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Love Battlefield! which Ship couple is the best sniper?

On the 6th of March, we witnessed a LIVE Free Fire Hot Shot 2 competition between 4 teams that had to go through several missions all throughout the 5 hours! More than 10,000 fans cheered them on and the 4 teams, starting out from #FFGreen have Blue, Frung, Namtarn, and Luke! I was really placing my bets on this team because Namtarn drew +200 points in the lucky spin but they didn’t seal the deal with a win.

ขอบคุณภาพจาก IG: gallery_thailand_artists_2021

As for the 2nd team or #BlueBOOYAH has Boun, Prem, Ohm, Fluke! You can say that this is the dream team that comes with strength and all their luck because in the last round for lucky spins for minus points made this team have the highest score and become champs of Free Fire Hot Shot 2!

#ฟีฟายYellow has Mew, Gulf, Mind, and Koi! This team might not have won but this team had the highest Popular vote in the LIVE! Big congrats!

#ฟรีไฟร์Red has Yin, War, Milli and Wonder Frame! We’ve witnessed many cute moments from the ship couple Yin-War and with War as the head of the team but we is always sending Yin to talk to the teammates and in the end Milli had to sit in the clown tank and get balls thrown at.

We must say that Free Fire Hot Shot 2 LIVE was the perfect 5 hours that we couldn’t bear to stay away from or even take a bathroom break! If you haven’t seen it then check the link below!!

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