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Behind the scenes of ‘Gen Y The Series’ with Bass – Kimmon – Copter

Fans witnessed the first day of shooting ‘Gen Y The Series’ of Star Hunter Entertainment that hit top trends of Twitter in every que which guaranteed the hotness of this series from ‘Oh -Yot Kornherun’ who cast the hottest teen actors such as ‘BKC’ Bas – Suradet Piniwat, Kimmon – Warodom Khemmonta and Copter – Panuwat Kerdthongtavee accompanied by SUPERBOY PROJECT such as Bank, Pon, Jet, Fergie, Bank, Bonus, Kard, Tung, and Junior as well as up and coming actors such as Dun Romchampa, Danew Krin, James Kasama, ISBANKY and many more guest actors, making this one of the biggest and hottest series of Star Hunter Entertainment!

Khun Oh and Bas, Copter, Kimmon

On the 27th of August 2020, the first day of filming ‘Gen Y The Series’ with openings for the media to capture the atmosphere and interview ‘Oh -Yot Kornherun’ who said that in the scene shot today is one the scenes that contain almost every actor in the series and in season 1 the lead such as ‘Kimmon’ and ‘Copter’ who have large fan bases in China, one of the world’s largest Yayoi Fanclub community and without doubt fans will love the characters in the series while witnessing ‘Bass’s’ development in acting as well as new actors and SUPERBOY PROJECT members that also took part in a Music Short Film ‘The Moment’ which received a lot of love from fans. ‘Gen Y The Series’ is now sold in more than 10 countries and set for 3 seasons! 

The creator of the series also hinted that in season 1 fans will get the chance to vote at the end of the series which will affect the direction of season 2

Actors from ‘Gen Y The Series’

As the lead actor of the series ‘Copter’ said that his character ‘Doctor Krit’ is quite the opposite from his real self that studies the arts making him have to study hard in learning and understanding medical students and another important role is ‘Wayu’ a Science major which is portrayed by ‘Bass’ who has added that this is one of the hardest roles because of drama scenes that he has never played before and hopes that fans will enjoy the series

Copter and Kimmon, actors from ‘Gen Y The Series’

The atmosphere was friendly and fun in the sunny afternoon which was full of the laughter of staffs and actors in the set before the shooting went on until the sun went down

Actors from ‘Gen Y The Series’

Actors from ‘Gen Y The Series’

‘Gen Y The Series’ will be aired in October with a big surprise waiting for fans! Fans can follow and get the latest updates of ‘Gen Y The Series’ and Star Hunter Entertainment on

IG : @starhunter_entertainment
Facebook : Starhunterstudio
Twitter : @starhunter_ent

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