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5 Things you need to know before watching “Gen Y The Series”

Another exciting series of 2020 from Star Hunter Entertainment “Gen Y The Series” filled with actors and idols for fans directed by Sathanapong Limwongthong that has already started filming and is expected to air by the end of this year 

But before we dive into the diverse relationships, brace yourself with 5 things you need to know before watching “Gen Y The Series”!

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1. Produced by an experienced team

Produced by “Yot Kornherun”, the lead head of Star Hunter Entertainment who has produced Y Series that captured the hearts of fan clubs all over Asia with “2Moons The Series, Love Sick The Series Season, The School, 2Brothers”

2.The highest number of Idols in one series

This is the one and only chance you’ll witness the hottest boyband Bas, Kimmon, Copter SBFIVE, and Bank, Pon, Jet, Fergie, Bank, Kard, Tung, Junior SUPERBOY PROJECT all in one series! Accompanied by new faces such as Dun Romchampa, Danew Karin, James Kasom and other talented actors

3. Reunion of “Kimmon – Copter” 

Fans get ready to lose it because in “Gen Y The Series” this is the first time in 4 years that Kimmon – Warodom Khemmonta and Copter – Panuwat Kerdthongtavee will be working together again in 4 years after 2Moons The Series” which the start of the ship “KimCop” that became popular all over Asia

4. A new ship to jump on “DunBass”

Amazing chemistry before the series even air when fans saw the workshop clip between Dun Romchampa and Bas Suradet Piniwat or aka Bas SBFIVE which sparked on Twitter and gaining fans from their cute and natural chemistry that caught the eye of fans and want more “DunBass” moments in the series!

5. Get ready for 3 straight seasons!

“Gen Y The Series” is based on the same books and fans can read the books before the series airs on the Tunwalai and Joylada website. 3 full season with 12 episodes in each season for fans to truly get to know the main characters to get ready for the next season

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