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‘Heaven Official’s Blessing’, is a Chinese gods anime. It is based on Boy Love fiction of the talented writer ‘Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’, who has had previous popular works like ‘The Untamed’ and ‘Scumbag System’. If you are a fan of this writer, you cannot miss ‘Heaven Official’s Blessing’.

A beautiful paradise was heavily trembled as if it will fall apart. This situation means that the God who is to be born must be a high merit god and have sacrificed a lot. All the heavenly Gods are observing because this kind of situation hasn’t happened for a long time, since the birth of the crowned prince ‘Tian Le’. Later on, mentioning his name wasn’t allowed because it is inauspicious. Every God clearly seemed to be fed up with the crowned prince’s reputation.

After the bright light faded, it was the crowned prince whose name is not to be mentioned. Then every God turned their head and walked away. He was expelled from heaven 2 times already. This is the third time that he is reborn. So, everyone is sick of his comeback. 

The crowned prince is a handsome young man with a ceaseless smiling face. He wears a fully white outfit and has a white ribbon wrapped around his neck as a distinctive point. He walks over to the secretary of heaven, ‘Lin Wen’. She shows the paper in her hands to congratulate the crowned prince that he has the highest voting points from all the Gods. He seems to be happy. Then Lin Wen reveals that the voting points are for him to be expelled from heaven, and that there is no one ranking lower than him. However, the crowned prince is still smiling. Lin Wen continues to tell him that his rebirth caused many damages, for instance, a heavenly bell shook heavily and and fell on the warrior God ‘Xuan Zhen’, and Nan Yang’s golden palace was in ruins. The damage cost that he has to pay amounts to 8,880,000 merit points. The crowned prince ‘Tian Le’ did not have enough merit points to pay back to heaven. So, heaven’s secretary suggested a solution to him. Up north of the mortal world, there are a lot of humans who pray for a god to defeat some demons because the emperor could not cleanse it all out. The general was out on a mission, so if the crowned prince descends to the mortal world, he will get all the merit points required to pay back.  

Heaven’s secretary took the crowned prince to attend a telepathic meeting with the other Gods. The meeting’s atmosphere was full of annoyance from every God because the crowned prince always causes many of heaven’s troubles. Each God was predicting how long the crowned prince will stay in heaven this time. Some said one year, some said one incense lighted. The crowned prince apologizes for causing trouble and vows to repay.

Lin Wen informed in the meeting that the crowned prince needed an assistant in order for him to be the emperor’s representative and go on a mission to the north of the mortal world. None of the Gods were volunteering to help the crowned prince. Even if Lin Wen asks the warrior god ‘Xuan Zhen’, who survived from a falling bell because of the crowned prince. As for Nan Yang, we already know the answer. His golden palace fell apart and that’s right, it is because of the crowned prince standing right here in front of him. He doesn’t support anything and quickly leaves the meeting.

The crowned prince descends to the mortal world without any assistant and any magical tools because he has lost all his magical powers. The heaven’s secretary gives him the details and assures him that Lin Wen’s palace will give him the full support. Then she said goodbye “May the crowned prince find peace, heaven blesses you.”

At ‘Yu Jun’ mountain (mortal world), the crowned prince enters a teahouse called ‘Little Shop’. He coincidently saw a beautiful silver butterfly fly into the teahouse and then flew out the window. It made him curious where the butterfly was going, so he walked over to check it out. (This may mean the coming of someone) The heaven’s secretary telepathically contacted the crowned prince and told him a good news. There will be 2 junior class Gods descending to help him. Then, the 2 junior class Gods appeared. Their facial expressions were so aggressive. So, the crowned prince told Lin Wen that “They don’t look like they’re here to assist, more like to beat me up”.

The first one’s name is Nan Feng, he is from Nan Yang’s palace (the fallen golden palace) and the other one’s name is Fu Yao from ‘Xuan Zhen’ palace (the warrior God’s palace). Both of them insisted that their commanders have no idea that they descended to help the crowned prince on this mission. Both of them were threatening each other and seemed like they were going to fight. The crowned prince had to split them up.

The crowned prince tells them about the situation briefly. In the past hundred years, there was a strange groom ghost with an hideous face, who keeps on kidnapping human brides. Up till now, 17 human brides have been missing and more than a hundred people from the marriage parades were killed. However, heaven wasn’t aware of this problem yet. Until the 17th bride, whose father is a nobleman, prepared 40 bodyguards to protect his daughter in the ceremony, but she went missing anyway. So, her father has been praying heavily and set a bounty for anyone who catches this groom ghost. Eventually, heaven noticed the situation. All the missing brides have nothing in common. There are both beautiful and not so pretty brides, rich and poor, also both the principal wife and concubine. Furthermore, no one has seen a groom ghost, people only know this ghost because of the rumors. 

While the crowned prince and his 2 assistants are about to find the place to stay, there was a hustle and bustle outside the teahouse. So, they stopped to see what was happening out there and saw a bride’s palanquin parade on the way to the mountains. There is a young woman from the village who ran to stop the parade. She was worried that the bride was being tricked by the groom ghost because this mountain is extremely dangerous. The palanquin – carrier tries to stop her but it’s too late. She came to touch the palanquin, causing the bride to fall out but it isn’t the human bride. It turned out to be a wooden puppet for tricking the groom ghost. Xiao Pengtou was the culprit of the plan to catch the groom ghost to win the bounty. He attacked the woman (Xiao Ying) and threatened her because she refused to play the bait in his plan. Xiao Pengtou declared that she is a suspicious person because she always goes up to the mountains, and that she might be the groom ghost’s lover. He was also talking about a man who has a bandage on his face, and then he pushes the woman onto the ground and tears her skirt by stepping on it. Then he was promptly thrown off to the palanquin by a mysterious power. The crowned prince used his power to help the woman. Xiao Pengtou’s underlings grabbed their weapons and tried to attack the crowned prince. So, Nan Feng used a magical power cast from his hands and smashed the teahouse’s pole and through the tree in the distance falls down. Xiao Phengtou and his underlings were terrified and quickly fled.

The crowned prince came to check on the woman who had been attacked, he saw her torn skirt. So, he takes his overcoat off but the woman misunderstands him. She abuses him that he is lewd, slaps his face and runs away.

The crowned prince paid the damage cost to the teahouse’s owner and asked about Ming Guang temple. The teahouse’s owner said that there is no Ming Guang temple, there is only Nan Yang temple. They have to get out of the village and turn right, the temple will be there. That surprised the crowned prince so much.

Watch their full story in 1st season, 13 episodes on Netflix.

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Heaven official’s blessing is the Chinese gods and ghost hunting anime. It is based on a famous fiction by ‘Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’, a...

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