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Baker Boys Series

‘Baker Boys Series’ is a boy’s love series which is full of sweet smells and a tumultuous story. It is produced by GMMTV and directed by ‘Poy – Pannares Ruchirananta’. The series’ plot is based on a popular manga (Japanese cartoon) called Seiyo Kotto Yogashiten or Antique Bakery by the Japanese author ‘Yoshinaga Fumi’.

รักของผมขนมของคุณ Baker Boys เรื่องย่อรักของผมขนมของคุณ Baker Boys

This series has brought together 4 hottest actors from GMMTV, namely ‘Lee – Thanat Lowkhunsombat’, ‘Singto – Prachaya Ruangroj’, ‘Pluem – Purim Rattanaruangwattana’ and ‘Foei – Patara Eksangkul’, as well as the actress ‘Jamie – Juthatip Indrajundra’ and many other supporting actors.

‘Baker Boys series’ is about ‘Wier’ (Singto Prachaya), a charming and handsome pastry chef whose charm always causes him trouble. Whether it is the bakery shop owner or customers fighting each other to get to him, an then, this extraordinary charm made him lose his job again.

Weir decided to apply for a job at Sweet Day, a newly opened luxurious bakery by ‘Punn’ (Lee Thanat), a handsome heir from a rich family. Punn has tragic childhood memories that made him unable to eat sweets ever again. However, he decides to open the bakery just because he wants to be close to beautiful customers.

When Punn saw Weir’s perfect qualification, he immediately hired this new pastry chef. However, he still had to solve Weir’s phobia of women. So, Punn reluctantly hired ‘Krating’ (Pluem Purim), a former boxer who retired from boxing because of health issues, to be Weir’s assistant. Even thought Punn did not like Krating because he is quite annoying, he still hired Krating because he has a perfect tasting sense for the divine dessert that chef Weir is looking for.

Punn’s business seemed to be going well. Sweet Day was getting more and more customers by day. One day, there came the news about a kid who was kidnapped, and the only evidence that remained was a bakery package from Sweet Day. The news about the kidnap affected Sweet Day’s image a lot.

‘Monet’ (Jamie Juthatip), a famous online journalist, came over to secretly spy on Sweet Day bakery. Then it seemed that she found the suspect, a man wearing sunglasses. This guy was always peeking in front of Sweet Day. However, this man turned out to be ‘Pooh’, Punn’s bodyguard. He just came to secretly look after his boss. To avoid more misunderstanding, Punn let Pooh worked at Sweet Day as a waiter.

This was the beginning of a messy story of running the business, Sweet Day shop, along with finding the real kidnapper. There are other issues related to both the business and love, making this story more messy almost everyday. Will this messy love story and the mission of finding the kidnapper be complete or not? Follow and watch ‘Baker Boys Series’ every Wednesday – Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on GMM25 and 10.30 p.m. on AIS PLAY.

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