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Bright – Win Taking the World by Storm!

Bright-Win, 2 of the hottest Thao artists are now taking every industry by storm and now they’re joining Laurier’s campaign in ‘LaurierxBrightWin’ ! 🤩

A big congrats to the music video of ‘SAD MOVIE’ reaching 1,000,000 views in only a few days of it’s release! Amazing! I also have to admit that I’ve watched the music video on repeat more than 5 times because I loved the song and the mood & tone, how they told the story is just perfect. 👏

The MC at T-Pop Stage is so handsome today! It’s Mew Supasit on Workpoint 23, creating a buzz since the program didn’t even started. This program is another program that really awakens the Thai music industry and it can push the standards of the Thai music industry to be widely known 👏

Congrats to Mew Supasit in winning MUSIC OF THE WEEK from his song Good Day 👏

This program is another program that brings the fans a complete taste, whether they are satisfied with the various food menus that have been prepared in a spicy way, and also listen to the fierce interviews while listening to the song because of Yin-War featuring Jennifer Kim as well. 😘

Spoiler alert! Ohm and Fluke are getting so close while shooting the series, I heard there’s cheating too! I hope not 😢 Go out to your nearest convenience store and by some tissue because I think we’re gonna sob our eyes out. #GetinLoserWe’reGoingShopping #MeanGirlsRef

The 13th episode of Manner of Death still doesn’t tell is the truth of what actually happened, we found that Peed has hidden an important clue. I wonder if the clue will reveal everything? Don’t forget to watch EP.13 of Mannaer of Death tonight at 8 PM on WeTV!! 😘

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