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Eclipse The Series

‘Eclipse the series’ is a mystery romance Y series based on the fiction of the same name by the writer ‘Prapt’. It is the first series starring both ‘First – Kanapan Puitrakul’ and ‘Khaotang – Tanawat Ratanakitpisarn’ together, along with many other actors. This series was produced by GMMTV and directed by ‘Golf – Tanwarin Sukapisit’.

The story occurred at Supaplo school, one of the most prestigious all-boys school in the country, with strict rules and regulations. There is also a mystical story about a curse that would punish students who break the rules, and this curse will intensify when the solar eclipse is near.

However, as the school has strict rules, naturally, there are people who want to break it. ‘The world must remember gang’, a group of students who have the same ideology that they don’t want to follow outdated school rules. So, they came out and protested for their rights and justice. This situation makes the outstanding and strict student inspector, ‘Akk’ (First – Kanapan Puitrakul), and his friends ‘Kanlong’ (Neo Trai) and ‘Wasuwat’ (AJ Chayapol) have to constantly warn this group. One day, a new student with suspicious behaviors called ‘Aryan’ (Khaotang Tanawat) appeared. He acts strange like he has a secret. Aryan challenges the school’s rules all the time, therefore, Akk has to keep an eye on him. The reason Aryan moved to this school is to find the person who caused his uncle, ‘Deeka’ (Ron Patarapon) to commit suicide. The only evidence he has is an old notebook with a message, saying that the cause is in this school.

When Aryan realizes that he was being followed by ‘Akk’, he had a feeling of defiance and wanted to tease Akk, making them become rivals. After getting close and spending so much time together, Akk gradually feels something special for Aryan, but he has to refuse this feeling all the time. Akk feels jealous when he sees the intelligent student ‘Tuaphoo’ (Louis Tanwin) become close to ‘Aryan’. Anyway, this feeling came with curiosity when Akk noticed that ‘Aryan’ has an old notebook that no one is allowed to touch. So, Akk tried to take this notebook to find the reason why Aryan moved to this school. Then he will inform ‘Prof. Chadok’ (Yai Watcharakiat) who has asked him to keep an eye on Aryan.

Although all the teachers in this school are not happy with students with the behavior of going astray, there is still ‘Prof. Sani’ (Ploypatch Patchara), who is a modern-style teacher that always secretly helps them, because she doesn’t have enough authority. Days passed, the students are not believing that the mysteries are true, so they try to find out who is behind all these crazy ideas, creating fear to avoid people from breaking the school’s rules. The protest got more and more intense. How will the relationship between Akk and Aryan go on? And what is the truth behind the mysteries?

The Eclipse airs every Friday at 8:30 PM on channel ‘GMM25’ and the rerun will be on VIU at 10:30 PM. First episode starts on Friday, August 12 and all updates can be found on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter: GMMTV.

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