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5 korean series – intense and amazing plot without the need of a female lead (only dream boyfriend is enough)

There is no need to have a female lead in the following series. The story progresses without the need of any love scene, both in the series and in real life, since these guys are here to make every girl’s heart beat faster (for the fans). You might wonder why? The reason is the characters in each series are too hot to handle.

We will show you how great the lead characters are, by taking you to experience 5 selected series, some old and some recent ones. If you haven’t watched any of these series yet, no need to rush, you can catch up on it later. We assure you that every series in this article is the best. First of all, we would like to inform you that this article is not in a review. We are focusing on the outstanding charm of male characters, while the story is also great and is worth spending your time watching. But the best thing is our imaginary boyfriends in each series.

1.Taxi Driver (2021)

  • Genre: Action/Drama/Crime
  • Episode: 16 episodes
  • Watch via: Viu

This is a fresh, new series that has just finished airing on the application Viu, based on a popular cartoon on WEBTOON that was written by Carlos and KeukeuJ.J. This series is about a dark hero. Yee Je-Hoon stars as Kim Do-Ki, a cool looking guy and a former military officer from the Special Forces, who has a huge crux because his mother was killed by a serial killer. The plot focuses on claiming justice as a vigilante because the law could not justify what happened. So, Kim Do-Ki joined a secret organization which provides revenge as a service for victims, in a system called ‘Taxi VIP’. They do not take the passengers anywhere but they will give justice to victims in their own way.

‘Yee Je-Hoon’ as ‘Kim Do-Ki’ in this series, we can only suggest not to mess with him because he will get his revenge adequately. The action scenes are super exciting. When the lead character needs to disguise, he is so cute, handsome and cool at the same time. Yee Je-Hoon’s character in this series makes our heart beat faster than his role in the famous series ‘Move to heaven’. Moreover, the female characters in this series are not lead characters at all, they are just supporting characters. If anyone claims that a certain character is the lead, we could only say that we have not seen anything because Kim Do-Ki has already blinded our eyes.

2.Bad Guys (2014)

  • Genre: Crime/Action
  • Episode: 11 episodes
  • Watch via: NETFLIX

This series might seem a bit old but it needs to make the list. That is because the lead character is ‘Park Hae-Jin’. He is all Asian girls’ dream guy who has charming eyes. This series is a real action series, the plot is like an eye for an eye. The story starts with Oh Gu-tak (Kim Sang – Joong), the head of the investigation unit from the Crime Department. He had an unconventional idea to gather criminals to ‘form a team of bad guys to hunt down other criminals’

Oh Gu-tak has formed a special team of bad guys that other police do not dare to do. That’s right, the lead character is also one of the bad guys in this team. He is a brilliant minded serial killer called ‘Lee Jung-moon’. Moreover, he is the criminal who killed Oh Gu-tak’s daughter with his own hands!… How could he do that?  Park Hae-Jin as Lee Jung-moon, stars as a monstrous character that was so scary! However, when love blinds our eyes, we are all ready to easily forgive this psychopath killer. If you love watching a heartwarming series, this series is absolutely not for you but if you love a pitiless character, we suggest this one.

3. Innocent Defendant (2017 )

  • Genre: Law/Thriller 
  • Episode: 18 episodes
  • Watch via: Viu

This series is perfectly amazing with ‘Ji Sung’ as the lead character. He makes us refuse to wake up from our sweet dreams. It does not matter which series he plays, he always gives us the best performance. In this series, Ji Sung stars as ‘Prosecutor Park Jung-woo’, a good and talented prosecutor who dares to fight for justice. One day, he was suddenly locked away when he was accused of murdering his own wife and child. Moreover, he has lost his memory. So, he tries to regain his memory again so that he will find out the truth and prove himself.

This series is so amazing and the story is quite intense. We give 10 out of 10 points throughout the story since the series’ plot is perfect and makes us feel excited in every scene. It is a dramatic series but full of climax scenes. The lead character and the villain are both tricky. The story always changes and encourages us to root for what will happen next all the time. The most important thing is that ‘Ji Sung’ is so handsome. You will be satisfied with Ji Sung’s performance and his charming appearance throughout the series because the main story focuses on him as the lead character. If you are a fan of this kind of series and you have not seen this yet, we suggest that you can’t miss this one!

4.heart surgeons (2018)

  • Genre: Medical drama
  • Episode: 32 episodes
  • Watch vis: Viu

This series is so dramatic that it makes our hearts feel squeezed all the time. It is not just the feeling because our heart really beats faster. The lead character is ‘Go Soo’, who already has 3 children in real life. We became big fans of him since his work ‘LOVE 911’ to his latest work ‘Missing: The Other Side’, series from the year 2021. We could say that his performance is always perfect and he has never let the audiences down. This is our favorite series (for the author) because we love to watch dramatic and medical stories. ‘Go Soo’ stars as ‘Park Tae-soo’, a thoracic surgeon who needed to save his mother who was waiting for a heart surgery. Moreover, ‘Choi Suk-han’ (Um Ki-joon) as a professor at the Department of Thoracic Surgery will determine Park Tae-soo’s career as a doctor and his mother’s life at the same time.  

This series depicts and tests each doctor’s ethics. One thing that we can see from this show is the dramatic scenes which makes us full of tears by the lead character and his love for the only woman in his heart, that is his ‘mother’. Go Soo is really into the character which also makes the audiences get into the story with him as well. While we were watching this series, we sympathized with doctor Park Tae-soo and were excited about his every decision. This series has opened our minds a lot, whether it is a matter of medical ethics and the competition between doctors. Moreover, it lets us see the importance of organ donation and how worth it is when we give someone a chance to continue to live their lives. There is no love interests in the story The reason why this is our favorite series of all time is that the story is so intense that it makes us feel so deep and fall in love with the lead character with all of our hearts.

5. Awaken (2020)

  • Genre: Dramatic/Investigation
  • Episode: 16 episodes
  • Watch via: NETFLIX, Viu

This article would not be completed if we miss out this series, because the article author’s boyfriend stars as lead character (just kidding). ‘Namkoong Min’ is every girl’s dream guy, the adult boyfriend type of all time, especially in the article author’s heart. The most important thing is that he hardly ever has a kiss scene with a female character, but he has a kiss scene with ‘Jun Ho’ from the series ‘Chief Kim’. (This one is both funny and exciting. We suggest you must watch!) Kiss scenes in this series are the climax point of the story. Moreover, this was an improvised scene played by Namkoong.

The interesting point of ‘Awaken’ is that ‘Namkoong Min’ stars as ‘Do Jung-woo’, a talented police officer, head of a special unit who is smart and observant, but he looks annoyed all the time. Furthermore, he grew up with a mysterious background, where he was an experimental child under the sanctimonious ‘White Night foundation’. The foundation secretly raises children who have lived their lives against the law of physics. The brains and bodies of these children have limitless performance. Their powers are much stronger than normal humans. All these experimental children have side effects, trapped in a dream. The only way to cure is to face their own fears. Our lead character ‘Do Jung-woo’ is an experimental child from this foundation as well.

There are exciting investigation scenes that make us extremely root for it throughout the story. The characters conceal themselves with masks, over and over again, so it is hard to predict their thoughts. In other series you might know the characters’ secret but this series is different. Every secret that was revealed, the audience will know at the same point with the characters. Namkoong Min’s character in every series always looks numb and annoying. He is the coolest indie lead character that can bring dramatic emotions even when he just looks at a female character’s eyes. He could make your heart tremble with his sweetness without performing in any love scene. This is an amazing series, isn’t it?

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