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‘Dun, Bas, Kimmon and Copter’ double dating in a Blue Valentine theme

February is the month of love and even though they are not wearing sweet colors, ‘Dun Romchumpa, Bas Suradet, Kimmon Warodom, and Copter Panuwat’s’ Blue Valentine is full of stable and firm love and relationship.

Join for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day and discover their own unique definition of love.

Bas Suradet – Dun romchumpa

What did you think of when you first heard the word Blue Valentine?

Copter: Blue color represents sadness, like the gloomy, sad sky and Valentine’s in the past that reminisces with the time we were close to Jesus (Dun: Wow, that is very informative) I don’t know if I’m thinking of the right day, just saying (laughs).
Kimmon: Isn’t that Christmas?
Copter: No, Valentine. Seriously, Valentine is the prisoner that was caught, right? Am I getting it right?
Kimmon: Yeah, prisoner, there was once an ancient person called Valentine .
madan: He was a saint.
Copter: ‘Saint Valentine,’ and he did something that made people see the love, something like that.

How do you show your love?

Copter: To me, showing one’s love is to do something nice for the people and family around you that you would use the word love with them, or for the people that you feel you want them to be in your life, no matter who it is. Do something nice for them.
Kimmon: Could you please repeat the question? (madan: How do you show your love?) Mini heart (Looks to Bas)
madan: Is this how everyone shows their love?
Kimmon: Let me translate that. He’s trying to say that you don’t have to show that much, just show it from the heart. (Copter: you can translate all that just from a mini heart?) Yes, I can translate (Dun: Just from looking) Yes, as for me, I like…
Bas: Don’t just skip me (everyone laughs)
Kimmon: I thought you were done
Bas: Let me say a bit (Kimmon: Okay). Whatever we’re doing everyday right now is how we show our love to each other. We take care of each other, we care for each other, pay attention to each other all the time, no changes. That is how I show my love.
Kimmon: I like to take care of others, very much. If I can make them smile, I’ll be very happy. That’s how I show my love, I like to take care.
Dun: As for me, the way I show my love is probably how I smile to them. It’s like sending good vibes, sending positive thoughts to someone else. It’s one way of showing love.
Copter: Show me your smile.
Kimmon: Send your love with a smile (Dun smiles)
Everyone: Laughs

Kimmon Warodom – Copter Panuwat

A word that represents love, besides the word “Rak” (Thai word for “Love”)

Bas: Love
Dun: Sarangheyo
Copter: Hey (Looks at Bas)
Bas: Bet you didn’t expect that
Copter: Aishiteru
Kimmon: Seriously (laughs), besides the word “Rak”, how can we show our love without saying the word “rak”, right?
Copter: Wo ai ni.
madan: There might be another way to say it, for example, eat up, something like that.
Kimmon: Bas, nice photo.
Dun: Wrong topic.
Bas: For the person that we love, whatever we say is already showing our love. Whether it is negative or positive, if we say it and show that we love them, it is love, it doesn’t have to be… (Copter: I can’t think of a good word right now.)
Dun: Do you have an example?
Bas: I don’t, whatever we say is already showing our love.
Copter: Yep, that’s right, Bas is right. (Kimmon: You too?) Yeah, something like that, I hope the pain in your back heals.
Kimmon: For me, maybe… (everyone harmoniously says ‘maybe’) actually, the word “miss you” also shows love. Saying you miss someone is a way of showing love. If you miss someone, you must love them for sure, because if you hate them, you won’t miss them.
Dun: Do you miss anyone around here? (Kimmon: I miss you) I miss you too. Kim’s word is I miss you.
Dun: Am I the only one left? (Everyone: Yes) What was the question?
Kimmon and Bas: Show love without saying the word “Rak”.
Kimmon: Is there a word that can replace the word “Rak”? If you want to tell them that you love them, like ah, ooh, wooh, something like that.
Dun: For me, it’s probably something like calling them and asking what they’re doing, have they eaten yet, just asking how they are in general.
Kimmon: Oh my, if I ask someone what they’re doing, that means I’m in love?
Dun: No, no. I always call my parents and sometimes I don’t know what to say. I want to say I love them, but because I’m already an adult, I’m a bit embarrassed, so I talk about something else.
Bas: So, it’s about showing that you care.
Dun: That’s right
Kimmon: Listen to Kimmon SBFIVE’s song called “Stubborn” (Dun: please check out the song) You’re stubborn.

Bas Suradet – Dun Romchumpa

Your most memorable Valentine’s memory

Copter: I’ve never spent Valentine’s Day with my loved one. Oh, actually I do, and I love her the most. I spend it with my mom, it’s her birthday. Her birthday is February 14th. (Dun: Happy birthday in advance) Thank you, her birthday is February 14th, so my memories from February 14th are always about my mom.
Bas: As for me, since I was a child, no one cared much about me because I was a fat kid. No one gave me flowers or stickers at school.
Copter: It’s okay (hugs Bas)
Bas: Thank you, it’s sad, but what made me feel good about Valentine’s Day is when I go out and meet everyone, because I never got heart stickers since I was a kid. So, when I met up with everyone, even up till today, the shirt that they put stickers on still has stains on it. (Copter: It’s glue stains from the stickers that couldn’t be removed) It’s an expensive shirt, but I don’t feel bad about it because it is a good memory from Valentine’s Day that I have.
Kimmon: My childhood memory for Valentine’s Day is that I get to go to my first class late, because the teacher would be speaking in the assembly line in front of the school, and it would take a lot of time. The first class is Mathematics, and I didn’t really want to study anyway. (Dun: So meaningful) (Copter: Amazing, I love it) Just joking. The clearest Valentine’s Day memory is heart stickers, I felt that it was really cool when I had a lot of heart stickers on me, I felt so awesome in school. (Copter: please give a heart sticker in the comments) Sometimes I would stick it just to look cool.
Copter: Right? (Looks at Bas)
Bas: Yes.
Kimmon: Leave a heart… (Dun: Is this Kimmon SBFIVE’s song again?) No, it’s not. Your turn.
Dun: Since I was a kid, I would always expect February 14th to be a special day, that someone would give me flowers (Copter: Ah), and it never happened in each year. When I was a kid, I’d have… (Bas: Just like me) Yes, similar, for whatever reason. Let’s just say that (Kimmon: Are you soulmates?) Wait, I’m thinking, Kiminoto. I was still waiting, even though I didn’t get anything. It’s like waiting to see if there would be flowers left on my doorstep or not. Will someone bring me flowers?  (Kimmon: Have you heard of this song? “I bought roses for myself”) by Kimmon SBFIVE?
Bas: True, the feeling was like… will there be roses under my desk for once?
Dun: Expectations
Kimmon: That means you’re the waiting type. I like to go on the offense. (Copter: Hey, me too. I like to play offense) I give the flowers
Copter: But I don’t give flowers.
Bas: Chocolate?
Kimmon: Lotus?
Copter: If I like someone, I pull out a thousand-baht bill.
Everyone: Laughs
Kimmon: Rich guy, he’s a rich guy
Dun: I thought you’d give them sticks.
Copter: Nope, I’ll give them that grey bill, P’Dun. Oops, I just referred to Dun as P’. (Bas: Let’s get back to the topic) I’m just joking.

Kimmon Warodom – Copter Panuwat

The definition of love between you and your fans

Kimmon: I’ll go first. When you join the entertainment industry, we must keep on moving forward. When we reach a goal, we must keep on going to the next goal. Just like a car. (Dun: What car is it?) No need to mock me. (Everyone: Laughs) It depends on how successful you are. If you are successful, then a sports car, right now I’m like (Bas: Sports car?) a normal family car, not a 500 hp sports car yet. Just a normal car, but in order for me to get to the finish line, I need people’s help, support, to push me forward, cheer me, wait for me. (Bas: fill up the gas, spare parts) Yep, so my fans are like the engine oil, the benzine gas.
Copter: So sad, it’s so sad that they’re gas (Bas: it burns), it burns.
Kimmon: It’s a good analogy.
Copter: Oh, like fuel
Bas: Ah, it means fuel.
Kimmon:  The car can’t keep on going forever (Bas: Fuel), it needs gas to go on. Thank you for filling up the gas, giving me energy, so I can keep on moving forward.
Bas: And then there will be Loyalty cards too
Copter: Loyalty cards
Kimmon: No Loyalty cards, please, thank you. The fans are the fuel in our hearts, in my car.
Bas: Fuel in the car!
Dun: So sweet
Copter: Who’s next, Dun?
Dun: What was the question? (Kimmon: You’re not paying attention) I was paying too much attention to P’Kim’s answer, then I was lost and forgot what the question is.
Kimmon: Definition of love
Copter: between you and your fans.
Dun: Definition of love between me and my fans, right? Okay. (Bas: Are you ready?) Yes, I am. I’m ready to answer. So, like we said, we are artists, actors… (Kimmon: When did we say that?) I’m saying it right now. (Kimmon: Okay) We’re actors, so the fans are there to push, support and walk with us through this path, because we don’t know how far this path is, but to walk a certain path… P’Kim compared to a car, right? I’ll compare it to a path then. If we walk alone, sometimes it’s lonely, it’s secluded. To have fans is like having people walking the path together, hand in hand. I don’t know if I would eventually reach the goal in the future, but we will walk the path together today. So, my definition is that the fans are our companions walking the path together.
Kimmon: Well said.
Everyone: Applauds
Copter: As for me, compare me like a wooden log… (Bas: What?) Bas, you go first.
Bas: Like I said, it is special for me, I never had anything like this before since I was a kid. Since the fans came into my life, I feel very special. Without you, there is nothing that can make me feel this special. I’ll compare you to a very old pillow. (Copter: That we can’t live without, right?) No matter how old it is, how stained it is, I still want to be with you. I love it, so…
Bas and Copter: You don’t have an old pillow, right? (Looks at Kimmon)
Bas: You don’t understand, so…
Dun: Comparing to a car.
Copter: The fans are like an old pillow.
Kimmon: After this clip is released, the fans won’t shower anymore, because they want to be an old pillow.
Bas: No, no. I just want to say that everyone is very important to me. You fulfill this kid’s life with all kinds of things, with happiness. Thank you so much.
Kimmon: The fans are like an old pillow. (Bas: No need to repeat, I’m already done.) It’s cute, like an old doll, I have one too.
Copter: The fans are like fried egg (Everyone: What?) because they are the only ones in my heart.
Kimmon: Mic drop
Copter: Mic drop. For me, my definition of love between me and my fans, we are like the fungal condition with lichen (Dun: Wow), we must depend on each other. Without one or the other, we won’t be able to grow under the sea to become a seaweed. Hence, we are fungus and lichen.
Kimmon: It’s called a dependent relationship. (Copter: Dependent on each other.) Like a shark and a shark flea.
Copter: A shark and shark flea
Dun: Like Kimmon and…
Kimmon: Kimmon and Copter. Copter, I’m the shark, you’re the shark flea (Copter: Why am I the shark flea?). We’re in a dependent repationship.
Bas: Like a starling
Dun: Like a starling (laughs)
Copter: Maybe I can assume that the fans are a big tree and I’m a parasite, eating up the fans. (laughs) No, that’s not right.
Kimmon: Just joking.
Copter: Right, so we are in a dependent relationship. I think of everyone like a teamwork, we’re all in the same team. (Bas: like a family.) Like a family, like a team. So please support all four of us, and go on this journey together with us for a long, long time.

Mention something about the love that the fans have for you.

Copter: Short and simple. Thank you, thank you very much, from the bottom of my little heart (gives a mini-heart)
Bas: I want to thank you also, I don’t know how long my career in this industry will last. But while I’m here, I’ll do my best for everyone, so please support us as usual and hold our hands tight. Keep on fighting.
Kimmon: We will improve ourselves to become better, make more projects for everyone to see. Please encourage us as always, thank you everyone.
Dun: I’m glad to have all of you in my life. Let’s progress together, it might be slow steps, but we won’t step backwards. I’m changing the tone, I was playing too many jokes in the previous tapes.
Copter: My tree and parasite is passed already.

Dun Romchumpa – Bas Suradet – Kimmon Warodom – Copter Panuwat

Special Thanks to outfits

Dun’s shirt and pants are from Selvedgework Custom Denim – Available at Siam Square Soi 2, Emporium or online at LINE OFFICAL @selvedgework

Bas’ shirt, pants and shoes are from Shone Puipia – Available online at or LINE OFFICIAL @shonepuipai

Kimmon’s shirt and pants are from Q DESIGN AND PLAY – Available at Siam Center 1F, Central at Central Wold 4F or online at LAZADA/Shopee: Q DESIGN AND PLAY and LINE OFFICIAL @qdesignandplay

Copter’s shirt and pants are from TOMA BRAND – Available online at Instagram and LINE OFFICIAL @toma.brand

Model: Dun RomchumpaBas SuradetKimmon WarodomCopter Panuwat
Photography: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Makeup: Wassana Khamleemat
Hair: Sarayut pengsomya
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Art Direction & Set Design: Ployrawee Choksuchanun

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