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‘Big-Jame-Jet’ 3 boys 3 styles, their differences will not stop them from being close friends

3 actors from Star Hunter Entertainment ‘Big – Thanakorn Kuljarassombat,’ ‘Jame – Kasama Khanjanawattana,’ and ‘Jet – Jetsadakorn Bundit’ bring their cheekiness and their friendship chemistry to prepare for their new roles in ‘My Mate Match – Vote for me please, I don’t dare choose.’ Although this project got the 3 of them together for a short time, their compatibility made everyone feel that nothing can stop them from becoming close friends!

Are you three close to each other in real life?

Big: Yep, because we see each other often, and we work on the same project too. So, we got closer to each other, and we feel that we get along well, right?
Jet: Yep
Big: Since we met each other the first time, we…
Jet: We’re all similar to each other, we play games, we have fun  
Big: Same type
Jet: Yes
Jame: When did we get along?
Jet: When we were in the scenes
Jame: Workshops, and so on

Since you get along so well, I’m curious if one day, you wake up and have to live together in the same room, would you be able to do it?

Big: Live together?
Jet: The 3 of us living together. I think I can, because I stayed with a roommate before. How about you guys?
Jame: Easy for me, I won’t be lonely. We’ll talk all nonsense and joke around the whole day. I think the atmosphere will be fun, because we always talk about the same topics
Big: But I have some complaint, a bit annoying
Jet: Irritate each other from time to time
Big: I can’t joke around all day, but I can live like that, play games together and live together

If you’re in the same room, I want to know what object you would never share

Jame: I’ll go first, toothbrush
Jet: What
Jame: Can’t share that, that is something that can’t happen
Big: If I’m going to share with you, you wouldn’t know
Jame: That’s not sharing, it’s stealing
Jet: Can I say underwear? I can’t share that, just can’t
Jame: Come on, let me borrow it, just one
Jet: Not happening
Jame: Quick, let me borrow
Jet: I really can’t
Jame: Let me borrow just one, I’ll flip it over and wear the other side
Jet: Just buy a new one
Big: This might not work out
madan: What about Big?
Big: For me, maybe my blanket. I’m too attached to my blanket to share it with anyone. I like to roll in it
Jet: Oh, roll yourself into a mummy

Something that the other two must not do, If they do it, you can’t live together

Jet: No walking around nude
Big: Probably something to do with filth, like not cleaning up after eating, or making a mess, leaving things dirty
Jame: Probably tidiness, I have my personal regulations, like, you don’t have to do anything for others, just take care of your own stuff. Whether it is dining, clean up after yourself, no need to wash for others, just wash your own things. And keep your clothes in the right zone, don’t bother other people, things like that, just…
Big: Don’t give trouble to others
Jame: Yeah, have your own regulations, whatever we agreed on
Jet: Be responsible
Jame: Yes

Please talk about the series project that the 3 of you are working together on

Big: It’s a direct meaning ‘My Mate Match’
Jet: A mate that matches with me
Big: The mate in this case, is like a roommate, so ‘My Mate Match’ is about finding the right roommate, one that is suitable, something like that
Jet: Yep
Big: So, the story is a bit chaotic, because this room can only fit two people, but it became complicated because there were three people who wanted to stay in this room. So, there were some complications. There were two mates to pick from, Mix and Ryu. The main character, his name is Match, just like the title, he must pick who his roommate will be
Jet: Yep
Big: He has one month to decide
Jame: I wanted to say that he is a YouTuber, and he creates this content for his fans to vote which roommate to pick
Jet: Yep
Jame: Yep, the Thai name is “Vote for me. I don’t dare choose”

Your character’s personality

Big: The character’s personality. I’ll start with Ryu then. I star as Ryu, he is a chef, he cooks, studies about cooking and he’s looking for a place to stay. He had reason to leave his old place and had to look for a new place immediately, which is how he found Match’s room, so he went to check out the room.
Jet: Yep, I play as Match. Match is a YouTuber, he creates vlogs with his friends. Then everyone had to go their own ways, so Match was alone now. His room is so expensive, so he had to find a roommate. Then he posted online searching for a roommate, which is how these two appeared
Jame: Yes, Mix is a sophomore law student, but he dropped out temporarily because he wanted to pursue his musical dreams. Mix is sort of a bad boy style, he plays the guitar, plays football, manly stuff
Big: A bit dirty too
Jame: Ah, as a man, he’s sort of unorganized
Big: He’s avoiding it
Jame: Untidy, maybe he’s sort of unorganized sometimes
Jet: Very manly
Jame: Yep, simply put, he’s dirty. Then he saw the ad looking for a roommate, and coincidently, the place he plays music for is close to the condo. So he went to check out the condo, and then, dot, dot, dot…

What is the same and what is different between ‘Big Jame Jet’ and ‘Ryu Mix Match’

Jet: Some of the personalities might be similar. Match is indecisive and insecure, which is just like me.  I am indecisive with important things, I always just follow others, something like that. And I am cute and kind
Big: For me, I feel that Ryu is very much like me, so I understand the character really well, and I didn’t have to adapt myself that much. Ryu is kind of guy… how do you say, he’s very friendly, a very fun person. And from reading the script, he’s very much like myself, but there are certain things like cooking, indulging others, because Ryu has done a lot of things before. If he likes a person, Ryu will follow what that person likes to do, so he’s the kind of person who would follow others around. I might not follow people as much though, I might not be the same that much
Jame: As for me, I am a bit similar to Mix in the manly sense of the character
Jet: He’s admitting that he’s dirty
Jame: In the unorganized sense, I am like that sometimes. As a guy, I don’t feel that the room has to be tidy all the time. My clothes might not be folded tidily that much, sometimes I just throw them together, it’s normal, yeah. But the difference is that Mix doesn’t talk that much, he’s a bold guy. I’m a bit talkative, I like to joke around, so I’m not as cool as Mix

Talk about your work, how can we follow you

Jame: Yep, please follow my IG at jame underscore
Jet: Underscore
Jame: Right, underscore kasama and my Twitter is the same, jame_kasama. My TikTok as well, jame_kasama. And the hashtag on Twitter is also jame_kasama
Jet: You could’ve just said jame_kasama for every platform. Done. Yep, mine is jet_bundit, j-e-t underscore b-u-n-d-i-t for every platform. And my hashtag is #เจ็ทแลค
Big: Mine is like a quote, the three words bigteenoy. If anyone wants any information or updates about the contents for ‘My Mate Match’, there will be contents for you to watch continuously. You can follow Star Hunter in IG and the fan page as well
Jame: And you can go back and rewatch our live workshop at the Star Hunter Entertainment YouTube channel

ModelBig ThanakornJame Kasama & Jet Jetsadakorn
Photography: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Makeup: Tong Sutipat
Hair: Ploy Sukwasa
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Art Direction and Set Design: Ployrawee Choksuchanun

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