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The artist with the highest #Hashtag in Thailand!

Another fantastic project that the young fans of Prem Warut are big in celebration to surprise Prem’s birthday on March 8, coming to HBD on a wide LED screen all around Siam (Siam One) many spots, including a mini gallery and besides that, there’s a project to make great deeds on behalf of Prem and fans by repairing and help develop of schools in Ubon Ratchathani which still doesn’t have a library and there is also a lack of computers.

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Prem space official

Yesterday on Twitter of PeckPalitOfficial also retweeted a message from White Music congratulating to ‘LET ME KNOW THAILAND’s’ ranking of the artist with the most hashtags on Twitter in Thailand for 2020 which is Peck Palitchoke. Congratulations!! His fans really love and support him no matter what!

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Cr. PeckPalitOfficial

Jeff Saater invites fans to bid for a tote bag and picture frame designed and signed by Jeff, with all proceeds and no expense deducted to be donated to the Homeless Children’s Home Foundation (Teacher Mui) on March 6, 2021, more details can be found on his IG: jeffsatur

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This is another clip that will bring My Blue fans to get to know “Fluke Natat” even better! It’s a Q&A clip of 20 questions that get closer to Fluke in every aspect. And there was one question that the team interviewed about his current love life! He replied that “I’m still single”. Awwwwww! But aside from his love life, he also mentions that he is attracted to people with great attitude and a similar lifestyle. Perhaps someone like Ohm?

Spotted both of them yesterday in #OishiSummer2021xBrightWin! The hashtag climbed up the trends rather quickly and Bright is in the outfit of an ROV character while Win is that cool racer! Such a cute event!

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