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a dreamy Sunday Morning with BKC

Many of you may want to spend your Sunday mornings under the covers and listening to the sound of rain all day, or maybe listening to your favorite podcast or spend the afternoon on the couch binge watching that Korean series you never have time for.

However, today madan will be talking to ‘Bas Suradet – Kimmon Warodom – Copter Panuwat’ in October’s issue of ‘Sunday Morning’ on how these cuties spend their freetime on Sundays! 

How did the Sunday Morning photoshoot go?
Kimmon :It felt really nice because we normally do photoshoots where we have to look fierce but today it’s a more relaxed and happy environment.
Bas – Copter : It’s true.

When you go to hotels and someone asks you whether you want ‘Coffee or Tea?’, what is your typical choice?

Copter: I‘d say that I want coke.
Kimmon: He wants coke but I’ll have coffee.
Bas: I think I’ll have tea, because it’s in the morning.

What kind of coffee do you like?
Kimmon : I like my coffee black, no sugar Americano.
Bas : I chose tea.
Copter : I don’t drink coffee, so I’ll have coke.
Kimmon : Anything that is a dark soda pop

How do you kick off your perfect Sunday Morning?

BKC : Brush my teeth
Kimmon : Brushing my teeth is the first thing I do because it’s the first thing to do before seeing other people.
Bas: We have to create that morning freshness. 
Kimmon : When I wake up I like to lie around for about 35 minutes.

What about breakfast? What is the perfect meal for that Perfect Sunday morning?Kimmon : Anything that’s not spicy.
Bas : Clean food.
Copter : I don’t eat breakfast.

Why don’t you eat breakfast?
Copter : I wake up at noon, so I don’t eat because it makes me feel nauseous. But when I wake up early for work I can’t really eat.

But what if you could have anything?
Copter : Eggs
Kimmon : For me I can’t drink coffee if I haven’t eaten yet. Again, I’ll have anything that’s not spicy cause my tummy would hurt.

 What if you had to make breakfast for your loved ones, what would you make?
Kimmon : Congee
Bas : Eggs
Copter :  I won’t make anything for them to eat because I love that person, I’d buy food for them instead because my cooking is not very edible.

What would you go out to buy?
Copter : I’ll go out to buy fried omelette and rice.
Bas : You can’t even make an omelette?
Copter : It’s hard!!
Kimmon :  You need to learn some skills /laughing with hand over his mouth
Bas : I just can’t
Kimmon : Do you think making omeletts on rice will impress them?
Copter : They might give me extra points for trying
Bas – Kimmon : Sure
Copter : Take them to some nice place with premium omelets

Could you teach him how to make omelets?
Bas: He knows how to make it but it’s not good
Kimmon : Crack the egg, beat it, put a lot of msg into it and it’ll taste good

What kind of activity do you want to do during Sundays?
Kimmon : I’d go out of town even if it’s just for one day
Bas : I’d just sleep, even though I already slept
Kimmon : He is addicted to sleeping
Copter : I’d spend time with my family, maybe go out and eat at a nice restaurant

Tell us how you relax after a long day of work, other than sleeping
Kimmon : I think Bas has to answer this question
Bas : Sleep! It’s the best type of relaxation
Kimmon : But if you’re not sleeping, how do you relax?
Bas : How do I charge myself?
Kimmon : Charge yourself?
You’re not a phone
Bas : Sleep is the best relaxation
Kimmon : Play games
Bas : Play games? No, I’m sleepy
Kimmon – Copter : Ohhhh.
Kimmon : So the only thing he wants to do is sleep

With limited time in your hands, is there anything special you’d like to do? Except sleep
Kimmon : I want to be madan’s MC
madan : Hoooooooooooooooo
Bas : I want to eat something delicious 
Copter : I think you’re hungry
Kimmon : He gets hungry, he eats and then he sleeps #Basเด็กอ้วนที่แท้จริง
Copter : I’d like to play games, read a book to relax my body and mind 

What game do you play?
Bas : I play so many games
Kimmon : He’s good at ROV (points to Bas)  My specialty is Dead by Daylight
Copter : We all play different types of games, Bas is the E-sport type, as for Kimmon is Multiplayer gamer, while I like to play Story-based and Linear types of games
So you don’t play games together at all?
Kimmon :  We actually do, we play World War Z together, shooting zombies. It’s a game of everything we like . We also play ROV together, MOBA too!

How is the shooting for Gen Y The Series going?
Bas : Gen Y The Series, we’re currently filming it and it’s expected to be released next month
Kimmon : We’re working very hard on this project and it’s our first comeback together in 4 years in a boy love series

I see you’re collaborating with Kantana
Copter : It’s a project set for 2021, where Kantana will be in hands with Star Hunter to create 1 TV program and 3 series 

Is there anything you’d like to say to fans?
Copter : Yes, I’d like to thank our fans, ‘HIGH FIVE’ for supporting us, it’s been 4 years down the road and we’re so touched that you guys have stayed by our side all this time. Please watch Gen Y The Series, we’ve put our all in it and hope you guys will like it.

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