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Chasing their dreams to the moon with FIRZTER

First Sirinat amd Chester Thanapon, a duo artist that has been chasing their dreams since they were kids. They’ve went through many contests and events together until they became the duo FIRZTER under the record label White Music #madanxFirzter #madanmode

Welcome FIRZTER to

madan: What was the introduction gesture you did just now?
First: It’s a crushing gesture.
Chester: Doing laundry.
First: Crushing.
Chester: It can be either.
madan: If the fans see you at any event or show…
First: It won’t be this gesture anymore. Yep

What did FIRZTER bring for madan today?

Chester: We have a song.
First: Which is our first single.
madan: And it’s not just your first single it is also a team-up to debut as a group artist for the first time.
First: Yes
madan: called
Chester: FIRZTER

Are the both of you, First and Chester, close to each other before?

First: We were close before this.
madan: Can you tell us about that? When did the two of you become close? FIRZTER ได้ And how did you become FIRZTER?
Chester: We have been going to dance classes since we were kids when we were about 7-8 years old. We took the same dance classes and during that time, our parents would go and watch after us. So our parents became close. And then, we would go and eat together every day because we went to dance classes a lot. So we’ve known each other since then. Singing lessons, dance lessons, acting lessons, music lessons. We studied all the same things.
First: That’s right.
madan: It’s like you’ve loved each other since you were 7 years old.
Chester: No
First: We actually hated each other. I started the lessons 1 year before him. In my second year, he joined the classes. I felt like, hmm, who is this guy?
Chester: I didn’t like him.

madan: At that time, First started the classes first when he was 7 years old.
First: Yep.
madan: Then a year later, when you were 8 years old.
First: Ter joined the classes.
madan: Ter joined.
First: Yep
madan: At first glance, when 8-year-old First looked at Chester, what was your feeling?
First: This guy is such a poser because when we were kids, when there was a girl around, Ter would always do this.
Chester: I thought the same thing as him. First is also such a poser, so I didn’t like him.
First: Ter is a bigger poser than I am.
Chester: He’s acting up.
First: The fact that I’ve was there first, it was like… hey, what the heck?
madan: That was when you were 8 years old.
First: Yes. The fact that we had to see each other, study together, and our parents were there watching us, just like Ter said. And our parents became closer to each other. During lunch time or after we finished our dance classes, they would go have a meal together. So we both had to go too. Because our parents would give us a lift and we started getting closer and closer. It wasn’t because of the dance classes but because our parents went to eat together.
Chester: We had to play games together.
First: Yes.
Chester: We had to sit and play games, eat, talk.
First: Yep
madan: When did the hate between you disappear?
Chester: At the James Jirayu concert. I went to perform at P’James Ji’s concert once. I was a dancer wearing a boy scout uniform at that time and at backstage, some friends were cheering for us to fight so we fought. His lips were bleeding. I was afraid his mother would scold me, so I hugged him and apologized. After that we started to love each other.
First: That’s right

madan: You fought after the concert?
First: No, it wasn’t over.
Chester: The concert was still on, we were about to go up on stage. It happened during the time we were waiting to go up so we fought.
First: Someone else was fighting first and others kept on encouraging.
Chester: Fighting for fun.
First: They were fighting for fun.
Chester: But we were really fighting.
Firzter: Yes.
Chester: I don’t know, we were cheering and suddenly, my guard was up.
First: We were only about 12 years old at that time.
madan: It’s a trend for 12-year-olds.
First: Yes, 12-year-olds.
madan: But you became friends because Chester was afraid of your mother scolding him.
Chester: Yes. We love each other nowadays. Right?
First: Yep.
madan: And how did you become FIRZTER?
Chester: There was a period where the both of us disappeared from each other in our lives. I was living my life, he was living his life and then there was a show called Lazicon. I invited First to compete. We went to compete. After that show, we went to audition at GMM grammy. I think they saw that… a lot of people were auditioning, and they saw that we danced together well.
First: I have to tell you that without Ter, I wouldn’t be here because at Lazicon, I wasn’t going to go, but Ter invited me. After Lazicon finished, I wasn’t going to do it anymore. Ter was the one who sent me to the audition.

madan: So, we can say that First tried really hard.
First: I have been trying really hard.
madan: Tried to join the industry.
First: Yes. When things didn’t go as expected, I felt that I wanted to go study, go do something else. Something like that
madan: Chester kept going to auditions.
Chester: Actually, I didn’t really go all the time. It was only those 2 times, Lazicon and GMM. I felt lonely, I couldn’t audition alone, so I invite him to come too. We ended up being selected, and we got to debut together too.
madan: It’s fate.
Chester: True, it’s fate.
madan: You have to be a pair.
Chester: I believe so too.
madan: When you joined GMM Grammy when they said, okay, you guys are going to be FIRZTER now. I want to know why the concept is about the moon. What is the content of the song about?
Chester: When I wrote this song and when we helped each other make the song, it took a very short time to make this song.
First: Yep
Chester: It came out from our feelings. In hip-hop songs, they’d say they’d buy a house for a girl in Thonglor, Ekkamai, right? But we wanted to exaggerate even more.
First: Buy house on the moon
Chester: Buy her a house on the moon. Go check it out in the MV, we will fly from the moon to the earth.
First: and then take her from the earth to the moon.
Chester: Yep

madan: A chasing girl song.
Chester: It’s a song about chasing girls. Like, I’m rich.
madan: A house on Thonglor is nothing.
Chester: It’s nothing, we have to go to the moon.
madan: Suppose you’re at the moon already if you could go to another planet, which planet would you go to?
First: I want to go to Pluto.
Chester: Why?
Firster: I just really like the name. Pluto
madan: It’s very cold.
Firster: Because I’m a lonely person.

madan: He wasn’t to go to Pluto, how about you, Chester?
Chester: Me? I want to go to the sun.
First: He’s a hot guy.
Chester: fire boy I’m a hot guy, a fire boy.
First: Check out FIRZTER’s song “Moon”. You can find it on every channels via FIRZTER Official or via OfficialWhiteMusic.

Model : First & Chester
Photographer : Franken.STL
Make up: ozsila_makeup
Hair: kant_ksp
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan
Assistant Stylist: nb.mheepond
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Graphic Designer: wowweeraya
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun & Napassorn Asawanon

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