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Freen – Becky with every special moment and another step of success together

“Freen Sarocha” and “Becky Rebecca”, the two young actresses from the “GAP The Series” are here to perform a special song called “Pink Theory”, live in the show Song Story, along with stories about special moments they had together and another step of success in the entertainment industry growing up together.

This is Song Story. We’re with Freen and Becky here

Freen: Becky: Hi
Tum: Starting off by going straight to the point. It’s GAP The series.
Dome: That’s right.
Tum: It is evident that this story is popular.
Dome: Yes. First of all, congratulations on the multiple awards
Becky: Thank you
Dome: Many of the successes that the both of you have received. You’ve been talked about a lot in the recent months. We’ve actually had the opportunity to work with this director. That is, Teacher Ae. Teacher Ae said that he would like us to invite you both here but he did not come today
Dome: So, we also learned about your cuteness from Teacher Ae and we actually had the chance to meet before NineEntertain Awards at NineEntertain Awards.
Freen: Yes
Dome: Congratulations.
Becky: Thank you.
Dome: What award did you get that day?
Freen: The popularity award.
Dome: Wow
Tum: That’s amazing, the popularity award.
Dome: That’s right. Because this award has been around for many years, in the past, like during my time, it was…
Tum: That era was P’Bird, P’Bee, P’Aum, something like that.
Dome: And this is the latest year’s popularity award from NineEntertain Awards. Applaud
Freen: Thank you

Tum: I must say that I’m not surprised at all. A moment ago, I sat and listened to you singing and felt that. Why is it so vivid? Why is it so cute? And with the project that you’ve done, GAP The series, the feedback, are you satisfied with it? Did you expect it to be this popular?
Freen: It was beyond expectations. I have to use the word beyond expectations. Because the first thing I did was.
Becky: We didn’t expect to get this far.
Freen: There was a hiccup too
Tum: How so?
Freen: There was a misstep while filming. When we launched the project, there was a hiccup. I’ll use the word hiccup.
Becky: Yep
Freen: But we kept on fighting.
Becky: We looked at what the hiccup was and then slowly fixed it.
Freen: Yes, and then continue filming.
Dome: It wasn’t a bed of roses.
Freen: Yep
Dome: But with both your confidence and everyone in the team, they probably wanted to push the project to make the best outcome.
Freen: Yes
Dome: How many months did you film?
Freen: Wow, A year.
Becky: It’s been a year. I thought, hmm, where will this project go?
Dome: Did you do a workshop?
Freen: We did.
Becky: A little bit. But most of the obstacles that we encountered was COVID, illness, and many other things.
Dome: I like how they talk.
Tum: Why?
Dome: They always look at each other.
Tum: Well, they work together, they should be close to each other.
Dome: I work with you, I don’t even want to look at you today.
Tum: Excuse me, maybe they work together and they love each other. For us, it’s all about the money. You might be confused about our relationship.
Dome: I don’t even want to look at him.
Tum: But that’s good, keep it like this this kind of relationship.

Did you get to know each other because of working together on this project?

Freen: Actually, we knew each other from “Secret Crush On You”
Becky: It’s another series.
Tum: Who secretly loves whom?
Freen: It’s a series.
Tum: Oh, a series, right?
Freen: The series is called “Secret Crush On You” Yes. At that time, our characters were friends.
Dome: It’s like expanding the universe from that character.
Becky: Yes
Tum: So, you got closer starting from this series?
Freen: Yes
Becky: Yes
Tum: How close are you?
Freen: A lot.
Becky: Very close. Because we have to be together every day, in fact, we meet every day
Tum: You talk about everything?
Freen: Yes. After work, we sleep separately, then we wake up and meet again.

Dome: In 1 day, you meet each other for about 16 hours, right?
Freen: More than that.
Dome: More than that? Wow
Freen: It’s true. We used to sleep separately for only 3 hours
Becky: And then met again.
Freen: Something like that.
Dome: But this is considered a job that no matter how hard it is, it’s filled with good friendship. You’re very happy.
Becky: Yes.
Dome: Actually, we can see in your work. The work that is released. It’s full of determination and love and hope for each other. People really like the result. Think about it, people watched until it reached 500 million views.

Tum: For me, I speak in a man’s perspective. I think that this series it makes us and the whole world see something which is not exactly something new. It is something that had never been brought up before. It’s a good thing that it is making people more brave. It makes most people feel that it’s normal.
Becky: Yes.
Dome: love is love There’s also a saying that love is love.
Becky: It’s a symbol. Yes
Dome: Did you have many opportunities to engage with the community or talk about these stories?
Becky: have like a There are times when we have like a… What is it called in Thai? A Zoom call
Freen: Oh, it’s like fans telling us stories that they want to propose to their partners
Becky: Yes
Freen: From our show, from our series.
Becky: A lot of people can relate to it.
Freen: And I cry every time someone tells me these stories. And it’s not just one person, there were many people, and I respect them so much and congratulate them.
Becky: The other day, a fan asked us to choose their wedding card.
Freen: And she likes to brag that she’s married she’s married.
Becky: And she also put on her a ring.
Freen: I felt that it is so cute.
Becky: Yes, yes.
Tum: That’s nice and you feel good too, it cheers you up too.
Becky: Yes.
Tum: It feels more than just doing a series.
Dome: Yes, it is the the team and their intention. As it is a Yuri series, right? Girl’s love. It’s probably the first series from Thailand, I can say. I mean, a show that is this serious.
Becky: Yes
Dome: Besides making everyone satisfied, smiling and happy it also made people think about this issue in society. As Tum said, there is a story here. It’s just that it hasn’t been brought up seriously.
Becky: Yes
Tum: Some people who might not understand their identity, might understand it now.
Dome: That’s true.
Tum: Some people are like, why do I have to answer everyone whether I like girls or boys? But I love this person, I love you. Why must I specify? You know what I mean?

Dome: Is there something you want to say? Maybe someone will be really inspired by these things.
Freen: Actually, I think about. Who do you have feelings for? What do you feel? If you like them, just let it out. No need to ask questions. Whether it is to yourself and those around you. Love is love. You can love.
Dome: I agree.
Becky: I think that it’s okay to like girls, boys, to like both genders, to be unsure. It’s okay to like everyone, experience.
Freen: Yes
Dome: Let Tum translate.
Staff: I was about to say that just now when I saw his face. Oh, one sentence at a time, P’Tum.
Tum: You’re sitting there going “oh” alone
Dome: You seemed like you understood. So I wanted you to translate it for the audience.
Tum: You’re hosting a program with Tum Warawut, not a Teacher Golf.
Dome: But your fans are fans from all over the world.
Becky: Yes
Dome: Fans from this show. Love is universal, right? It’s a language that everyone understands, no other language required.
Becky: It’s our feelings.
Freen: Emotions.
Tum: And this series as the origin for people to have the courage to speak out more. The courage to express more. Turns out we got to learn about some stories from many couples like this. And we felt that it’s so cute, when we were kids, we felt that life is full of disappointments.
Dome: Right?
Tum: Love between men and love between women won’t work out, there’s no future… We used to be taught like that in the past.
Dome: Yes, it’s a belief, feelings of people from that time that it’s against tradition, it’s wrong, or whatever. Blue And it made the image feel blue it’s blue, it looks like sadness. This series is contradictory to all of that. You can feel that everything, every kind of love is possible. It can happen.
Becky: Yep
Dome: Are you glad that you have the chance to become a part of driving society to another stage.
Freen: I’m glad. It is a very small thing, but when put together, it becomes something big. Very big. I’m so glad.
Dome: Are you the same age?
Freen: She’s 20. I’m 24 years old.
Dome: But in terms of age.
Freen: I’m almost 25.
Freen: In the series, I’m 30 up. I have to be the company president.
Dome: Try saying this sentence “I am the company president”
Freen: I am an alien. Can I do it like that?
Dome: Very good. Excellent.
Tum: So you’re 8 years apart, right?
Freen: Yes.

Dome: And how do you adjust to each other when you have to act together? That is, if we have to act as someone who you can really relate to. Your age or lifestyle, these things matter as well.
Freen: How old are you in the series?
Becky: About 23.
Freen: Just graduated and doing intern. Something like that. If you ask, between me and this character, we are quite different. Quite contrast. Because I have to be calm and quiet. People don’t know what I’m thinking. I have to express through my eyes only. It was very difficult to take on that character. At first, I felt pressured. I had to try and understand the character a lot.
Becky: She’s so good.

Tum: In fact, the roles that you did together the story, for you, this is something new, not often talked about because you are on of the first couples to do it.
Dome: There weren’t any references.
Tum: 1, no references 2, understanding, understanding the characters.
Freen: Very difficult since there is no reference as you said. I didn’t know how it should be.
Becky: It was our homework.
Freen: Yep.

Dome: So what did you do? I mean, what processes did you have to go through in the workshop?
Freen: We did a little workshop
Becky: We looked at the characters, their background. So, my character is Mon, what is her family like? What kind of friends does she have? What is her origin? Why did she grow up to be what she is?
Tum: Oh, you used the background and feelings to support the present.
Becky: Yes
Tum: I understand this. Your acting teacher is good.
Becky: Teacher Ae.
Dome: I repeat that he’s not coming.
Tum: You have done your homework well and you really made the viewers feel the characters winning you many awards.
Dome: That’s right.
Tum: Of course, their acting is also great. The plot also reflects society well and up till today, it already has 500 million views it’s not only in Thailand anymore.
Becky: It’s gone international.
Dome: It’s gone all over the world. More importantly than winning an award, you have the opportunity to bring up this issue for the whole world to know and created new perspectives about LGBTQ+ love that it’s no more blue, it’s not the sadness that we used to believe anymore.

Can you talk about each other for a bit?

Freen – Becky have been working together for years, they know each other quite well. Whether it is thing they like or do not like, caring and growing up together. Follow for full interview via YouTube: beartaiBUZZ

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