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5 Heartwarming Y Series – Binge-Watch without Interruption (Complete Series Aired)

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Since current daily life is serious enough, watching series may also make you think more about how the story will end. Whether it has a happy ending or not? Whether it will be too serious or doubtful? To satisfy the needs of Y series fans who want to relieve stress. Today we present you….. (like a direct sale) ‘The heartwarming Y series’ full of graceful and sensational feelings. There is no bad ending or any story that is too tough to handle; furthermore, you can binge-watch the series until the end because every series presented here has already ended. We carefully selected the On-Air series from 2020 and we guarantee that these series will definitely relax your soul.

Cherry Magic:

Enjoyable, amusing and full of smiles

This series will be perfect for you when you’re feeling down and feel the need to watch something that will make you smile, no serious topics, no tears, no suffering, and heart-wrenching scenes. This is one of the series that we would consider as the most recommended Y series. Satisfaction guaranteed; besides, there are tons of sensational and heartwarming scenes (Even thinking about it right now, I can’t stop smiling).

Cherry Magic or alternatively called ‘It seems that you can become a magician up to 30 years old: Cheri Maho’ This series is based on the famous Japanese manga “30-sai made Doutei da to Mahou Tsukai ni nareru rashii: CheriMaho”, created by Yuu Toyota. The series consists of 12 episodes. Each episode’s length is about half an hour, so this series is a mid-length series that doesn’t take up too much of your time. The lead actors Eiji Akaso and Keita Machida are handsome, lovely, and charming. Their performances look natural and they are really into character. It is as if they’re real-life characters, and that make this series even more fascinating. 

The plot of this series is simple and plain, exactly according to the series’ name, ‘It seems that you can become a magician up to 30 years old: Cheri Maho’. Kiyoshi Adachi, still a virgin, has reached his 30th birthday. He can read others’ minds just by touching them; it all happens when he accidentally reads Yuichi Kurosawa’s mind, the hottest and most handsome guy in the company. Kiyoshi finds out that this perfect guy is in love with a hopeless and unpopular guy like him. …. This is unbelievable, what should he do?!

The cuteness and a bit of clumsiness from the lead character and the story’s developments are entertaining. The series insinuates amusement, brings laughter and smiles throughout the story, making you feel as if each episode ends too soon; moreover, the story is heartwarming and very imprinted. This is one of the best series for whomever craving to watch an entertaining and heartwarming series as if you are celebrating Christmas.  

Life-Love on the Line:

Dramatic, full of tears and heartwarming

Let’s move on to another Japanese Y series, but this one is different from the previously introduced story. Besides the romance, the story is quite dramatic and it realistically reflects the state of the Japanese society. (…but it’s not as heavy as it sounds; we can assure you that it has a happy ending. Don’t worry.)

Since there are only 4 episodes, this series is classified as a mini-series. However, due to the heavy topics raised, it’s amazing how they can fit that into a 2 hours narration and get us really hooked onto it. (The runtime of the full series is just like a film, isn’t it? The average length of each episode is around only half an hour.) This series is suitable for those who don’t have enough time but still wants to feel touched and good.

Life-Love on the Line is based on the famous manga called “Life Senjou no Bokura”, created by Tokokura Miya, who transmits the meaning of life and love through ‘line.’ The storyline brings when the two main characters meet each other. It reflects the implication of selecting a ‘Life path’ which is determined by society or themselves.

The story of this love path and life begins in one single day. Ito Akira; a 17-year-old high school student, meets Nishi Yuki, a cute and innocent-looking boy walking down on the white line on the street. It is a game that they both were imagining, about something scary out of the white line. They were really concentrating on playing this game, so they got rapidly close to each other. Soon, Ito fell in love with Nichi. It was then that their relationship and growth were moving forward together.

With an outstanding and strong storyline, the characters got us really into it, with numerous wonderful scenes and the warm tone that gives warmth to our sight and transmits warmth into our hearts as well. Although it is not exactly a sensational feel after watching this series, happiness will remain in our hearts for a long time.

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