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Discover “Dom Kowit’s” new identity through 5 FACTS and a super cute minigame.

“Dom Kowit”, the first solo artist from XOXO Entertainment with his new single “Only You” DOM x MUON ATLAS, get to know him through 5 FACTS that has never been revealed anywhere before, and a super cute minigame.

Welcome Dom to

Dom: Hello to the whole madan team This is my first time here, I’m so excited My name is Dom from XOXO Entertainment
madan: You seem nervous but it’s normal because we just met for the first time You’re shy because we are cute, right?
Dom: All of you are cute
madan: How do you feel right now?
Dom: I feel excited and I’m curious about what’s going to happen next Because it seemed like nothing at first, but there seems to be something going on
madan: What do you have for madan today?
Dom: I have a new song for you today The song is called “Only You” The music video is now available on the XOXO Entertainment channel You can check out the song on every streaming platform
madan: Can you perform a bit for us?
Dom: Sure. I only have you in my heart In my heart, there’s only you I will still have only you It’s alright, even if you’re not serious
madan: Does this song have a challenge?
Dom: Not yet But you can take this song to do a challenge Anyone can do anything on TikTok There’s a disc Yes, it’s also on IG, give it a try
madan: Try what?
Dom: Try what? I’ll wait and see I’ll wait and see what people do, and then I’ll go play along

5 FACTS about Dom

madan: Can you tell us 5 facts about you?
Dom: Number 1, my name is Dom but I like to refer to myself to my parents as Kit It’s from my real name Kowit And I’d refer to myself as Kowit every day on a regular basis When I say it quickly, it became Kwit Eventually it became Kit This is number 1
madan: Can you try and simulate when you’re talking to your parents?
Dom: Mom Kit will go out with my friends today Something like that.
madan: Number 2, Kit
Dom: Number 2, I believe aliens exist because it started when I was a kid, my elder brother told me that he saw a UFO I was so excited I didn’t know what it was. What is a UFO? So, I watched on YouTube I read stories about aliens I listened from clips, from documentaries So I like the topic of aliens a lot.
Dom: Number 3, I like movies about aliens I like watching science-related movies I like watching Sci-Fi movies A mysterious story line An exciting movie but not ghost movies.
madan: Sci-Fi
Dom: Yep
madan: Thriller too?
Dom: Yes, like that But I prefer the more realistic ones like Interstellar
madan: Is Interstellar your favorite movie?
Dom: No, My favorite is Tenet
madan: Give spoilers about Tenet in 2 seconds
Dom: Tenet is about traveling in time The time travel concept is unlike any other movie In other movies, you can travel in time in an instant But in Tenet plays with the idea of entropy It is about time traveling backwards If you want to go back 10 years in time, it’s not like you can get into a time machine and go back 10 years You have travel to the world where time is reversed Then, you have to live in that world for 10 years before you can go back 10 years in the past.
madan: You’ve really seen it.
Dom: I loved it.
madan: Number 4
Dom: My dream is to become an idol artist but the label thought that I should be a solo artist So I became the first solo artist from XOXO Entertainment.
madan: You want to be in a boy band?
Dom: Yes
madan: What is your favorite ATLAS song?
Dom: I like the song MAYDAY MAYDAY.
madan: And why did you dream of joining a boy band?
Dom: It’s because of my sister She likes to play Korean songs since I was a kid And during high school, she introduced me to BTS That was the first step that made me enter the K-POP industry And I like the survivor shows, like Produce 101 I’ve been following it I watched and listened more and more and then I liked it Before listening to K-Pop idols, I’ve always listened to solo artists
madan: Tell us 1 of your favorite idols
Dom: I have many idols My first idol is P’Plub. Teacher Teacher I have something to consult with you This is the first person that made me want to become a singer And the second one I really like that I really like that I’m crazy about, I follow all his work is P’Thamthai Kamikaze.
madan: Sing one song for us by Thamthai
Dom: No one will love you more than this, ah-huh I poured all my heart for you Yep and I’ve been listening without following that much but I still listen to every song by P’Thamthai After that, I switched to Korean artists and that is BTS The most recent one is an American artist called Keshi Yep, I like Keshi the most right now
Dom: Number 5, I like to listen to songs that I write myself I listen to songs that I write myself a lot I think that I should change myself because I should listen to other people’s songs rather than my own to get new ideas Yep Not just listening to my own music.
madan: You must’ve listened to a lot of music before you could write your own songs
Dom: Yes, you need to listen to a lot
madan: Can you show us a new song that you’re writing?
Dom: Sure It’s a sad song I like to write sad songs It’s like a very sad story because it’s like not wanting to go but you have to go. Isn’t that sad? Do you understand? I don’t want to go but I have to.

Dom: This is Dom, please check out the song “Only You” There’s an MV released already “Only You” features MUON ATLAS too I hope you all like it Go check it out and watch the MV at the XOXO ENTERTAINMENT channel And please also support the other artists from the label too Thank you.

madan: And this is Dom in the minigame. For madan’s minigame that you have to do today You have to express your facial expression, gestures, or any word You have to do a total of 3
Dom: I can talk too, right?
madan: Yes
madan: 3 expressions from these 4 tasks You only have 15 seconds to think and act out for each task.
Dom: Okay, I’m ready.
madan: Are you ready for the first one?
Dom: Yes
madan: If you are ready, here’s the first one. Handsome.
Dom: Handsome Is that handsome? I’m not a handsome person.
madan: Yes
Dom: I got it?
madan: Yes, you’re handsome, you’re not supposed to agree that you’re not handsome
Dom: I hate what I said, sigh, where did I get it from?
madan: Are you satisfied or do you want to do it again?
Dom: No, I don’t want to do it again, just let it pass I don’t want to see it too No, no I mean I don’t want to look at myself.
madan: So, the first one has passed You did it in exactly 15 seconds
Dom: Exactly?
madan: That’s right It’s considered complete
Dom: Task number 2
madan: Shy
Dom: Don’t compliment me like that Is that okay?
Dom: Can you not do it?
Dom: Shy
madan: But just now, someone said that it took more than 15 seconds.
Dom: Then it’s a fould.
madan: 1 foul for you But we’ll give you a chance While you’re thinking, it’s considered an action If you can’t figure it out within 15 seconds, you will be punished He was flowing just now We’ll let you pass this time.
Dom: Thank you for letting me pass.

madan: The next one is angry.
Dom: Angry? Why can’t you brief properly?
madan: This one is true.
Dom: Can you lower the light a little, my eyes hurt so much.
madan: This is also true.
Dom: My face is all oily, how come you haven’t cleaned my face?
madan: True also This one is true And the person who is angry is not Dom but you’ve passed.
Dom: Okay
madan: The final task is cute.
Dom: cute I don’t have to do anything, I’m already cute.
madan: Pass
Dom: And then I feel like just by smiling, I’m already cute.
madan: Let me see.
Dom: I’m smiling and I think that when I sing, I’m cute I want you to go with me Be together as lovers for just one day Thank you .
madan: And this is Dom from XOXO.

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