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Search for the sweetest Best (Girl) Friend moments with ‘Freen – Becky’

Opening the notebook full of memorable childhood memories and discover the special relationship between ‘Freen – Sarocha Chankimha’ and ‘Becky – Rebecca Patricia Armstrong’, the 2 sweetest and vivid madan of the month ladies.

Let’s turn the month of May into pink, and indulge in the sweet moments with ‘Freen – Becky’ for the whole of May 2022 at

Freen Sarocha – Becky Rebecca

Please introduce yourselves.

Freen: Hi, I’m ‘Freen Sarocha’
Becky: Hi, I’m ‘Rebecca Armstrong’

Freen Sarocha

How was the photo shoot today?

Freen: It was fun today, (Becky: It was fun) very fun. You can say that we’ve never done this kind of modeling before.
Becky: That’s right.
Freen: Whether it is lying down, sitting and so on. Popular poses, difficult poses.
Becky: Yes, it was fun, we learned new things and got to see some pretty photos too.
Freen: The photos are so beautiful, so beautiful (points at Becky) Right? (Asks the staff)
Becky: You are so beautiful as well (laughs)

Becky Rebecca

What concept is it today?

Freen: Childhood, tinkle, and all those stuff
Becky: Childhood and girl friend
Freen: Yep
Becky: Yep

Tell us a bit about both your childhood.

Freen: Actually, I’m a well-behaved kid, I think (laughs). Actually, I remember that when I was a kid, I sneaked out from me grandma to play outside, and then she would go and call me to go home in the evening “Freen, it’s time for dinner, come inside the house”. When I was a kid, I liked to use leaves to make papaya salad, have you played before? Pound the leaves, and then I role play as the seller, or teacher with my friends. Something like that. How about you, in your childhood?
Becky: For me, when I was at school, I liked to climb trees.
Freen: Really? (laughs)
Becky: Really, I liked to climb trees. During the breaks, I liked to climb trees with my friends. I like those kinds of things, and I liked to collect Barbie dolls. I collected everything, like the Barbie princess, fairy tales, all of it.
Freen: You have every collection?
Becky: I have every collection
Freen: Awesome
Becky: And I liked to dress up, I like things like that
Freen: Do you like to choose who you want to be?
Becky: I do.
Freen: Me too.

Freen Sarocha – Becky Rebecca

What did you like to do most in your childhood?

Freen: I was addicted to my old and rotten pillow, but I don’t have it anymore. Grandma threw it away. I remember that I have been hugging it since I was a kid, and I remember that there was one time, mom told me that this pillow has been with me since I was 2 years old, or 2 months, I can’t recall. And grandpa threw it away. Then, I was mad at grandpa and didn’t talk to him. I thought, how could he throw my stuff away? But I still have it with me but I don’t hold it when I go to sleep anymore because I’ve grown up.
Becky: I had one too
Freen: A rotten pillow?
Becky: But I gave it to Bonbon already (laughs)
Freen: Oh (laughs), it belongs to Bonbon now?
Becky: Yeah, I gave it to Bonbon, my dog.
Freen: So, what is it? A rotten pillow? Or a rotten doll?
Becky: It’s a Blacky doll. Since I was a kid, I wouldn’t let my mom wash it.
Freen: Same here, it has a smell… hmm
Becky: But mom doesn’t like it.
Freen: Yeah, it’s dirty, right?
Becky: Yeah, but what I like to do is after school, I’d go to 7-11 to buy a Slurpee. I eat Slurpees everyday, get a Coke Slurpee and eat it with my brother.
Freen: You have money left to buy Slurpee?
Becky: Why?
Freen: I use up my money since noon, at noon, I… (making giving out money gestures)
madan: You give out money a lot?
Freen: I eat a lot, I enjoy it.
madan: How much money did you get per day?
Freen: When I was a kid? 20 Baht? It’s a lot already, but I wouldn’t have any left to save in my piggy bank.
madan: Is there something that you must buy to eat every lunchtime?
Freen: Quail Egg Candy, have you tried it before? The candy thing.
Becky: What is it?
Freen: It’s a sour taste candy
Becky: Sour lemon?
Freen: Something like that, I don’t know.
Becky: Really?
madan: Isn’t it made from flour?
Freen: No
madan: But the taste is like you said.
Becky: Sour lemon, right.
Freen: It’s a candy that looks like a quail egg, it’s sorted in lines, costs 5 baht each.
madan: Oh, and it’s sour.
Freen: and it’s sour
madan: And you bought all of it?
Freen: I really liked it, I ate so much of it, but I can’t do that anymore.
Becky: Why?
Freen: It’s too sweet
madan: How about Becky’s lunchtime, what do you like to eat?
Becky: I liked to buy seaweed, seaweed, uh…
Freen: I still eat that
Becky: I used to eat that, what is it called?
Freen: Guliko?
Becky: Seaweed
Freen: The sheets, right? Square shaped.
madan: Celiko
Becky: Yes, yes
Freen: Oh
Becky: I really liked it; I ate it every day.
Becky: 1 baht per sheet
madan: You remember all the details.
Freen: She’s good, right? It’s 1 baht per sheet, small, squared shape, and you have to buy it in lines, right?
Becky: Yes, and then eat it (making chewing noises)
Freen: You have to rip the package like this too (making seaweed package ripping gestures)
madan: You eat everything
Becky: Now everyone knows that I eat everything.
Freen: The true eater

Freen Sarocha

What did you like to do as a kid and didn’t want your parents to know?

Freen: I know, I like to eat coffee creamer (laughs)
madan: You secretly drank coffee?
Freen: No, no, coffee creamer
Becky: What is it?
madan: Oh, non-dairy creamer
Freen: Non-dairy creamer. We had a counter, there was grandma’s coffee, the creamer and sugar. When I was a kid, I really wanted to eat it. I’d scoop a spoon and eat it.
madan: You’d eat it like that?
Freen: Yes, it’s delicious
Becky: You really eat everything.
Freen: It’s delicious, but if grandma finds out, I’d get punished, see! Grandma knows now, she’ll punish me.
madan: She’ll punish you for the past, but did you really eat it plainly?
Freen: Yes, you shouldn’t eat it plainly like that, you have to melt it with coffee.
madan: What made you start eating that?
Freen: I was just curious. It was like baby formula, so I wanted to taste it. And I found out that it tastes better than baby formula, so I ate it, secretly from grandma. Can’t let her know, but she knows now.
Becky: Everyone knows now (laughs)
Freen: I know there must be someone out there who eats it like I do.
madan: but I’ve never known anyone to eat creamer.
Freen: Comment please, everyone
Becky: Let’s see who eats it, and are you still eating it?
Freen: I don’t eat it anymore, not anymore
madan: Don’t eat your fingers, how about Beck?
Becky: For me, my mom would not let me drink soda at night.
Freen: It must be at night?
Becky: Yep, at night
Freen: Oh
Becky: Because it’s not good for my health, but I liked to secretly drink Coke. I really like Coke, P’Freen knows that too.
Freen: It’s true, wherever she goes, she would ask for Coke, Pepsi.
Becky: Or milk tea.
Freen: She likes sweets
Becky: Yes, I like sweets, and I had to secretly drink it, because if mom knows, she’ll be upset.
Freen: So, mom knows already now, just like grandma just now.
Becky: It’s alright, she can know now, but when I was a kid, mom wouldn’t allow it because I was physically growing, I should be drinking milk, she wants me to drink something healthy,
Freen: My grandma doesn’t allow it too, but I’m not allowed both in the daytime and nighttime
Becky: Forbids it.
Freen: Yes, forbids it.
madan: You shouldn’t eat creamer too.
Freen: (laughs) I didn’t let her know, but it’s delicious.
madan: But Beck’s is worse because you were drinking soda at night.
Freen: Yeah, that’s worse.
Becky: I like sweet stuff, I’m addicted to it.
madan: but it’s still better than eating creamer
Freen: (laughs) Don’t make fun of me.
madan: I’ll put a warning message so that the viewers won’t follow you.

Becky Rebecca

Tell us about your childhood friends.

Freen: I had one, she lives across from me. I was so attached to her because I was the only child and had no friends to play. Since she lived right across from us, we met quite often. I used to be like, ooh, P’Mint is home, I’ll go see her. I’d walk over and stay at her place the whole day, because I had no one to play with at home. (crying gesture) Dramatic (Becky: Dramatic) Right, what did we do then? We’d splay a blanket and go inside. That’s already a very happy moment as a kid. Nothing much, we’d find toys to play.
madan: Are you still talking to P’Mint?
Freen: I still am, she’s like an elder sister now.
madan: No more blanket splaying
Freen: No more blanket splaying, but I kind of still want to.
Becky: I played before, making a tent.
Freen: Yes, it’s fun. It’s a bit dark, and we go inside. I don’t even know what we do when we go inside
Becky: No, it’s about the imagination, when you go in and…
Freen: It’s like a home, even though we’re at home.
Becky: It’s like another world
Freen: Yeah, I guess it could be another world, when we were kids.
Becky: Yes, yes
Freen: So fun.
Becky: The imagination is worldwide.
madan: How about Beck?
Becky: For me, I have a friend that I’ve known the longest, since I was 1 year old, since then. We’ve been friends for 19 years, we’re still talking to each other, still close to each other, just that we live in different countries. We used to like to play the slider, sit on the swing together, because we lived in the same condo, so we were close to each other since we were kids.

The first impression that ‘Freen – Becky’ had for each other.

Freen: At that time, she was really quiet, the first time we met was in workshop.
Becky: Yep
Freen: It was our first workshop, and she was so calm, so quiet, she didn’t talk at all. The first time I saw her, I felt that she is so beautiful. She’s still beautiful now. I tried to approach her, to join the others, because at that time, she was the youngest. That was the first time we met. And now? We’re almost riding on each other’s head (laughs). We’re so close now.
Becky: We’re so close now.
Freen: Yes
Becky: As for P’Freen, I’m a quiet person, I don’t approach others first.
Freen: Yes, yes, initially…
Becky: Yes, initially (laughs)
Freen: Initially, but right now, she’s so cheeky, I’m so confused.
Becky: I’m a quiet person, because before I get to know someone, I would observe first what kind of person that is, whether we would get along. But when I saw P’Freen, I wanted to talk to her right away. Like, this person is so pretty, I want to talk to her. At that time, I didn’t even know that we would become a pair.
Freen: Yeah, yeah, I didn’t know too
Becky: But I wanted to approach her. (Freen: When I got to know you, I wanted to talk to you) Yes, and then we talked every day, I wanted to talk to her every day. We’re very close to each other right now.

Freen Sarocha – Becky Rebecca

What impresses you most about the other that you’ve never mentioned

Becky: There are many things that I have told her already, but there is one thing that I never mentioned, I think. It’s like, right now, P’Freen has to work, she has her own businesses, 2 businesses. I can say it now, right? (Looks at Freen)
Freen: Sure, go ahead
Becky: She’s a very talented person, and very hard working. So, I would ask her if she is tired, and she’d say yes, but she never gives up. When someone is tired but still not giving up, it’s something that’s really amazing. No matter how tired you are, how discouraged you are, you still fight on. This is impressive.
Freen: For me, it’s the other way around. I have to study, work, and I have my own business. It’s quite tiring, I admit that I’m tired. But she is the person that I go to, to fuss that I am tired, this and that. When I’m sick or if I have a stomachache today, I would tell her that I have a stomachache. She is one of the first person who always asks me if I’m alright, have I taken any medication yet, encourage me, you can do it, and so on. She’s the one who’s always supporting me on everything, so I want her to stay with me forever.
Becky: Let’s stay together like this forever.
Freen: Yeah, it heals the heart, right?
Becky: Yes
Freen: Drama again, so touching.
madan: This is what Freen is impressed about
Freen: Yep

What projects do you have right now?

Freen: Right now, I have ‘Secret Crush on You the Series’ and the project we’re doing together is ‘GAP The Series’
Becky: We star as the main couple
Freen: Yes, we’ve finished shooting the pilot already. Please wait for the complete series to air, please wait a bit.
Becky: Coming soon
Freen: Yes, coming soon, we’re just waiting to start filming now
Becky: Start filming, read the script.
Freen: Right now, I heard that a certain amount of the script is done. I’m a bit excited, right?
Becky: Yes, excited to start doing this together

Talk about your work and how to follow you.

Freen: Please support us and the team too. We did our best for all the projects. Right now, please follow ‘Secret Crush on You the Series’, it’s almost ending. And please also follow ‘GAP The Series’ too, via IDOL FACTORY’s Twitter, IG, Facebook, and YouTube. You can follow us on all these channels. Do you want to say something for the international fans?
Becky: Sure, I’ll speak in English. Hi guys! So, we’ve done today, and we would like to leave what we have worked for 2 works. So, you know there is a ‘Secret Crush On You’? The ‘Secret Crush on You’ is almost over. So, we’re probably going to ‘GAP The Series’ soon. Where you can follow is ‘GAP The Series’, Twitter GAP The Series, Facebook and Instagram. And if you want to follow the YouTube: IDOL FACTORY channel. Don’t forget to follow us. We love you, Bye!
Freen: And don’t forget to support Freen – Beck in your hearts, at
Becky: Don’t forget to support Freen – Beck in this cover of May, love you.

Freen Sarocha – Becky Rebecca

Editor in Chief: Natthida Ratchawong
Producer: Ployrawee Choksuchanun
ModelFreen Sarocha & Becky Rebecca
Photographer: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Graphic Design: wowweeraya
Make up: Wassana Khamleemat
Hair: Chanyanuch Woraphankpridakun
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Content Creator: Aditchaya Sukprasert, Nutjari Plaingam

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