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Between Us The Series

‘Between Us The Series’ is another series that is directed by the talented director ‘New – Siwaj Sawatmaneekul’ from Studio Wabi Sabi, which will be released on WeTV in 2022. The series’ plot is based on the famous novel of the same name by the author ‘IamLazysheep’.

You may be familiar with the 2 lead actors, ‘Boun – Noppanut Guntachai’ and ‘Prem – Warut Chawalitruchiwong’, the hottest imaginary couple who have worked together in ‘Until We Meet Again The Series’ before. The interesting point of ‘Between Us The Series’ is that it is a parallel storyline to the ‘Until We Meet Again The Series’ where both series will always be connected to one another.

‘Between Us The Series’ is about ‘Win’ (Boun Noppanut), a 3rd year student who is the vice president of a swimming club, handsome, tall and friendly. And ‘Team’ (Prem Warut), a 1st year student who is a timid and unconfident person. However, Team has a dream to become a swimmer for the national team.

The relationship between ‘Win’ and ‘Team’ began when Team decided to join the swimming club during the time that Win was the vice president. So, they met each other quite often. Plus, Win felt a connection with this new member. Win always teased him, traveled together and also picked him up frequently. These seemed to be regular things that close friends do for each other.

Then their relationship came to a turning point. They went to the swimming club’s camp and accidentally had a one night stand, which both of them thought was just a superficial thing. After that, a lot messy things happened which made them meet each other again and again. So, Team turned himself from a timid and unconfident person to believe more in himself, having enough courage to achieve the dream as a swimmer for the national team. Win also changed from a live-by-the-day person to become more serious and learned to set goals in life.

How will the relationship between ‘Win’ and ‘Team’ continue when their past is still revolving around? Stay tuned to watch how their relationship will grow together in ‘Between Us The Series’ soon.

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