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Variety of feelings from many moments in the past year with ‘Bank Bonus Bank Pon’

The new year celebration is an important moment that many people have been waiting for because it is the starting point for the coming year’s life in a more challenging part of life. Join us to review the story throughout 2021 with the 4 young men, ‘Bank Toranin, Bonus Tanadech, Bank Thanathip, Pon Thanapon’ and their memorable moments, big changes, including the most regretful moments.

Come and join them at to capture their memorable moments and start the new year brighter than ever.

Bank Toranin
Bonus Tanadech

How did you feel working with for the first time?

Bonus: I saw a bit of the photos just now, I really like it.
Pon: I’m really glad I got to do this photoshoot
Bonus: I want to do this every month
Pon: Every month?
BankJi: Let other people get their chances too, man.
Pon: I’m really happy to be working with madan. It’s the first time for all 4 of us, it’s very exciting
BankTora: It is my honor to be working with madan. I’ve seen other people’s photoset before, like BKC. After seeing those, I really wanted to come and do it too
Bonus: After getting the chance to do it yourself, how is it?
BankTora: I love it, love it so much.

Bank Thanathip
Pon Thanapon

What was your favorite moment in 2021?

BankJi: Well, everyone knows that in the past year, we were still in the Covid-19 pandemic period. So, my happiest moment is when I got to come back to work. I didn’t get to work a lot during the first half of the year, but there was much more work during the second half, and I got to shoot some series too. So, this was a memorable moment of the year.
Pon: This exact moment, where I’m getting the chance to shoot with madan and all 4 of my friends, I mean 3 friends (laughs) 
BankTora: Why is it 3?
Pon: Here (counting his friends and pointing to himself) 1 2 3 4
BankJi: Altogether 4
BankTora: Okay, okay
Pon: It is the best moment after the Covid-19 pandemic
Bonus: Actually, mine is similar, because Covid took many months away from us. So, at the end of the year, we got to meet our fans at various events. I got to come back to work more, meeting the fans made me so happy and fulfilling, because I get to meet them offline in person. My answer is getting to meet my fans.
BankTora: I’m last. Just like everyone, it’s the moment that I got to come back to work, getting to deliver more work for the fans. I have to thank the staff and the fans for supporting us, in order for us to create the best work for everyone.

Bank Toranin – Bonus Tanadech
Bank Thanathip – Pon Thanapon

The most challenging thing in 2021

BankTora: I’ll go first, or I won’t get to speak for sure (all 4 laughing). The most challenging thing for me is getting ready, taking care of myself before working with others once again. Since it was during the pandemic, I had to take care of myself especially well, and my health. If my health is not well, I can’t work for sure. If I get Covid-19, it will be a huge problem, this is the challenging part for me, I was so afraid of getting Covid.
Bonus: Yours is about health and such. Mine is similar but it’s more about gaining weight, I had to be careful about that. Because during Covid, I looked after myself less, I couldn’t go to the gym, I couldn’t go out for a run, I had to control what I eat and take care of myself so much. For my diet, I eat in a suitable amount, because since I stopped taking care of myself for so many months, I started to eat whatever I want. This is mainly the challenge. I’m about to come back and shoot some series, it should be on air already by now. Go and check out our work ‘Gen Y The Series 2’ to see who gained or lost weight.
BankTora: Where can we watch it?
Bonus: At Channel 3, press 33, and at IQIYI too. Go check it out.
Pon: Mine is about shooting series, because this is the second season, so our characters have matured, there are new things coming into life. The challenge is how I prepare for the role, I have to read the script, who I have to perform with in each scene, and I have to improve myself more too.
BankJi: What was the question? (everyone laughs)
Bank Tora and Pon: The challenging thing this year
BankJi: Patience, for me patience is a challenge because I wasn’t working at all for many months. So, I had to have patience for not getting to meet the fans, so for the second half of the year and the next year, I hope I don’t have to be that patient anymore.
BankTora: No need to be patient with waiting to work?
BankJi: That’s right. 
Bonus: But Covid is back again, I don’t know how it will go
Pon: We must hope for the best
Bonus: Please

Bank Toranin – Bonus Tanadech
Pon Thanapon – Bank Thanathip

The most failed moment in 2021

Pon: Let me go first then. I missed the chance to go watch BTS’ concert
BankTora: You’ve been repressed for a long time, I’ve heard you complain before
Pon: Yep, I really wanted to go to the concert, but because of the pandemic, they couldn’t tour in Thailand. But they went to tour in Los Angeles though. That was just too bad.
Bonus: Many concerts were cancelled, and I felt bad that for Gen Y The Series Season 1, we didn’t get to do a concert for everyone. Even our fan meetings were cancelled due to Covid. It’s just sad, but hopefully, for Season 2, it will happen. Thank you all for thinking about me.
BankTora: Mine is also related to Covid, because I originally planned to do many things, I had lost of plans, but it didn’t happen because of the pandemic. I felt really bad that I didn’t get to do many things.
BankJi: For me, the most failed moment is about going home. I have to mention that I’m from another province, so during the past Thai new year or Songkran, the whole month was during the pandemic. I couldn’t go home to see my parents, because I had to keep myself and my family safe first. I didn’t go anywhere at all at that time. I hope I get to go home next year, please let me go home, don’t be so cruel to me.

Bank Toranin
Bonus Tanadech
Bank Thanathip
Pon Thanapon

Your characters in ‘Gen Y The Series’

BankTora: I star as ’Pok’, a swimming athlete in a university. He is a hot-tempered guy who usually uses his emotions over his brain.
Pon: Logic 
BankTora: Oh, emotions over reasoning. He would use his emotions first, use his heart over reasoning.
Bonus: I star as ‘Tongtrai’, a 1st year medical student. He’s now in a university already, he’s a calm guy, and he thinks a lot. And he is like, how do you say, a very independent mind, like about kissing, he’s very old fashioned.
BankTora: No, no, is it especially like this for this character? The character’s uniqueness.
Bonus: I think he is old fashioned, because he’s saving his kiss for the one he truly loves.
BankTora: Because you think like that.
Bonus: But…
BankTora: Smile, smile 
Bonus: (smiles) But he has strange thoughts, where he can have all kinds of physical relationship, but he won’t kiss people he doesn’t love. So, you’ll have to find out if he gets to kiss anyone in this season.
Pon: Ah, you’re giving out spoilers (looks at Bonus). As for me, I star as ‘Pai’, a 1st year student who is close friends with ‘Pok’. Even though he is an impatient person, Pai is very patient with Pok, warning Pok all the time, and he is also the guy who fixes relationships for many people.
Bonus: Hm, the heart fixer
Pon: Heart fixer, fixes everyone’s hearts
BankJi: I star as ‘Saendee’ and… (everyone laughs)
BankTora: Look at Saendee’s face.
BankJi: You can tell right away that I’m a good guy. He looks indifferent and simple from the outside, but deep inside, when he thinks and expresses something, it will be something people did not expect he will do. Anyway, I don’t want to say too much, go watch it for yourself. I don’t want to spoil anymore (laughs). Please check it out, this character has some depth.
Pon: He is one of the key characters.

Bank Toranin – Bonus Tanadech – Bank Thanathip – Pon Thanapon
Bank Toranin – Bonus Tanadech – Bank Thanathip – Pon Thanapon

Your character growth in ‘Gen Y The Series Season 2’

BankJi: Saendee in Season 1 is a deliberate and neat guy. He is someone that his friends trust and love. But after one year has passed, it’s like he grew up, his views and thoughts have grown, so in this season, he will display more of his true self for everyone to see.
Pon: For Pai, short and simple, he is more decisive. You should check it out in the series.
BankTora: So short?
Pon: Well, because he has grown up, if you’ve seen season 1, and then this season, you’ll see how he has changed.
Bonus: As for Tong, I think Tongtrai expresses his emotions a lot. This season, he will still be in the loop of being heartbroken, again and again.
BankTora: Really? Is that true? Whose heart is broken?
Bonus: You’ll have to check it out to see what happens. Why did Tongtrai cry in so many scenes in the teaser? Go check it out for yourselves.
BankTora: Yep, for Pok in the previous season, he doesn’t speak much, and he will be targeting on trying to hit on someone for the whole season. 
Bonus: And that person is Saendee. No, no (laughs)
BankJi: And that person is Saensaeb
Everyone: No, that’s not it (laughs)
BankTora: Enough already (laughs). So, for season 2, you’ll get to see more depth in all the characters. For Pok, it’s not just about the determination, there’s also relaxing emotions, being childish, cute moments, just like everyone else. And there are also moments where it starts to become dramatic, more dimensions. So, please check out the character Pok.

Bank Toranin – Bonus Tanadech
Pon Thanapon – Bank Thanathip

Magic moments during the filming

madan: Let’s start with Bonus
Bonus: Sure. For me, in season 2, there is a scene where we were filming on a balcony. I felt that this is the scene where I was in character 100%, I became Tongtrai 100%. This scene is like, ‘Wow’, I can’t spoil it for you, but how can I tell you then (laughs). It’s already in the teaser, so it’s already spoiled a bit. His dialog goes something like this; ‘It will be the first and last kiss from me’. I think it is also something that is new to me, this is truly outside of my comfort zone, I became the character 100%. There are many things that happened to me that I saw in the monitor screen that I felt was really good. I really loved that scene.
Pon: But you can’t say which scene
Bonus: I already said it’s the scene in the teaser
Pon: Don’t spoil (laughs). Who’s next? I’ll go then. I think it’s the scene that I had to show my decisiveness that I mentioned earlier, Pai’s decisiveness. It is a scene with Saendee, in a room. I can’t spoil it, but it is something that I didn’t think Pai would do. So, I really want everyone to check out that scene. Okay, who’s next?
BankTora: I’ll go then. For me, it is the toilet scene, and I was getting very angry, but my actions and thoughts were conflicting itself. I’m spoiling already, revealing what I was thinking (Pon: You’re giving out spoilers) What I was thinking. (Bonus: but it’s also in the teaser). The toilet scene is a bit like a love scene. People might be curious why Pok is making unhappy faces. It’s okay if it’s not in there (laughs). So, I thought that was challenging, because the emotions were a contract on each other. You’ll have to watch it to find out why it’s a contrast. Why a love scene has this kind of feeling (Bonus: Spoiler) Hmm, you’ll have to check it out.
BankJi: Yep. For me, there are more than one scene that felt like a magic moment, because I felt like my character… actually, me… when I’m in a scene, the emotions that have to compromise with others are quite smooth. I didn’t think that I could do it that smoothly. For instance, a regular scene where we’re chatting, I would overthink whether it is good enough yet, but when its’ scenes where the emotions are going back and forth both ways, I felt like I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Those were my magic moments.

Bank Toranin
Bonus Tanadech

Tell us about ‘Gen Y The Series Season 2’

Bonus: Please support Gen Y The Series Season 2. We believe a lot of people have been waiting for this season for a long time, due to the pandemic, we stopped filming it. Please support the show, you’ve probably started watching it by now. Watch it at Channel 3, press 33, and also online.
Pon: And you can watch it online at iQiyi too or at at 11:20 pm. As for Channel 3, it will be aired every Tuesday at 11:00 pm
BankJi: I have to highlight that you can find the uncut version on iQiyi. Suppose that there are scenes that cannot be aired, you will get to see it in the uncut version, you’ll see more scenes than the TV version.
Bonus: The Channel 3 version has a limited time slot, the iQiyi version is a bit longer, and some scenes that you can only find on iQiyi.
BankTora: Nothing more to say (laughs). That’s okay, let me give my blessings instead, since everyone has already talked about the series. I wish all of, including the viewers and the staffs, a happy and prosperous new year, stay safe from Covid, and don’t let your guards down, so that we won’t be in lockdown anymore and we can see each other in person.
BankJi: Are you talking about the Kad that we know?
BankTora: Ah, guard, like a mask and alcohol sprays
Bonus: Please don’t talk about that Kad 
BankTora: You were doing so well, until you talked about this guy
Bonus: We would like to give a little encouragement while everyone is at home and have nothing to do. Go watch the series
BankTora: Everyone has work to do
Pon: work from home
Bonus: work from home, something like that. We will be encouraging you by tour side every EP from now on. You can all join us every week, see you on Gen Y The Series Season 2
BankTora: Thank you so much.

Bank Thanathip
Pon Thanapon

Model: Bank ToraninBonus TanadechBank Thanathip, Pon Thanapon
Photography: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Makeup: Sutipat Pinchum
Makeup: Chinnakrit Tanasonterach
Hair: Kongkiat Krissakree
Hair: Wongwarat Phruphetkaeo
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Art Direction & Set Design: Ployrawee Choksuchanun

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