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F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

‘F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers’ is a romantic – comedy series produced by GMMTV. It was based on the storyline from the Japanese Shojo manga ‘Hana Yori Dango’ by ‘Kamio Yoko’. This manga has been adapted into many versions. As for the Thai version from GMMTV, talented director ‘O – Patha Thongpan’ is the director of the series.

Besides the popular original storyline from the cartoon and series, this version of ‘F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers’ also stars famous teenage actors collaborating, such as ‘Bright Vachirawit’, ‘Win Metawin’, ‘Nani Hirunkit’, ‘Dew Jirawat’, as well as ‘Tu Tontawan’ and many more supporting actors.

‘F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers’ is about ‘Gorya’ (Tu Tontawan), a junior high school girl with a simple life. She is from a poor family, so she had to work part-time at a florist along with her best friend ‘Kaning’ (Prim Chanikan)

Gorya was living her simple and plain life when the day came that she passed an entrance exam and got accepted into a famous luxurious school, which turned Gorya into her family’s hope of surviving. In Gorya’s perspective, the students’ society in this school looks fake and annoying. So, she decided to live her life with her head down, without standing out.

Gorya’s life is completely different from these people, whether it is ‘Tyme’ (Bright Vachirawit), ‘Ren’ (Dew Chirawat), ‘Kavin’ (Win Metawin) and M.J. (Nani Hirunkit), a senior group of grade 12, who are also known as F4. They are handsome and are also heirs to multi-billion businesses. These qualifications made all 4 of them the most shining and powerful people in this school.

Behind their perfect image, they covertly act as bullies in school. Whoever is deemed as an annoyance would be violently bullied via a game called ‘Red Card’. Nobody could stop them, no matter how harsh the bullying is. Plus, other students also agree with their methods, as if they control the world. Gorya despises this.

However, destiny led her to be involved with F4, both with ‘Tyme’ who is the leader of F4, seemed to be interested in Gorya, and also bullied her quite harshly, and ‘Ren’, a quiet introvert but full of charm, that made Gorya fall in love. Eventually, Gorya will become the center of everything. Stepping into this school, which is a different world to her, made her realize that teenage life is never easy. 

However, it might be easier if a man who Gorya has a crush on like ‘Ren’, doesn’t love ‘Mira’ (Fah Yongrawee), a beautiful woman who is from a rich family and is also a generous soul, and completely different from Gorya. Moreover, Gorya’s best friend ‘Kaning’ also falls in love with ‘Kavin’, a womanizer who will never love her back.

The story gets more complicated and difficult when ‘Tyme’, who has a perfect image, has to carry the expectations of his mother ‘Rotsarin’. She is a businesswoman who will not let Tyme get outside the box that she has planned for him, especially regarding love. However, Gorya gradually has specials feeling for Tyme.

If teenage life is the most shining period of one’s life, the series ‘F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers’ will tell the story of a girl who is going to go through her dazzling adolescence among outstanding guys, overcoming obstacles and mistakes, making friendship, happiness and sadness. She will learn about something called ‘love’ then all of them will hold each other’s hands to grow up and step into the world of adults together. Follow and watch their story every Saturday at 8:30 PM on channel GMM25 and watch the previous episodes on Viu at 10:30 PM.

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