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Search for the best in the night of ultimate fun by “Boun – Prem”

Indulge yourself with the ultimate fun night of the 2 youngsters “Boun – Nopanat Kantachai” and “Prem – Warut Chawalitrujiwong”, while discovering their dazzling stories and their best in various categories when it comes to partying

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Boun Noppanat – Prem Warut

Introduce yourself please

Boun: Hi, I’m Boun Noparat.
Prem: Hi, I’m Prem Warut.
Boun: It’s so fun and it’s like a reunion too because I remember that we did the cover shoot for madan 2 years ago.
Prem: This is the 2nd cover for madan. It’s like coming back to work with the madan team again and this time we did a party theme shoot, so it’s even more fun.
Boun: Actually, at first it wasn’t this messy but the staff was a little naughty, so they sprinkled and play around with us.
Prem: It’s also an after party.
Boun: so they started since the beginning saying that we arrived at the event, and then? At first I was wearing a suit. After a while, it started to get messy.
Prem: It started getting messy and exhausting, as you can see.
Prem: At the end, the after party look became like this

Boun Noppanat

Which shot impressed you most?

Boun: What I’m impressed?
Prem: I’ll go first. I’m impressed with the cake squeezing shot and eating the cake shot. One, it’s delicious. Two, it’s sticky
Boun: Prem doesn’t eat cake. He doesn’t eat sweets.
Prem: Yep, but just now I had many bites because I held it like this and did this
Boun: It’s called massive production for Bilibilixmadan. For the client
madan: How about P’Boun?
Boun: Me? I like the candles, I had to hold it in my mouth. I liked it because when it dripped on my hand, it makes me startle.
Prem: Oh
Boun: Yep

Which shot of the other you like the most?

Prem: For me, P’Boun’s impressive shot is the first set where he was wearing a suit . Once in a while, since we rarely do photoshoots.
Boun: (Boun nods teasingly)
Prem: Okay, I’m not picking anymore.
Boun: Oh, oh, oh
Prem: The fact that it’s been a while since I’ve seen P’Boun do a photoshoot in a tuxedo, right?
Boun: Yes, yes, yes. This is an image that I’m not familiar with. I rarely see it and it’s cool, something like that.
Boun: For his part, I like the last scene. The one where he was holding the cake, it’s cute. So messy.
Prem: That’s true.
Boun: But handsome, very handsome, I thought you were an idol.
Prem: Oh !#@$@%@$^%& I can’t speak Thai anymore

Prem Warut

Tell us about a party that you will never forget

Boun: There are so many, it’s hard to count. I’ve been born for 27 years, there are quite a few. Hmm, which one? There’s so many. During university, when I finished the graduation, after the graduation rehearsal. There was a party, we ate and drank together, reserved the whole restaurant and we just drank. We started at 7 p.m. I remember that my memory was blank starting from around 10 p.m. I blacked out so soon.

That day, my friend said that we actually went to many places, but I don’t remember because I went blank since the first place. In the end, I ended up at Chokchai 4, in front of a water pipe. My friend knew that I live Chokchai 4 but I wasn’t able to tell my friend where exactly my house is. That’s why we were all piled up in front of the water pipe. Finally, a friend called my mother and eventually got me home. I was scolded so bad, I remember that day.
Prem: I think you deserved it and what’s more.
Boun: How so? I was so drunk I can’t remember, right? My mother’s room is here, my room is here. I usually stay at my dorm. I’m used to walking out from my room and turn right to the bathroom. So when I stayed at the house, when I turn right, it’s my mother’s room. I peed on my mom’s bed. Mom was sleeping, felt something warm… Boun! I was scolded so bad. After that, I had to take it easy for a bit. Yep, that was probably the worst in my life
Prem: Just now, it was like P’Boun gossiping about himself
Boun: It was a peak point, really peaked, and it didn’t happen just once, many times

Prem: Oh , many times, that’s amazing. Me? I don’t have any story like that. For me, speaking about going to parties, I like to go home conscious. I’ve never blacked out, like suddenly teleporting to another place.
Boun: There was that one day, I went to eat at P’New’s house, I was dancing
Prem: That’s very mild, I think. I’ve never reached that point yet, not recognizing myself, dropping on the floor. I don’t like to party like that. Mine is considered very mild. Me going to parties, there’s no memorable moments that I can tell my future children about
Boun: That’s good, don’t do it

If you had to organize your own party, without any limitations, what theme will you choose?

Prem: I’ve seen it in other countries, where they held a party. Suppose you are my friend, right? I hold a party at my house, you come to my house, you invite your friends to come too. Your friends bring their friend and so on, until there are a hundred, two hundred, three hundred people.
Boun: Hey, I have a lot of friends, did you know that?
Prem: I want to hold a party like that. Like if the house is going to be destroyed, so be it.
Boun: How about tomorrow? How about the house?
Prem: It’s my house
Boun: Oh
Prem: Forget about it. I think I should try it
Boun: You should, glad to try but I won’t follow. Me? Actually, I like to chill. Just have an acoustic guitar each, sitting and playing the guitar, listening to music. But one thing for my parties that I want to have is that I will set one bottle in front of each person for the night so that we don’t have to argue who drank more. If the bottle has a lot left, that means that person drank less. That’s all. That’s all I want to do, but most people won’t do it with me
Prem: It’s like torturing yourselves
Boun: No, well, when someone’s drunk, they like to say, hey, how weak, you drank so little. That’s the reason, one bottle each, so we all know

let’s play a mini game The both of you vote, who is the “most” for the questions that Bilibili and madan will provide?

Boun – Prem: Sure
madan: But after answering, you have to explain the reasons too.
Boun: Ah.
madan: And if the both of you disagree, not unanimous, both of you explain, madan and Bilibili will decide.
Boun: The answer is probably unanimous for both of us.
madan: It will be hypothetical events or fictional stories and you answer and tell me the reason why.
Boun: Sure.
Prem: Okay.
madan: Are you ready?
Boun – Prem: Yes

Boun Noppanat

Between Boun and Prem, who will be invited to parties more?

Boun: (Laughs)
Prem: P’Boun. He likes socializing.
Boun: I’m the kind of person… I’m a social animal.
Prem: A social animal.
Boun: I like meeting a lot of people. Especially parties, if I go to work with clients, there might be after parties, I would join. I’d get to meet a new society in the after parties. Meeting people here and there, I like it. That’s right.
madan: And how about Prem?
Prem: I’d stay for a bit.
Boun: Stay for a bit.
Prem: and then leave. I’m not very proficient in these things. I mean, partying with people I’m not very close to, yep.
madan: So the first answer is P’Boun would be invited to parties more.
Boun: That’s right
Prem: Yep

When entering the party, the one who rushes straight to the drinking zone and join the party is

Prem: Let’s go
Boun: (Laughs) No
Prem: Seriously, for the theme today, you didn’t even have to bring me here. P’Boun is enough.
Boun: To the viewers at home, I’m not really a drunk. I’m just a socializing person. It’s like, if I go to a party, I want to get the feel of it. At least I’ll hold the drink and sip and go on and on for the night. After a while, start asking for more, and more. Excuse me, give me the whole bottle. It’s not enough, something like that. But actually, no. If it’s a party to meet with executives, I’d take it slow. Concentrate on making conversations to build relationships
madan: Prem, have you ever been there when he was drinking too much to drink and enjoying?
Prem: Oh, all the time, I’m always there every incident. Until I had to say, let’s drink separately. It’s too much. I’m the kind of the person, suppose we go to drink like this. If I’m really drinking, I won’t compete with others. I don’t know why. I mean, why would I torture myself? I just want to drink what I want, that’s all. And if someone likes it, then I have to encourage to the max but take care of yourself
Boun: He says that.
Prem: Yeah
Boun: If you go, take care of yourself.
Prem: If you’re gonna go drink, I can’t stop you. I’m just, if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. If you’re gonna drink a lot or not, just take care of yourself. That’s it.

The person who would find a quiet corner and play his mobile phone, not enjoying the party is…

Prem: I think that’s me.
Boun: Prem
Prem: For sure. Assuming that we go out, and it’s a party that’s not fun. I could stay, but I won’t enjoy it. If I could leave, I would. I’d rather go home and play with my cat. I’d rather go home to see my cat .

The person who enjoys the parties with full energy, even if the party is not fun

Prem: That person is the fun creator, let me tell you. That’s P’Boun
Boun: Actually, you can just ask Boun, you don’t have to ask Prem.
Prem: I think that the person who socializes well, he is able to create the atmosphere in a conversation well, or something just like P’Boun. Suppose we go out to drink, P’Boun would build the atmosphere making people have more fun

The person that most people will walk over and raise a glass with

Boun: Hmm~
Prem: That’s hard.
Boun: This one’s hard, we have to compete.
Boun: Errrr.
Prem: I think I’m not bad.
Boun: Heyyyy
Boun: Bring it on
madan: because we both know a lot of people.
Prem: Just that there’s a moment in life that I just tried something new, fitting into society. I feel like I want to try, try and go there and meet new people. But if you ask who gets more glasses raised. I can’t answer that. It’s hard.
Boun: Hard
madan: Let’s consider this one a draw
Boun: Draw
Prem: It’s a draw

The person when in a party, would get more flirts, non-stop

Boun: What’s a flirt?
Prem: Hit on?
madan: Get looked at, get squinted at, hey, you, something like that
Prem: (Laughs)
Boun: Errrr
Boun: I don’t know. I don’t know, seriously. Like, when I walk into a pub. I would look down most of the time. If it’s just friends, I won’t notice who’s looking at me or not. Not like that, yep
Prem: Unaware. There might be a lot but I’d be unaware
madan: How about Prem?
Prem: I don’t know too
Boun: Wow
Prem: Sometimes, I go to meet some friends
Boun: Does he even care about what’s going on around him?
Prem: (Laughs) What?
Boun: Your eyes are always looking straight like this. Not looking at anything. Your whole body turns together
Prem: No, I think it depends on the age period. If you ask me right now, I’d probably, if I go, I’d talk to friends, to meet friends but if in the past, there might be quite a bit. It’s normal.
Boun: It’s normal

Prem Warut

Who do you think would walk into the party and check out if people are looking?

Boun: Same answer for me. It depends on my age period. During university times, I might have done it. Wow, this person is nice. Yep.
Prem: What? This person is what?
Boun: This person is nice
Prem: (Laughs)
Boun: So nice. But we won’t invade that person or anything. I’d just look and check out.
Prem: Be good friends with each other
Boun: Good friends
Prem: Good friends with each other. My answer is just like P’Boun, depends on the period. How about this, which period do you want? Which period?
Boun: Is there a peak period?
Prem: During my peak period, I was quite bad at these things. I was quite bad. It’s like a teenager. You know? P’Boun would walk over and say “Hey” Something like that.
Boun: I want to know you, I want to drink with you. Cheers.
Prem: No, it’s more like. I’d secretly check how that person feels first. When I go with friends who look good. I would notice my friends. Their behavior effects me. I would use him, and tag along. Let me tag along. There were things like that during some age periods.

For the age period that you would check your ratings, when you’re doing that at a party, how do you do it?

Boun: In the past, we’d ask for their number, ask for their BB Pin first. Nudge up a bit.
Prem: Wow, you use BB Pin?
Boun: Yes
Prem: BB Pin, i was in grade 6 then
Boun: Really? No, we’re only a few years apart, Prem, BB pin, something like that.
Prem: That time was grade 10-11
Boun: No, grade 10-11 was already the first models of iPhone. From asking for their Pin number, then asking for their number, then asking for their LINE ID, something like that. But in the beginning, I’d ask for their home number.
Prem: I like it,I like the classic style.
Boun: Right? Home number.
Prem: No, ask for Hi5, for MSN
Boun: I still have my Hi5
Prem: Really?
Boun: Actually, I really want to show it to see how much I used it, we could put music in it too
Prem: Really?
Boun: And at that time, MSN had all the letters, emoticons, emojis. You couldn’t read anything.
Prem: Awesome. During my time, social media and communication was already convenient. If we go to a party together, the first simple thing is to look into each other’s eyes. It’s like, it’s not flirting, but I, if I’m interested, I’d look to let her know that I’m looking. Yep. But it’s not like (staring face) like that. I might just look to let her know that I’m looking.
Boun: Sip my drink and then turn to look.
Prem: Yep
madan: Can you show me?
Prem: I just look normally. Suppose I’m talking to my friend, enjoying and I’d turn to look at her, she might glance back.
Boun: Nice going.
Prem: And then I might do something like this, so that she would know that I’m looking. I want her to know that I’m looking. It’s a little trick.
Boun – Prem: During the peak period,

between you two, which one of you is the one worrying about the other, constantly stopping the other from doing something crazy?

Prem: I think P’Boun.
Boun: This one is Boun, Boun is the one forbidding.
Prem: P’Boun is the one stopping me if he’s not being crazy himself. If P’Boun is going crazy too, we’ll both go crazy.
Boun: Most of the time it’s worse.
Prem: But on the day that P’Boun forbids me, it’s like, like this, and like that. I’d be there to stop him, this and that. How will he go home? I’d give him a ride, I worry about the person I’m with. How to go home and take care, but on the day that I’m crazy too, we’d go all the way.
Boun: Really crazy.
Prem: I have to use a ninja spell and disappear, bye bye.
Boun: Confusing

Who will be the first to say let’s go home?

Prem: I think me.
Boun: Hmm, should be, but…
Prem: If compared to me,
Boun: Maybe, I think.
Prem: Really?
Boun: Before
Prem: I’ve never stayed until dusk.
Boun: No, oh, you mean parties=, right?
Prem: I’ve never stayed until dusk.
Boun: Yes, yes, it would be Prem who’d want to go home first
Prem: I’d always want to leave first. Most of the time, my back hurts
Boun: Boun would be the one that go the whole night, he’d fall asleep and knock out, then wake up and continue drinking.
Prem: It got to the point where it was like, I stood I had enough fun and when I go out at this age, the feel is like back pain, leg pain, it’s exhausting.
Boun: I can’t take it, he wants to go and listen to loud music… boom, boom. Nope, that’s annoying to me now.
Prem: Yep, I work now too. I might wake up another day with a hangover
Boun: It’s torturing, I’d have a shabby face, and other things.
Prem: Torturing, I’d feel tired, it requires a lot of energy.
Boun: Yes
Prem: Why am I talking like I’m so old?
Boun: Wow, your condition.
Prem: I’m still young
Boun: The other day, in that event, you were in a wheel chair
Prem: Oh
Boun: Still wearing the arm splint
Prem: Like this, I’m leaving

Model: Boun Noppanut & Prem Warut
Photographer: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Make up: Nattapoom Liangchue
Hair: Kitchakorb Siriaritsara
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Editor-in-Chief: Natthida Ratchawong
Producer: Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Content Creator: Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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