We need to root whether the ‘Chief Mechanic’ will pass his boyfriend’s father’s test or not.

4. I Just Fell Asleep While Streaming by Hazel_nut

I just fell asleep while streaming By Hazel_nut

‘Sarin’, an insignificant streamer, is falling asleep and snoring while streaming games. ‘PerthEst’, a famous streamer, accidentally saw the loveliness of ‘Sarin’. Both of them become an imaginary couple because of that situation. Whether it is coincidence or intentional, their relationship is gradually developed. This fiction is a heartwarming type of fiction. The cuteness of Sarin being a sleepy head will extremely melt your heart and ‘PerthEst’ also flirted with Sarin by not giving him a break. So, how can Sarin not feel something special?

5. Case of Love and Fortuneteller by Belove

Case of Love and Fortune teller By Belove

The last fiction in this article is an investigation fiction which is completely different from the previous fictions mentioned. A fortuneteller ‘Palee’, was accidentally involved in a murder case and became a witness with no knowledge of the incident. Lieutenant ‘Sud Khate’, an old friend of Palee, who had a conflict with Palee in the past, has to keep Palee safe in the witness protection program. Because the both lead characters are not a sweet couple, the story gradually becomes more and more intense, almost as if you need to keep an eye on it all the time. The written language is easy to understand, it makes us feel like we are one of the detectives finding the truth together with the characters. We assure you that this fiction will give you a lot of fun!   

Besides this 5 fictions, if you guys love to reread the same fiction again and again, Madan suggest a different way that you can read the same fiction, but in a different flavor with ‘4 BL FICTIONS’ THAT ARE WIDELY FAMOUS AND WERE MADE INTO ‘MANGA’. You will see cute moments that will impress anyone who are obsessed with ‘Manga’.

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