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Golden Blood

‘Golden Blood’, a constant popular mafia-themed mini-series directed by talented producers ‘King Somjing’ from Goodfeeling, ‘Gong Piya’ and ‘Chu Chudapa’ from Sonic Boom. This series consists of 8 episodes, with lead characters ‘Gun – Napat Na Ranong’ and ‘Boat – Tara Tipa’, whom have perfect chemistry. They star together as the young mafia heir and the hot bodyguard.

รีวิว] Golden Blood รักมันมหาศาล Ep1-2 : ความหลัวมาแรง  ต้องบอดี้การ์ดของนายน้อย – Madan

For true love, everything can be sacrificed, even life.

The story is about ‘Sky’ (Gun – Napat Na Ranong), a cute, optimistic boy, who is generous but spoiled. That’s because he is the only son of ‘Phupa’ or ‘Sia Phu’ (Oat – worawut niyomsap), a good mafia of the province. Sia Phu has given up on illegal businesses because of his dead wife’s request. Even though he quit illegal businesses, it is not something that would just go away. There was another mafia leader called ‘Sak Khee’ or ‘Sia Sak’ who wanted Sia Phu to be his partner in the illegal businesses, but Sia Phu refused. So, Sia Sak was not happy with this.

Sia Sak therefore threatened Sia Phu’s cherished son, ‘Sky’. So, Sia Phu decided to send ‘Sun’ (Boat – Tara Tipa), a handsome boy with a straight face, who was an orphan that Sia Phu raised since he was a child, to protect Sky. It seems that his father’s concern will become a love arrow for ‘Sky’ and ‘Sun’ instead. Sun is a grateful person and he really wants to repay Sia Phu’s favor for raising, so this mission to take care of his young master Sky, is the perfect opportunity. He took care of everything, followed Sky everywhere, from waking up to going to bed at night.

The series’ plot is based around the university environment. There are many supporting characters that add more flavors to the story, such as ‘Tok Tang’ (Jane – Jaytiya Naiwattanakul) and ‘Juno’ (Apple – Lapisara Intarasut), 2 girl friends from the same faculty, who had a crush on ‘Sky’ and ‘Sun’ since they first met, followed by 2 guys ‘Pich’ (Sugus –  Buntawit Tragulpanich), a senior troublemaker and ‘Bank’ (Tenon – Teachapat Pinrat), Sky’s best friend.

The intimacy of the spoiled young master ‘Sky’ and the loyal bodyguard ‘Sun,’ including the chaos and every situation that they went through together, causes the love to gradually grow in their hearts. Will they realize their feelings or not? How will the story end? Watch their love story on the application WeTV.

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