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‘Jeanius Nova’ conveying his true self with love and sadness as inspirations

Please introduce yourself

Hello, I’m “Jeanius” from Kicks records. I’m a young kid who dreams about being an artist since I was little. I think everyone looks at me like pink color, no matter who sees me since I was little till now, they still see me as a young brother. Even though I was born in 2000 and they may be born in 2005, they still think I’m a younger brother (laughs). That’s why I think they always see me as a younger brother.

The color that represents ‘Jeanius’

I think it’s pink, with a bit of brown. It’s nude pink. I think that is a cute shade, but it has a bit of sadness in it. I define it like that because I think I am an emotional person, it doesn’t mean I am a sad person, but I feel things very easily. For example, a friend telling me something and I would feel angry for him, or if my mom is upset and crying, I would cry along with her, something like that. So, I think me vividness has an emotional side to it.

Are you ever black color?

I used to. That time, my parents were in Switzerland, and my grandma raised me since I was a kid, since I was a baby until I was 20 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2020. I was disconcerted at that time, I didn’t write music for about half a year, partly because I had to take care of her, many mixed emotions and situations happening. One day, my mood was black, I couldn’t sleep and cried every night because I missed her so much. And one day, I thought that I should write a song about my grandma. At that time, I must’ve forgotten that writing music is like writing a diary, I wasn’t expressing my feelings at all, keeping everything to myself.

So I tried expressing it through the song “If I disappear, will you be less tired?” I explained in the description that this song was written for my grandma, because I wanted that feeling to go away so bad, I wanted to see her again, so I wrote that song. But that song turned out to be the song that made me want to be myself again because of the feedback from people around me that wasn’t just a small group anymore. The number of views started to increase unlike the other songs, into a hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand, and it’s seven hundred thousand already right now. So, it feels like my grandma is trying to console me, wanting me to move forward in this path. I remember when she passed away on her bed and I played all of my songs for her, she could probably see from that.

How many percent of pink are you back to right now?

I’m still pink, I think I’m back to pink now, but still a pink with a tone of gloomy brown. I define myself like that because I won’t change, I’m still the same Jeanius, I might’ve swayed a bit, but in the end I feel that this is Jeanius.

Your brownish pink or nude pink, has it ever changed to hot pink?

Hot pink? I think so. There was a time when I wrote songs and did cover dances too. I think it was that time. It was fun to show my dancing potential, I covered both male and female groups, so I got to show my enticing and flirty side. That is probably my hot pink.

What song did you do the dance cover?

At first, I did Girls Generation, and also Wanna One.

What Girls Generation do you like to dance to?

“You think”. That was the song I liked to dance to at that time.

What do you think of how you’re an emotional artist, and you have to carry the burden and responsibility of being an artist too?

I don’t think that is a bad thing. Whatever’s bad is bad, we all know that. The fact that I am emotional or express my sadness, in my point of view, it’s like showing the viewers or fans who I really am. I feel that I want people to love me for who I am, rather than someone who I am not. My idol is “IU”, she’s a vivid and emotional person too, because she writes all her own songs. When she’s vivid, her singing is also very bright, but when she’s sad, I cry along with her. Her song writing is really good, and I want to be someone that good. That’s why I chose to follow that path, I want to be myself as much as I can.

Which IU song do you like?

“Knees”, because IU wrote this song for her grandma or grandpa, I think. It’s about how she misses the feeling of sleeping on their laps, who are no longer there. It’s very touching.

Are you every the sweet kind of pink?

Sure (laughs). I can be all sugary and sweet pink. When I was in love, I would write songs for the person I liked. Some people may use text messages to talk to them, I do that too but I’ll also write a song for them. When I was seeing someone, I wrote a song for her too, I think that was one of the sweetest things I’ve done for anyone.

The song that you think is the sweetest pink

“You Feel Like Christmas”. I was going out with her on Christmas, and I felt that she was my Christmas. It’s a warm festival, the feeling of reminiscing on Christmas, I think everyone gets that, right? When I was a kid, I went to a Christian school, it made me feel warm, it’s hard to describe. And this person made me feel like that, so it reminded me of this song “You Feel Like Christmas”.

What color or situation did the song “I can’t beat the person in you heart” come from?

It happened at the time when I was someone important for someone, we were seeing each other for about  a month or two. Suddenly, she said she had a reason to leave, she said she would come back but she didn’t. I didn’t know at the time why, but I felt that she was lying. I think I could kind of sense it, and I found out that she was really lying, because after we broke up, I went to check out her Twitter, even though she blocked me. And I found out that she was still missing her ex, but she didn’t tell me the truth. When I met P’Tam, I was looking for inspiration to write a song and this status popped into my mind around 4 years ago, that in the end I couldn’t beat the person who’s in your heart. I thought it was a good idea, so I used it to write this song.

Do you usually fight with others?

If you mean a physical fight, no. But I feel that I don’t bow down to others easily. Even though people may see me as a sweet pink, if there’s anything, I would directly say it out loud. I don’t give in to others.

How much of a fighter are you, out of 10 points?

I’d say 8 out of 10. I want to say 10, but I feel that even though I’m a fighter, there are circumstances too. If I’m in a situation that I shouldn’t fight, I must hold back.

If you have a friend who’s in the situation like the song “I can’t beat the person in you heart”, how would you counsel your friend?

I won’t stop them, I’d tell them to fight, do their best. If I could go back and tell myself back then, I wouldn’t stop too, because I already chose to like her, I already gave my heart to her. It’s the same for everyone, they can’t stop even if a friend tells them to. In the end, no one would listen to the friend. So, I would tell them to go for it, because there’s no way you would know what the outcome would be, whether you really couldn’t beat that person or not. You can fight your best, bring out everything that you got until you are fully exhausted. In the end, you have to love yourself more than her.

What do you want to tell those who want to know you?

I want everyone to know that everything I write, everything I convey through music, I am very determined and dedicated to it. I want to be the kind of artist that can be a friend, a brother, a relative to everyone. I want everyone to know that my songs can stay beside you through all kinds of emotions and feelings, whether if they are having fun, being sad, or hurt. I want to be a consoling friend to them, because I’ve been through those moments. I feel that when you have a favorite song or artist with you in those moments, it’s good and it helps you a lot, so I want to be that person.

Your upcoming plans and projects

I’m actually shooting my MV for the third song. We’ve started the meeting already. This song will feature another artist too. As for the future, if you ask me what I want to do, actually I was just listening to “Taeyon’s” song “Can’t Control”. It has a pop rock feel and it’s so cool. I want to try that, so I thought that since I wanted to be the type of person with many flavors, I messaged P’Cut and P’Tam that I wanted to do a pop rock song (laughs). They encouraged me to do it, they won’t refuse. If you ask me what I want to do, I want to do all genres, and I want to try writing music for other artists as well. Please hire me (laughs), hard sale.

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