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5 songs you need to listen to now from ‘boyfriend Project’

GMM Grammy and MBO in hands with a new project filled with the 10 hottest guys around under the ‘Boyfriend Project’

Gulf Kanawut – War Wanarat – Perth Tanapon – Kao Noppakao – Tommy Sittichok – Talay Sanguandikul – Great Sapol – Rit Ruengrit – Gavin Nontanun will all pair up and make 2020 the year of T-Pop

“Too Little, Too Late” Great Sapol– Kao Nopkao

A song from 2 guys that experienced the same situation in love, with their relationships ending due to their lack of showing how they feel, the song writer used their hardships to write ‘Too Little, Too Late’, a soulful song that will get you missing an ex that didn’t exist (just like the writer herself LOL)

“First Time Lonely” Talay Sanguandikul – Tommy Sittichok

Both ‘Talay’ and ‘Tommy’ likes the same type of music as well as the beach! In ‘First Time Lonely’ we’re going to witness the loneliness of someone who was ‘dumped’ sitting by the ocean contemplating what to do after a break up with his favorite guitar in hand

“Missing Baby” Gulf Kanawut – War Wanarat

‘Missing Baby’ a song from 2 cuties who are soft spoken and not very talkative but are able to light up the whole room with a single smile! Their song is about a girl who is mad at her boyfriend but unfortunately the guy doesn’t know how to make her feel better, a classic love story with a chilled and hip hop vibe!

“Hello Doctor” Rit Ruengrit – Perth Tanapol

Hello Doctor hits 1,000,000 views from ‘Perth’ the cool and quiet guy who doesn’t know much about love comes with ‘Doctor Rit’ the much experienced will help the Love Sick remedy through an 80s vibe with gimmicks and medical terms turned cute in this song

“Wrong Place, Wrong Time KACHA x GAVIN.D

A chillaxed pop mixed with R&B track about meeting the right person but they are in a relationship with someone else but it was too late, like being at the right place but at the wrong time. ‘Kacha’ used the song ‘Patiharn’ as an inspiration of the song while also thinking of the song ‘Ha Kun Jon Jer’ but reality hits as the song ‘Patiharn (Mai Mee Jing)’ with both songs are from Kob Songsit, the rap part was also written by GAVIN.D in 30 minutes after only listening to the first half of the song

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