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Set wind in your sails with “GEN Y THE SERIES”

This series is about the chaotic love between university students and high schoolers, when Wayu (Bas – Suradet Piniwat) who was just heart broken from Parawee, a senior from another faculty. It disproved the Wayu’s ideology of love that everyone believed and worshipped, while his university friends all wondered… what happened? What is love? Watch to find out the answers in “Gen Y The Series”.

Mark (Kimmon- Warodom Khemmonta) is the most popular guy in the Engineering faculty. He is also Wayu’s best friend, who is pursuing Kit (Copter – Panuwat Kerdthongtawee) a senior from the Medical faculty, so Mark often wanders between the two faculties. The plot thickens when we find out that Kit is best friends with Parawee, aka Wayu’s ex. Wayu now has to face his ex while Mark tries his best to pursue Kit’s heart. The mission to win over this med student’s heart is supported by Saan Saeb (Kad – Kad Ploysupa), Wayu’s high schooler cousin!

Everything was going well until Thanu (Dun – Dun Romchumpa), a 3rd year medical student, who is back after dropping out from his studies. Thanu asked Kit to help with his studies after missing out from classes for so long and to look after Wayu for Parawee until he comes back. However, Thanu has asked Wayu to keep it as a secret, which got them to become more intimate. Mark becomes upset, assuming that Thanu is also trying to pursue the same love interest!

Kit introduced Wayu to Thanu, they were then always together. But Mark hopes to rid of Thanu so he tries to convince Wayu to try opening his heart up to Thanu. However, it’s not as easy as it seems because Phai (Pon – Thanapon Aiemkumchai), Kit’s cousin and Saan Saeb’s friend, met Thanu and eventually developed feelings for each other!

Bas – Suradet Pinnirat as Yu – Wayu

This freshman cutie is from the Science faculty and also the year’s Freshie Star. Anyone would fall in love with his dreamy eyes and bubbly personality, but unfortunately, his heart belongs to the one and only Dr. Pa (Parawee).

Kimmon – Warodom Khemmonta as Mark
This year’s latest freshie star who is an ultimate extrovert. Whenever you see Mark, you’ll definitely see a smile on that handsome face. Mark’s childhood best friend is Wayu.
Copter – Panuwat Kertthongtawee as Kit
The stern and serious medical student who sticks to his books and studies. He wastes no time to anything foolish. He may seem hot headed to some people but Dr. Kit is actually a nice person. Anyone who is close to him will be able to feel his charm.

Dun – Dun Romchampa as Thanu

A reserved medical student, used to be the university’s freshie star. He likes to keep to himself but everyone knows who he really is. He is a calm and collected doctor who stops everyone in their tracks when he speaks. Without saying much, people still respected him. When he loves someone, he gives that person all his heart. His charm attracted many people, but Thanu disappeared for a year and his comeback is awaited by many.

All 12 episodes of “Gen Y The Series” reflects the views of Gen Y that stands between Gen X and Gen Z, all the way to Gen Me, to understand the difference and where love happens despite gender, age or education. Communicate with all our hearts with hopes to build beautiful relationships in every “Gen Y The Series” episode.

Watch ‘Gen Y The Series’ every Wednesday at 22:50. The first episode will air on the 11th of November on Channel 3 or watch online through the iQIYI application or website at 23:20.

Proofread by Andy Pichayapa

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