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Who won? Who lost? What will be the punishment?!

Good day – Mew suppasit now has 6,000,000 views! That went up really fast so big congrats to Mew Supasit and I’m sure we’ll be seeing 10,000,000 views soon!

Did you guys catch last night’s LIVE of #LaurierXBrightWin ? There are penalties for the loser too! Bright put stickers all over Win’s face who still looks very cute! The atmosphere is filled with sweetness and brightness with Win smiling cheek to cheek!!

Credits: Da’da…Brightwin

Happy Belated birthday to Win with his favorite bro surprising him in the middle of a live saying “Come down and get it”, making it a social trend since last night for this sweet issue making new hashtags on twitter and the gift that Bright brought to Win makes fans smile so wide!

Last night on ‘Manner of Death’ with every truth out in the open makes Bun and Tan try to make a deal with Rungtiva but it didn’t go according to plan. How will everything end? Find out WeTVth :…

Yesterday someone lost the game and has to be punished in the latest madan’s guessing game and we have winner which is Bas Suradet! Haha, we wonder what the punishment will be for Dun Romchampa! I’m so excited

Yesterday the hashtag #madanxดุลบาส went up to the 5th place on Twitter! Thank you so much for your love and support but if you haven’t seen it, check it out!

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