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Reminisce stories from the past that makes “Getsunova” become kindergarten children

Name – Noth – Prite – Natee

This is the first time working with madan How do you feel?

Name: It was fun We got to do things we’ve never done before like dressing up in certain styles that we’ve never done before.
Noth: P’Name looks like he’s going to play rugby.
Name: I don’t know Turn around and see what Nathee is wearing
Prite: The building next door
Noth: Next door
madan: P’Nathee couldn’t make it today
Noth: Yep but he will answer your questions for Nathee
madan: Thank you very much
Natee: Thank you
madan: What is P’Prite wearing today?
Prite: Actually, these pants brings back memories when I was a kid, playing Yugi-Oh cards from the pants, I think I had almost every card.
Noth: You’re boasting You had all the cards?
Prite: I know you did too.
Noth: He had more He used to be the master of Yugi-Oh cards as a kid.
Prite: But it’s all gone now, don’t know where it went I still can’t find it.
madan: It’s in your pants now.
Prite: Then I’m going to bring it home It’s mine.
Noth: With pleasure
madan: How about P’Name?
Name: These are pants made from bags, right?
Noth: I think so I’m not sure but I think it’s made from blankets.
Prite: Blankets
Name: Blankets
Prite: Is it comfortable? Is it hot?
Name: It’s alright It’s alright, but I’m not sure how it will be if I go outside.
Noth: If your kid sees you wearing it, will they like it? Toy Story
Name: They’ve never seen it.
Noth: Never? But actually, Toy Story was from our generation not this generation.
Prite: Your kid will ask you what you’re wearing.
Noth: Yeah, they won’t get it.
Name: But it’s comfortable Comfortable
Noth: I’m naming my pants, Pocketless pants There are no pockets on the sides but they used the pockets to make the trousers I don’t understand but it’s quite cool though.
Natee: Mine is Paris Pokemon.
Noth: Paris Pokemon Suddenly sounds so classy.

Name: wears long-sleeved shirt from H&M

The origin of your latest single, “Kindergarten”

Noth: Avoiding like when we were kids avoiding answering the teacher’s questions.
Prite: Throwing around?
Noth: And then arguing that you should go first. Our latest single is called “Kindergarten” Actually, the initial idea started since three years ago We got this concept when we first found out that P’Name is having a child Having Nong Rain and we thought about that feeling Wow He’s having a kid We’re still acting like children we’re still going out and having fun partying like kids but he’s becoming a father now I felt that it is similar to love No matter how old you are, you reach a point where if you’re sad, if you didn’t get what you want you’d go back to being like a kid crying like a kid because your lover left you Even if you’ve been through many lovers, or had a lot of experience It started out as that idea three years ago and we thought that we should wait until his kid gets into kindergarten first then we’d write this song into a single it should be a good timing Since we’re releasing it right now, it turns out that this guy has 1 kid that one is having 2 kids, this one is having 1 kid I’m so confused, what’s going on here.

Panoth wears a hoodie from H&M

What made you cry tearfully the most?

Noth: Me first I remember when I cried tearfully when I was a kid, I ran to cry under the sofa I remember I burnt the toast 2 pieces of toast Yep I remember my siblings with me too I wanted to make my own toasts It’s like I wanted to be a grown up So I didn’t ask them to help I can do it I wanted to make my own toasts and put condensed milk on it but I remember I turned the timer to 5 minutes So the two toasts were burnt So they said why would you turn it to 5 minutes and laughed I remember running behind the sofa and cried and I wouldn’t talk to anyone at all because I was embarrassed I burnt the toast I remember crying so bad when it was just a small thing but when I was a kid, it was a big issue I can only think of one story, but it’s not so good.
Name: I can only think of one story, but it’s not so good Not that it’s bad, but..
Prite: but you already said
Name: it’s not so good It’s not bad, but it has something to do with my wife I have to tell my wife not to watch this show
Prite: She’ll watch for sure.
Name: She won’t Let’s change the subject.

Prite: wears jacket from H&M

Name: I’m an Arsenal fan There was one year when the got to the Champion League Finals against Barcelona Arsenal played really well that match but The defender, Sol Campbell was sent off It was the most important trophy in the history of the club ever When he was sent off, the team couldn’t beat them We got a goal first but they came back 2-1 I felt that it was the most painful football game I’ve ever watched because I was so invested in watching and I tried to cheer so much but I was disappointed we lost I felt like,  at that time, I’ve never cheered for anything with such determination It was a match to remember, for all my life.

Prite: I can’t think of one When I was a kid, I was really young I remember that it was Songkran I walked to the front of the house, the roadside and I played water splashing I used the water hose to spray water Spraying on all the cars After a while, my grandma at home called the security guards to tell me to go back upstairs I was confused, I was just playing Songkran water normally I was called up, she said not to play on the roadside splashing water on the motorbikes, they might fall. It’s dangerous She was teaching me but I was a kid I didn’t understand Why? This is Songkran, everyone is splashing water I was frustrated, angry and I cried I ran out of the room I felt that At that time I was still a child, so I didn’t understand why she forbid me Everyone else was playing, how come I can’t?
Noth: Do you want to speak for yourself or have us say it?
Natee: Actually, at first I thought it was a different meaning I wasn’t thinking of crying When Name and Not talked, I understood that it means sad I wasn’t thinking of crying I thought it was “Lavish spending” So I was thinking of so many things After a while, when Name and Not spoke, I realized it’s a different word.

Noth: Thai language 101 today
Prite: You can cut this part Cut this part
Noth: This guy has to go back to school with the kindergarten students again It’s fine because he grew up in England since he was a kid.
Natee: So, it means very sad.
Noth: Very sad Crying tearfully.
Natee: Crying, fussing Mine is also about football, just like Name The team that I grew up with and love the most I’m very serious with football When Sir Alex Ferguson resigned I was really sad But at first I didn’t think it would turn out this bad up till now.

Noth: Didn’t think it would turn out this bad
Nathee: For a decade It’s been worse So I felt sad I’m sad deep inside Sad Really sad.
Noth: His voice is so sad Have you ever cried when your team loses?
Natee: During the first couple of years I didn’t really cry but I was stressed like I never had been before When I’m stressed about my studies, my job, I would be a little sad, at most I would think that I will start again tomorrow, start fresh but this… I remember the first couple of years for Man U I didn’t cry but I was stressed The most stressed I have ever been in life So stressed I couldn’t sleep So stressed Stressed Something like that.

Natee wears a sweater from H&M

Something that you feel more grown up than before

Name: Mine is easy This… since I had a child I usually wake up quite late Later than most but when I had a kid, I can’t wake up late anymore especially when I have to send him to school That’s why it made me wake up earlier I now know what it feels like to wake up in the morning like everyone else Waking up in the morning feels like this I feel that one day is very long When I wake up, I eat Oh, it’s dinner time already? Oh, it’s dark already? Okay, let’s go party but right now, I wake up early I eat breakfast At lunch time, I may not be hungry, but I’ll eat anyway The day time is so long but I get to do lots of stuff.
Noth: And you party at night
Name: I still party at night.
Noth: When I was a kid, I refused to take vitamins My mother likes to buy for us to supplement our health Here are the vitamins, take it When I was a kid, I hated it When I grew up, I thought, just take it so my body can be healthier Right now, I take so many different vitamins From mom, my girlfriend and mine I can take it now I’m in my thirties now It’s true what they say It’s deteriorating I mean my health not the Pikachu.
Prite: I feel that I try not to fight others more I let things go more easily In the past, I was like I want to think like this I’ll believe what I want to but when I got married and had a child Especially when I had a child My kid is almost two now he’s kind of naughty He has lots of demands and I learnt to be patient sometimes Raising a child is not about, when the child is fussy and you scold him To retaliate You have to be calm and explain for them to hear, to understand Let them obey on their own It’s the practice of accepting people Patience Self-control I think I am doing better after I had a kid.
Natee: Probably similar to Name Actually I’m still quite young I feel that I’m still young but when I’m having a kid, growing up in my wife’s womb I’m starting to think about a lot of things that I have never thought of before that I have tried my best to become a more adult grow up to not be a kid all the time anymore because I have to set an example for my child and I don’t want to be a kid anymore even though I still want to be a kid I was a kid my whole life I still have to do it. I used to be the youngest in the band
Noth: Do you spend lavishly?
Natee: I will now

Special thanks for the outfits.

GETSUNOVA wears a shirt, sweater, hoodie, and jacket from H&M, available at all standard department stores across the country and

Editor in Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Producer : Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Model : Getsunova
Photographer : Franken.STL
Graphic Design : wowweeraya
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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