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The challenge of ‘Fiat – Jennis – Orn’ of starring in ‘School Tales The Series’

Hide the truth, cover a secret with Fiat Patchata, Jennis Oprasert and Orn Phatchanan that they reveal the challenges of acting in the series ‘School. Tales The Series’ A new horror series from Netflix.

Fiat Patchata – Jennis Oprasert – Orn Phatchanan

How was it today? It’s the first time the three of you are doing a photoshoot with madan

Orn: Glad to know you Both Jennis and P’Fiat
Fiat: What did they ask? Do the three of us know each other?
Orn: Yes, they asked if the three of us know each other
Jennis: Have we ever met each other?
Orn: And have we ever worked with each other We’re okay This is the first time we’re sharing the same fate.
Jennis: Glad to know you.
Orn: Glad to know you This is the first time I’ve met P’Fiat but we may have seen each other in the production set because we’ve filmed in the same location.
Fiat: but in a different set
Orn: a different set At that time,
Fiat: I didn’t know it was Orn
Orn: Because I was wearing a wig
Fiat: She was wearing a wig
Orn: I was playing Saipan, so P’Fiat may not recognize me How about Jennis?
Jennis: I might have met before at events, when we were at events but we’ve never greeted each other.
Fiat: Do you mean her? (points at Orn)
Jennis: Stunned I’ve met P’Orn at dorms but you said that you’ve met me before.
Fiat: Yes I saw you when I was on a taxi motorbike that day.
Jennis: I can’t remember I was riding the bike,
Fiat: you were driving the bike and you sent me to the Grammy building from MRT Asoke.
Orn: There’s a story behind this Interesting.
Fiat: She used to drive a taxi bike
Jennis: I used to role play as a Grab driver
Orn: We’re doing the cover for madanfun today It’s so fun
madan: madanfun
Orn: I like to say madanfun put in some accent I don’t know about ma-dan I have to say madan but the ma-dan accent is correct madanfun, so fun This is their slogan.
Jennis: Really?
Orn: Yep, you have to say “So fun” too Cannot miss it
madan: She made it up for us.
Orn: I must say that the cover is pretty handsome
Fiat: and
Orn: good What else?
Fiat: What concept are we doing today? Correct, how come you didn’t ask this question first?

Fiat Patchata

Orn: Do you know what concept are we doing today?
Fiat: Did you do you research?
Jennis: What concept?
Orn: Our concept today is “Secret”
Orn: Do you mean the overall concept?
Jennis: Oh There’s a name for it?
Fiat: We’ve almost finished the job and you guys still don’t know?
Jennis: I thought we have separate concepts.
Orn: From my shoot, it looks like Alice in Wonderland.
Jennis: I thought “Secret” is an individual theme for each of us.
Orn: Oh really?
Jennis: So all of us together is a “Secret”
Fiat: “Secret” together, because we all have secrets.
Orn: Everyone has secrets they can’t tell
Fiat: Because
Orn: Because
Fiat: If you want to know the secrets, you have to watch “School Tales The Series” I’m good at tying-in, please hire me.
Orn: Excellect Thank you for working together today I’ll be going home now.
madan: Wait, not yet

Jennis Oprasert

Who or what did each of you got to portray in the photo shoot?

Orn: Start from that side
Fiat: I was myself
Orn: Who?
madan: Your theme
Orn: Who did P’Fiat portray?
Fiat: Mine is “Cursed Blessing” That’s why there’s a gimmick with the watch A watch with a long strap hanging down When I hypnotize someone, I use this watch for them to focus on the watch and conform to me Is that a spoiler from the episode?
Orn: It’s totally irrelevant, they just used it as a prop
Orn: It’s like a connection
Fiat: but this is the signature of this concept
Jennis: For this photo shoot
Orn: Great

Orn Phatchanan

Fiat: How about Jennis?
Jennis: I’m a Sibyl I have an orb as a prop to tell the future.
Orn: A fortune teller can casts a little magic, right?
Jennis: Yep
Fiat: and is it related to your episode?
Jennis: Yes, my episode is about cursing forces so that’s why I’m a Sibyl
Orn: He’s a Cursed blessing and you’re a cursing force.
Jennis: It’s sort of relatable, right?
Orn: Sure
Fiat: Really?
Orn: Cast some magic
Fiat: How about Orn?
Orn: My episode is called “Corpse Fable” I am a witch with magic book A book
Jennis: Oh, library
Fiat: Make potions.
Orn: Yep, but when I was shooting, there weren’t any books Just joking, there are books as props I’m a witch and whatever I want to do, I must have a determined mind to do it.
Jennis: A determined mind
Orn: A determined mind So, this is “Corpse Fable” Confused? It’s related.
Jennis: Sure
Fiat: I want to know the synopsis of both your episodes What is it about?
Jennis: I asked P’Fiat already just now So, I’ll go first Mine They say that Pleng looks like a harmless person.
Orn: Really? I like that, harmless person, but look at her eyes.
Jennis: Right And she’s a screenwriter
Fiat: What kind of screenwriter?
Jennis: Stage play screenwriting
Orn: Oh, participating in activities in school.
Jennis: Yes and P’Boy is the director portrayed by P’Mark
Orn: Mark Siwat
Jennis: Yes and I had a secret crush on him Then there was an incident that made me encounter a curse unintentionally.
Orn: Stressful already How come I don’t have a partner?
Fiat: Me neither
Jennis: So sad So “kiminoto”
Orn: Yep, so there was an incident that got me associated to the curse Go check out this episode.
Fiat: “Cursing Force”
Jennis: Yep
Orn: I think it’s going to be hardcore I spied on it already.
Jennis: But yours is tougher

Jennis Oprasert – Orn Phatchanan

Fiat: How about Orn?
Orn: Mine is really hard.
Fiat: Because you were concerned that the wig would fall off?
Orn: Yes How’d you know? That’s correct, we had to lock the hairpin again and again and the wig does not look too natural So, what do we have to do to make it look natural?
Jennis: Make it messy?
Orn: Yes
Fiat: You mean the inside?
Jennis: The outer part If the outer part looks stiff, it will look like a wig.
Fiat: Oh
Jennis: We have to make it messy.
Orn: Yep The hard part is putting on the wig “Cursed Fable” I star as Saipan She’s a good and determined kid I have to mention that it is a bit of a period piece It’s not based on modern times.
Fiat: A schoolgirl
Orn: A schoolgirl, I thought that I was the right person but the truth is that the person that thought that they are the right person may be wrong.
Jennis: Nice catchphrase
Orn: And my episode has P’Fah Sarika as Teacher Narint She’s the person who understands Saipan the most So my partner is P’Fah P’Fah is a teacher
Jennis: Does P’Fiat have a partner?
Orn: Do you?
Fiat: My partner is a ghost.
Jennis: A ghost
Fiat: I guess my partner is a ghost.
madan: What is your episode about?
Fiat: “Cursed Blessing” is about Korn is a student from this school and he was bullied by a group of friends In this episode, the school has is a myth that there is a room, if you go in, you can make a wish with a ghost The group of friends that bullied me wants to make a wish So they made me go in and wish for it.
Jennis: Made you go in to wish for them?
Fiat: So you have to watch it to see if I wished for them or for something else and will that wish come true? Will I be able to fix the curse? Something might happen to me or to the friends, something like that.
Orn: Please follow the show ‘School Tales The Series’.

Jennis: School Tales The Series The cast are a total of 14 new rising stars
Fiat: Yep You can follow it on Netflix in over 190 countries around the world.
Orn: You can watch it on August 10th Please follow School Tales The Series.

Jennis Oprasert – Orn Phatchanan – Fiat Patchata

Model : Fiat, OrnJennis
Photographer : BoydFoto Sathianpong
Graphic Design : wowweeraya
Make up : Wassana Khamleemat
Hair : Chanyanuch Woraphankpridakun
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan

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