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5 thai Idols who achieved their dream from the chinese variety show ‘CHUANG’

CHUANG, a famous variety show from the country of dragons ‘China’, is continuously successful in every season. It originated from a Korean variety show called PRODUCE 101 and was renewed into a similar version. The objective is to select a new idol who has the passion and is full of singing and dancing potential to debut in a girl group or a boy band. In this variety show, there are not only Chinese trainees but there are also international trainees from many countries.

Besides ‘Nine Kornchid’ and ‘Patrick Nattawat’ who debuted in this year, there are also Thai trainees who have competed in the previous season of CHUANG. What matters is that everyone has debuted, we mean everyone! In this article Madan will bring you guys to get to know the 5 Thai idols who competed in CHAUNG and have been famous in the Chinese entertainment industry. Let’s check it out!

Produce 101 China (2018)

First of all, Madan will take you back to 2018, the first season of CHAUNG, which was called PRODUCE 101 China at the time. There were 2 Thai girls who competed in this season and eventually debuted in the girl group Rocket Girl 101. These 2 girls are ‘Sunnee – Kewalin Boonsatta’ and ‘Mimi Lee – Promwilai Leesiriroj’. Both of them have many outstanding abilities, like singing and dancing. That is the reason why they were in the top listed trainees since earlier in the competition. Sunnee debuted at the 8th spot and Mimi debuted at the 9th out of 11 people who debuted in this girl group. Even though Rocket Girl 101 is disbanded, we can still see Sunnee and Mimi’s around in the Chinese entertainment industry. 

Sunnee – Kewalin Boonsatta (Yang Yunqing)
Date of birth: 28th September 1996 (24 years old)
Stage name: Sunnee


Mimi Lee – Promwilai Leesiriroj (Mimi Lee)
Date of birth: 20th January 2000 (21 years old)
Stage name: Mimi


In the 2nd season, the variety show has changed it’s name from PRODUCE 101 China to CHUANG 2019 or PRODUCE camp 2019. This year, the objective is to select the 11 most talented trainees to debut in the boy band R1SE. Unfortunately, there aren’t any Thai trainees who competed in this season.

However, no need to be disappointed because the following season of CHUANG 2020 had a Thai trainee who had created a lot of hilarity in this show. That girl is ‘Nene – Pornnappan Pornpenpipat’ who has a lovely and cheerful character. She has performed in the first stage by singing the song ‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caesar feat. HER, which impressed all the coaches a lot and got Top 3 in vocals. Since the first Ep., Nene has shown everyone her determination. Even if she has a language barrier, she fought until she passed to the final round. Eventually, Nene debuted on the 5th spot out of 7 girls in the girl group Bon Bon Girl 303.

Nene – Pornnappan Pornpenpipat (Zheng Naixin)
Date of birth: 25th June 1997 ( 23 years old)
Stage name: Nene


We are now at the latest season of CHUANG 2021, you can’t miss this! This year, there are 2 handsome and talented Thai boys known as ‘Nine – Kornchid Boonsathitpakdee’ and ‘Patrick – Nattawat Finkler’ who competed in CHUANG 2021. The competition was more intense than the previous season, because there were many foreign trainees this year. Both ‘Nine’ and ‘Patrick’ have successfully grabbed on to their dreams because of their appealing characters and remarkable abilities. Besides, they also have a strong fan base, both Thai, Chinese and other nationalities who voted for them to pass into the final round and eventually debuted in the boy band INTO1 at the 5th spot (Nine) and 9th (Patrick) spot.

Nine – Kornchid Boonsathitpakdee (Gao Qingchen)
Date of birth: 11st July 1999 (21 years old)
Stage name: Nine

Patrick – Nattawat Finkler (Yin Haoyu)
Date of birth: 20th October 2003 (17 years old)
Stage name: Patrick

It isn’t easy to be famous idols like they are right now. They need to overcome many obstacles and work hard to follow their dreams. Moreover, the path isn’t full of roses. One’s contract could be terminated and they will have to keep working as an idol with new agencies. However, you guys can continue to see them around. If there are Thai trainees in the next season of CHUANG, don’t miss out and cheer for them in the future.

This information is updated as of 4th May, 2021.

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