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take a look at BAMBAM’s adorable fashion from the latest COMEBACK in MV ‘RIBBON’

BamBam has just released his latest music video, a superb cool track called ‘Ribbon’. This music video doesn’t only show us a cheerful side, but the song’s name also is a homonym of the word Reborn (ri-BBon), which describes his rebirth as a solo artist along with the first mini-album of the same name ‘riBBon’.

Besides the song’s cuteness, the clothes are also an important part of the MV, which was delicately selected and perfectly fits with BamBam.

In addition to using customized tailored garments from designer Sang Hoon of BLANTIC COSTUME, there is also a flamingo colored twine knitted sweater from Bottega Venetta. This sweater blends in with mandl’s candy box theme, inspired by the famous movie ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ directed by Wes Anderson.

In a different look in the song’s hook, BamBam is seen wearing a prickle embroidery cloth by British designer ‘Charles Jeffrey.

To add more ambiance from Wonderland in BamBam’s twin scene, he is wearing clothes from Blindness and MUNN by Korean designers. 

BamBam’s final look before the song ends, he doesn’t miss out on wearing a high-end suit with a monogram pattern and painted in watercolor from Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2021 Collection.

Everything we have mentioned in this article is only a small part of the music video. There’s also many other sides to BamBam that we suggest you can’t miss.

Let’s check out BamBam’s playful cuteness in the music video ‘riBBon’ on YouTube!

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