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Discover secrets that are non-secrets in 5 FACTS of the 5 men from ELEMENT under their cool characters 

Under the cool and fun characters of the 5 men from ELEMENT ‘Bank Toranin, Bank Thanathip, Buzz Narawit, Bonus Tanadech and Kad Ploysupa’, will there be any surprising stories? Madan volunteers to take everyone to discover their 5 true stories through 5 Facts, that many people may not have known before, to get to know and move a little closer to them.

Kad Ploysupa – Bank Thanathip – Buzz Narawit – Bonus Tanadech – Bank Toranin

What secrets will they reveal to madan before anywhere else? Let’s find out those true stories in the interview, and enjoy together with ELEMENT all throughout June 2022 at

Bank Toranin

Bank – Toranin Manosudprasit

Bank Tora: Hello, I’m ‘Bank Tora’ with 5 facts about me 

First, actually, I didn’t intend to have this many strands of red hair. I was only gonna do one, but when I got to the salon, I was like, hmm, is it too little? I wanted to make the most of my money, so I did more strands. Up to the hairdresser. 

Number two, recently, I have trouble figuring out food dishes. I don’t know what’s wrong. I usually change the dishes I eat all the time, but recently, there is only one dish and that is basil rice with fried egg.

Madan: How long have you been eating that?
Bank Tora: About one week.
madan: Every meal?
Bank Tora: Every meal. I wake up in the morning and order this. If I can’t think of anything, I order basil rice with fried egg.
Madan: What did you order at the production set?
Bank Tora: Basil rice with fried egg
Madan : Ermmmm.

Bank Tora: Third, recently, I’m very addicted to the games. I haven’t slept at all. But I did sleep before I came here. Before coming to work, I have to do my best for the work. The truth is I slept at 2 am. I’m addicted to LOL’s Wild Rift game on my mobile phone right now. You can download and play with me (laughs).

Fourth, recently, I’m addicted to TIKTOK, but I haven’t posted anything on TIKTOK at all. People might notice that I don’t post on TIKTOK at all. Actually, there’s no reason, I just prefer watching. Just watching and doing nothing already takes the whole day.
Madan: Addicted to TIKTOK, so you haven’t slept.
Bank Tora: Yep, after watching TIKTOK, I go play games. Then I don’t get to sleep the whole night.
Madan: What kind of content do you like to watch on TIKTOK?
Bank Tora: I mostly like to watch animals, pets, funny animals, something like that. The funny and cute stuff comes up on my feed because I pressed liked for a lot of these videos. 

And for the fifth and last one, recently, I haven’t been going anywhere. I stay in my room the whole day. I want to go out, I want to see the nature. Is this considered a fact? (laughs)

Madan: Then, who locked you up? 
Bank Tora: I locked myself up. In case anyone out there didn’t know because I sort of disappeared. I disappeared from social media; I didn’t update anything. Let me say it here that it’s not that I don’t want to go out, I want to, but I’m locking myself up at the moment.
Madan: Before coming here, how many days have you locked yourself up?
Bank Tora: Wow, weeks. I haven’t seen the sunlight at all because I close the curtains in the room, like I’m in a cave. And this is my 5 facts.

Bank Thanathip

Bank – Thanathip Sritongsuk

Bankji: Hello, 5 facts about me. 5 things that not a lot of people know about me. First, my name is really Bank. There are a lot of people named Bank, but my name means the bank where you deposit money, which is written differently from the word Bank that means banknotes. Bank ends with a ‘k’, a lot of people may spell my name wrong. After watching this video, you must spell my name correctly now, B-a-n-k.
Bankji: The second fact is that I have two big scars on my face that a lot of you may not have noticed, on my forehead and beside the right ear. I got it when I fell the stairs and my forehead hit the edge of the stairs, as for the one by the ear, it’s a dog bite. I’m embarrassed (laughs). Everyone’s probably wondering how the dog bit me. Well, I was playing with the dog, and it got angry, so it jumped and bit me. Well, at least I didn’t lose my ear.

Third, I used to be a ballroom dancer in Khon Kaen province before. If you’ve followed ballroom dancing before, you might’ve seen me dance before.

Madan: What age did you start dancing?
Bankji: Since 11 years old, 5th grade until I finished university. About more than 10 years, that’s a really long time.
Madan: And what level have you competed in before?
Bankji: I competed in the Thailand Championship. I’ve competed from student level, youth sports, national sports, and national championships. I’ve done it all.
Bankji: As for fact number 4, I’m a left-handed person. Well, all my auditory nerves work best on the left side. I’m left sided in my whole body, whether it’s my leg, kicking football, playing sports, ping-pong, writing, all left-handed. As for the last fact, I can move my ears. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you (moving his ears). See?
Madan: Try moving in a music beat
Bankji: (moving his ears) Anyone who wants to practice, go and try it. I don’t even know how I got it, all of a sudden, I was able to do it automatically. And these are the 5 things that everyone may not know about me. A few may have already known, but most people probably didn’t know, so now you know. You can try and do the same things, except for falling down the stairs and the dog bite, don’t follow those, it hurts.

Buzz – Narawit Songtrai

Buzz: 5 things no one knows about me. The first thing is that I have a dwarf hedgehog pet. Dwarf hedgehogs are small animals, and many people thought that this type of hedgehog can swell and their spike can shake off and poke us, but it’s not true. My hedgehog is called ‘Guayjab’.
Madan: Why is it named ‘Guayjab’?
Buzz: Because I like to eat Guayjab.
Madan: So, do you want to eat the hedgehog?
Buzz: If I eat it, I will probably cut my mouth, it’s unlikely that I’d be able to get it down my throat. The first mouth may be delicious, the second mouth, stuck in my throat (…)

The second fact is that I spend more than half a day in the car, because I live very far away, in the Phra Samut Chedi area. Many of you should know it. I rehearse in the city and drive back and forth to Phra Samut Chedi. It takes about 4 hours in total, two hours per trip. Sometimes might take up to 3 hours. If I could sleep in the car, I probably would.
Buzz: And one more thing, I have very dark eye sockets.
Madan: Show me
Buzz: (leaning his face to the camera) 
Buzz: I have allergies/ I’m trying to treat it right now. It’s been about 5 years already. If you’re wondering whether the dark eye sockets are better, nope (shakes his head). Next fact, I don’t like green tea. The reason is simple. Just like the name suggests, green tea smells like green. When I drink it, the smell goes up the nose. If someone wants to buy green tea for me, please (waves goodbye)
Madan: How about matcha?
Buzz: No.
Madan: Everything that is green tea…
Buzz: I can’t, just seeing the color…
Madan: Then, what drink do you like?
Buzz: I like chocolate and strawberry cheesecake; I just ate some just now. Not sure if I got some on my mouth or not (laughs). And the last fact, I sleep in the morning and wake up in the afternoon. Some fans have messaged me before, it was 3 am and I was still online. Of course, I go to bed in the morning. What do I do? Nothing much, I browse TIKTOK. I just can’t sleep.
Madan: You’re physically in Thailand but you’re using the American time zone. Buzz: (laughs) Even America has to give it to me, and these are my 5 facts.

Bonus Tanadech

Bonus – Tanadech Deeseesuk

Bonus: Hello, I’m Bonus. I’m here to tell you 5 things that everyone misunderstands about me, and things that I want to tell everyone. 

The first one is that I starred as Phra Pirun before. Many people may not know this, so I’m telling everyone now that before I debuted, you could see me on Channel 7. 

Secondly, I don’t like to order anything sweet. I like to eat the less sweet stuff, but when I eat desserts, I’d feel that I love the sweet taste.

Madan: So, do you like sweet or not?
Bonus: I don’t like to order anything sweet, but when I eat something sweet, I like it.
Madan: Do you like eating desserts?
Bonus: I don’t like Thai desserts. I don’t eat those kinds of desserts at all.
Madan: But…
Bonus: But when I eat it, I like it, but if I had to order it, I won’t.
Madan: How sweet do you like your Bubble tea?
Bonus: I order less sweet, 25% sweetness. Something like that.
Madan: But if you get to eat 100% sweetness…
Bonus: But if I get to eat regular sweetness or other people’s sweetness, I will enjoy the cup that they ordered. Do you get it? Something like that (laughs).

The third fact is that before going to bed… in fact, I’ve never told anyone this before. I have my way of putting myself to sleep. Suppose I’m not sleepy, I will scratch my hand like this (hand scratching gesture). If I keep on scratching for a while, I will fall asleep.

Madan: Immediately? 
Bonus: Yeah, if I do this (scratching hands, dozing off).
Madan: Are you falling asleep?
Bonus: Just joking (laughs). If I feel that I’m not sleepy, I will lie down and scratch my hand. But I have to keep my hands above my head, keep on scratching and I will fall sound asleep.

Fourth fact, I am a very sensitive person. I don’t know if everyone already knows about this. Anything about families or lovers, I would cry very easily. And the final fact, I was a top 20 finalist of the KPN Award.

Madan: What year? Bonus: 2000 something, go check it out. You might be able to search it, or not. (laughs)

Kad Ploysupa

Mos – Kad Ploysupa

Kad: My 5 facts. First, my name is Gad, not Guard. A lot of people spell it wrong. G-a-d, no ‘u’ or ‘r’. And number two, my nickname is ‘Mos’. ‘Gad’ is my first name. Many people thought that my first name is ‘Ploysupa’. That’s not true, that’s my last name. Third fact, when I’m thinking, I like to rub my nails.
Madan: Do you bite your nails?
Kad: I don’t. I’d rub it like this (rubbing nails gesture), rub my nails, rub my shirt like this, and I’s do it the whole day. And number 4, when I take a shower, I have to use a separate towel, one to wipe the head, another one to wipe my body and another one for the legs. 
Madan: So, you use 3.
Kad: Yes, I won’t use it together at all, one to wipe the head, another one to wipe certain parts, all separated.
Madan: That’s a lot, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg.
Kad: No, not that extreme. Just one for the head, middle and bottom, 3 sets. Finally, I don’t like to use sunscreen before leaving the house because I’m lazy. I don’t like it, it’s sticky.  

Bonus Tanadech – Bank Toranin – Buzz Narawit
Kad Ploysupa – Bank Thanathip

Editor in Chief: Natthida Ratchawong
Producer: Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Model: BankBuzzTora, Bonus & Kad
Photographer: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Graphic Design: wowweeraya
Make up: Wassana Khamleemat
Hair: Chanyanuch Woraphankpridakun
Stylish: Patipan Jaksukan
Content Creator: Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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