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Law of Attraction with ‘Boun-Prem’ OPPOSITES ATTRACT

Boun – Noppanut Guntachai and Prem – Warut Chawalitrujiwong
2 different styles displaying their inner selves through their dressing and images. But in that difference, we can sense a special bond, matching chemicals surrounding these two.
This became another concept for November’s #madanOfTheMonth that we want to show everyone, a different side to the duo ‘BounPrem’.

What comes to mind when we say ‘Opposites Attract’?

Boun : If you translate the word ‘Opposite’ it means something that’s completely different, while ‘Attract’ is something that draws you in… (Looks at Prem)
Prem : Something that seems unlikely to happen, but still happens anyway
Boun : Yeah, but it becomes possible
Prem : Is that the word?
Boun : Is it a slang?
Prem : We’re not very good at English (Laughs)
Boun : I think it’s correct
Prem : But I understand what it means
Boun : Yes, I understand the meaning

Has anything ever happened to you and felt that it was ‘The Law of Attraction’?

Boun : For me, it’s about the personality. Like him, I thought we wouldn’t get along because he is a very quiet person. (Prem : Ok) He didn’t really speak with anyone
Prem : What do you mean?! (Laughs)
Boun: (Laughs) I didn’t like him when we first met at the Kaset Fair. Our personalities didn’t click and we almost got in a fight. But when we workshopped and did many activities together, we started to get along. We have many hobbies in common and I think that’s what’s called ‘Opposites Attract’. (Prem : The Law of Attraction) Yeah
Prem : Me? Oh, that’s a tough question but I think it’s the personality that makes it work, our personalities and surroundings. For example, we may have our own traits but when we change our surrounding environments, our personality changes.

“He takes good care of people and notices small details and I think that’s his alluring charm…”

‘What do you think is your friend’s charm?’

Boun : Hmm… (Looks at Prem)
Prem : (Laugh)
Boun : Why are you taking so long?
Prem : Boun’s charm? Boun takes good care of people and he notices small details, that’s his charm. For example, I forgot to shave today, and he reminds me about it when I can’t even remember. His fans too, he takes care of them and always asks how their day went (Boun : It’s the same) No, Boun it’s like…
Boun : No, he likes to talk a lot, even though there is nothing to talk about but he can still go on
Prem : (Laughs) I’m complimenting you!
Boun : No, I know I talk a lot  and I like talking to people, unlike Prem!? … I think it’s his cheeks because he used to have chubby cheeks, it was so cute but now it’s all gone. (Prem :  It’s better) No!
Prem : When I was chubbier, I didn’t get any work (Laughs)
Boun : That’s not true, we just didn’t work together 
Prem : When I was chubby there was no work for me, but being skinnier also doesn’t work out. I’ll go back to being chubby then.
Boun : If there’s no work, it’s means you’re chubby
Prem : Fine
Boun : But if you’re skinny, you can’t work on ‘Between us The Series’ because P’New will change the cast
Prem : What?
Boun : (Laughs)
Prem : Change Win too right? (Boun : Calm down)

And what do you think is your charm?

Boun : I like to notice the people surrounding me, sometimes I would notice people I don’t even know. Sometimes when I walk past windows, I like to know how they look at me, I like peeking at people and how they react to me.
Prem : My charm? That’s difficult… I’m an easy-going person and I’m up for anything 

You don’t really say no?

Prem : I don’t say no, I go where people take me 
Boun : Can I have some money?
Prem : No, not like that!
Boun : I thought you couldn’t say no

“I’m not a 100% good person, I know I’m a bad person who has some good attributes but I think gray suits me”

Describe yourself as a Pantone 

Boun : Pantone? Can I be the color gray? I’m not a 100% good person, I know I’m a bad person who has some good attributes. But I think gray suits me, not white and not black
Prem : He already picked gray, so I’ll be charcoal gray
Boun : How is it any different?
Prem : It’s the same but I wanted to answer in English so it wouldn’t be the same (Laughs)
Boun : What!?
Prem : I chose this color just like P’Boun because I’m not that good of a person, I’m gray. Not that good, but also not evil
Boun : We’re in the middle
Prem : We’re in the middle, so we choose gray

What goes perfectly together in seeing yourself both gray

Boun : Like I said, our every routine are quite similar and we always go out together 
Prem : Activities like to going out, playing games and when we finish work we go to eat. Many things are similar
Boun : Yes, we get along well

You’ve been in 3 series together – Until we meet again, Art of the Devil and now, Between us. Can you tell us what the chemistry is that makes you guys work together so often? 

Boun : I’m not really sure but fans tell us that our chemistry works. I don’t know what it is but I think our similar activities and hobbies make us close
Prem : It goes well together, 2 guys that enjoy the same things
Boun : I’m not sure

Let’s talk about the upcoming series Between us The Series, the series name feels so close and personal but the synopsis feels like a hit and run relationship

Prem : Before naming the series, our relationship was a complicated one that needed ropes to keep it together
Boun : We were both very lively. At first there was ’Until we meet again’ and he thought that a ‘red thread’ wouldn’t hold us together so a ‘rope’ would be better
Prem : Use a rope

Model: bb0un & prem_space
Photography: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Makeup: tong_sutipat
Hair: ploy_sukwasa
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan​
Concept&Style: theployrawee

Proofread by Andy Pichayapa

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