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Big Dragon The Seriesis a romantic – drama boys love series which is based on the fiction of the same name, written by ‘Aiden N Vivienne’. This series is co-produced by Star Hunter Entertainment and ‘FOURTH APPLE COMPANY LIMITED’, and directed by ‘Mi – Puwadol Naosopha’. It is also the first collaboration between the 2 new actors with great chemistry, ‘Mos – Panuwat Sopradit’ and ‘Bank – Mondop Hemtan’ as the lead actors.

‘Big Dragon The Series’ is about 2 handsome men, ‘Mangkorn’ (Mos – Panuwat Sopradit) and ‘Yai’ (Bank – Mondop Hemtan), heirs of the famous family ‘Singhawattanachok’ who became arch-enemies because they liked the same woman. By a twist of fate, they accidentally got into an intimate relationship due to drunkenness at the SUNRISE pub that belonged to ‘Yai’. 

‘Yai’ was angry about what ‘Mangkorn’ said, that he was better than Yai in everything and wanted to defeat ‘Yai’. So, Yai wanted to destroy the SUNRISE pub to erase the bad memories about how he lost to ‘Mangkorn’. It is the same time when ‘Barom’, Yai’s father, wanted to renovate the pub. So he was forced to be in charge of this project, instead of going to Maldives during the semester break with his friends. However, things didn’t turn out so easy when one of the architects hired was ‘Mangkorn’, a 5th year architecture student who came to train at G Design Company who were in charge of this renovating this pub. This coincidence led them to meet again. From intimacy to heart trembling, will ‘hate’ become ‘love’? How will the pub renovation project move on?

Follow to watch ‘Big Dragon The Series’, every Saturday at 11:00 PM.  First EP airs on Saturday, 8th October, on ONE31 and watch the Uncut version online on the iQIYI application (Ai Qi Yi) and the website

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