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‘Ja-First’ with perspectives that reflect ‘darkness’ and ‘brightness’ through stories that they have been through together

‘Ja Pachara’ and ‘First Chalongrat’, 2 boys who always have smiles and cuteness attached to them. When the duo had to photoshoot with in the concept #DarkRomance, we wanted to invite everyone to meet with Ja-First, along with their conversation that reflects darkness and light, through both of their perspectives. Including recaps of various stories over the past 2 years that they have been through together.

‘Ja-First’s’ perspective of the word ‘Dark’

Ja: In my opinion, dark is like… when you say dark, I think of darkness, something thrilling and horrific. But not really scary, it’s just something interesting enough to discover.
First: For me, I think about vampires, Dracula, something like that. I can feel the darkness, but speaking of Dracula, does it sound too scary? Vampires and Dracula are what comes to mind.

If the word ‘Dark’ would mean something that is seductive, what would ‘Ja-First’ think of?

Ja: Dark that is seductive? I think of romantic movies, the kind of romantic movie that… what word should I use? Like sadism… not sadism, it is related to romance, something worth discovering. How should I explain? It’s hard to explain.
madan: Fifty Shades of Grey 
Ja: Yes, I wanted to say, “Fifty Shades”. It’s dark like “Fifty Shades of Grey”, it’s exciting, worth discovering, watching it makes me excited.
First: For me, I think about movies that… the couple are loving each other, till the end of the movie, they’re breaking up. Something is making them break up. I feel that it is so dark, please come back to each other. That’s how I feel, love is making them split up or maybe… Dark in love, I feel that too, I feel the firmness in that. I don’t know, I feel power, if you’re talking about darkness in love. But don’t ask me which movie, I can’t answer right now, that’s a hard question.
madan: Then, think about dangerous things that attracts you.
First: Love is dangerous, when you love a lot
Ja: Why?
First: Hey… you can’t play with it, with love, you know. It’s dangerous.
Ja: Voodoo?
First: I said love, where’d you get voodoo from?

จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG
จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG
จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG

Why is love dangerous to First?

First: If we’re not strong enough, it can hurt us
Ja: Something like that 
madan: Makes sense
First: You’d be hurt really bad, did you know that, Ja?
Ja: Yep
First: Don’t be touchy, what are you touchy about?
Ja: What did I say? What about getting hurt really bad?
madan: Who hurt you?
First: I’m talking about if you’re weak, you’re not strong enough. For example, if you like someone and that person doesn’t like you, if you’re weak, you’ll get hurt, but if your heart is strong, you’d understand that it is something very natural and understandable.

จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG

The ‘darkest’ part of yourself

First: Some people like to take revenge, like I have to get back at them, so that they hurt just like me. If they hurt me, I have to hurt them too, but I don’t mean actually injuring them. I’m a bit sadistic when it comes to getting back at someone, I like to tease them. For example, when someone teases me, I have to get back at them with darkness, tease them back, something like that. Do you want to get teased?
madan: So, have you ever get him back?
First: He teased me, but I haven’t got the chance to get back yet. He teased me so much I was like, “OK Ja. You’re gonna get yours” I’ll keep that vengeance in my mind first and wait for my chance. You’ll get to see my dark side.
madan: What are you doing right now? Surpressing it?
First: I’m surpressing it
madan: How about Ja, your darkest part?
Ja: My darkest part? Probably how I like to tease other people. I’ve been teasing others like when I was a kid, I mean when I was in high school.
First: Right now, you’re still teasing people
Ja: I mean when I was in high school, I teased my friends, gang up with 2-3 friends. Sometimes it’s a bit too dark. I might’ve hurt someone’s feelings. So, I think that is a dark side of me.
madan: So, what is the darkest thing that you have teased others?
Ja: Darkest thing? Well, I didn’t do it myself but…
First: You’re the schemer.
Ja: Then we… I’m not the schemer, I discuss it with my friends. I felt bad about it when I grew up. Like when I saw my friend bumped someone and that person fell, I laughed. But now that I’m a grown up, I feel guilty. If that person was someone close to me, how would that make me feel. Something like that, but I didn’t do it myself.
First: You’re the schemer
madan: The hirer
Ja: Hirer, wow… even worse than a schemer

What is the darkest side of each other? Something that your counterpart doesn’t realize.

First: Darkest side of Ja? For me, I think he is a quiet person, and it looks scary sometimes, or like when he gets angry, he displays it quite clearly. I’d know he is angry, if he doesn’t say anything, he’s ignoring me, I’d feel like “Huh, what is he mad about?” Is he going to do something to me? It’s getting scary. This is his dark side.
Ja: Wait
First: It’s true, you really are dark
Ja: Okay
madan: He didn’t do it himself
First: He’s the schemer
Ja: I don’t do it myself, I only hire people to do it
madan: Oh, then has he ever gotten angry with you, like the dark side that you mentioned? Has he?
First: Nope
Ja: Then where did you see it happen? Wait.
First: You were sulking, don’t you remember? This happened a long time ago, years ago.
madan: Tell us please, what did he do to you?
First: Do you remember?
Ja: Oh, when you were acting as that thing? The role you did.
First: Yes, I teased him before, I didn’t tease him, I didn’t mean it, it’s quite… this may be a long story. I’ll try and make it short. When we just started learning acting, the acting coach would ask us to find who the character really is. It was quite hard to do, so he sort of guided us to do it. My character was like this, so I tried it. Since I wasn’t used to being this character, I decided to try and be that character for the whole day. And then I met Ja that day, and I was in character. And that character doesn’t really speak much, maybe just a bit. So he was like “what’s wrong with you, First?” So, he was hurt and sad
madan: What did he do when he was hurt?
First: I didn’t reconcile with him because I didn’t know. I didn’t know that he was hurt, and I was still in character. I didn’t tell anyone that I was in character or if someone would tell me or not.
madan: Then how did you know he was hurt?
First: A friend told me, I forgot who, that he…
Ja: They were teasing
First: Right?
Ja: They were teasing, I didn’t know what was wrong with him, so I asked the people in the set if they knew what was wrong with First today, did I do something to him. So, they teased me that I was being too sensitive.
First: That’s not dark at all. So, you’re not dark at all. Oh, you’re a hirer.
Ja: Hiring is darker than doing it yourself
madan: So, that was the darkest that you’ve seen before. How about Ja, what is the darkest thing you see in First?
Ja: Darkest thing?
First: If I don’t like your answer, I’ll hire someone
Ja: I… to be honest, I can’t think of anything, I really can’t recall what is the darkest thing. Darkest thing? Maybe when he wants to eat snacks? I don’t know.
madan: Anything, it doesn’t have to be truly dark. It could be the darkest thing you’ve seen, like eating snacks, what did he do?
Ja: Well, when he wants to eat snacks, he’s like… how is it dark? Hard to say, hard to explain… he gets irritated?
First: When I want to eat snacks, I do everything to get it, even if I have to hire, force someone to go buy it for me. The other day, I was craving for cake when I was done shooting a series and was going home from the set. And there was only one cake left in the café, so I was like… “Excuse me, can you go buy it for me?” Slowly bugging him to go buy for me, something like that, try my best get it. And he knew, I don’t know how he knew, but I was just talking to the staff that I wanted to eat this, please get it for me. But I want it for free, I’m not paying|
Ja: I told you I am the hirer
madan: So, actually this is not that dark
Ja: Yep, not too dar
madan: It’s like Ja can’t see First’s dark side
Ja: Yeah
First: Hirer
madan: And he’s never gotten mad at you?
First: When I’m mad, I’m quiet. After that, I forget about it and change topics. It just goes away.
madan: Was he mad at you before?
First: Maybe he doesn’t even know
Ja: I don’t know
First: I sulk for a short time, then I forget it. I go to the toilet and flush it all down
Ja: Wait… what kind of magical world is that?

จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG
จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG

The ‘brightest’ part of each other

Ja: I like it when he dances. His bright side gives me energy, like when he’s shooting, we get to see him dance with the staff in the set. You have to go find those shots, it’s his bright side, comes right into my mind.
madan: How’s that? How do you feel when he dances?
Ja: I feel that it’s funny, I feel “Wow, lots of energy”. When I have a regular amount of energy, he adds energy to me
madan: How do you dance? Can you show us?
First: I knew it…
Ja: Wasn’t me
madan: So, for First, which side of Ja is the brightest
First: He’s a caring person. He is quite attentive to other people in detail. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t think much about these things, I mean I just let it go, but is very attentive to details. Like when I’m stressed or when I’m working, he would come and tease me. I wouldn’t know why he came to tease me and found out later from someone else that he teased me because he saw that I was frustrated. So, Ja teased me to get me to feel better because I was being too serious, about food, and about other stuff. He would always pay attention to what I like or don’t like to eat, whether I like to eat chillis or not, desserts and stuff like that. He would know if I liked Bingsu, he’d bring me snacks, and I’d be happy because it’s free, who wouldn’t be?
madan: You care about him very much. You take care of him a lot.
Ja: Yep
First: He is a caring person, he’s a great guy.

In ‘Ja-First’s’ opinions, between the dark and bright side, which side has a higher percentage?

First: Dark and bright? I want it to be more on the bright side, but when I found out about him teasing his friends, can I give him 100% dark? Ok, that’s the past, we have to let it go. Let’s go with bright. He cares about people, he’s a warm guy.
Ja: How many percent?
First: I’ll give you 99.9999%
Ja: Even cleaner than the hand sanitizer… Not going in, not going in
madan: But this guy is giving you 100% bright, because he couldn’t find your dark side.
Ja: Yep, 100% bright. How do you say… Everyone has a bit of darkness here and there, it’s normal, but I want to look on the good side, so it’s 100%

จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG
จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG

‘Ja-First’ has been working together for two years now. What is the definition of the relationship between you two?

First: I define it as ‘Growth’. I like it, I feel that’s the kind of relationship when I’m with him and working together. Work has brought us together, till it made me feel that we got closer and closer to each other. After 2-3 years, or until we get old, we’ll feel that we’ve grown up together, we’ll experience things together. It may not be anything specifically bad or good, but in the end, we will grow up together, lived our lives together. It is a good part of my life, that’s why I used the word ‘Growth’
Ja: I think of it as the sea and the beach
First: Why is that? I want to know
Ja: I think of it like, something that is a pair, but we don’t have to emphasize that it is a pair
First: Like being hit by a wave?
Ja: But when one is missing, we won’t look at it as the sea anymore. A sea without a beach is not really a sea, right? But when it’s together, it is the sea, do you know what I mean? It’s like something natural, and cannot lack each other

จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG

How was ‘Don’t Say No’s’ feedback in your feelings?

Ja: I feel that I have to thank many people, MeMindY, P’May, the cast, First, everyone involved in here, and all the fans. I want to thank you for being part of our growth, part of our development. My mind is really full of gratitude for being part of my life.
First: What a gentleman, I’m giving you a 100% now, not 99.999% anymore
Ja: That’s a big jump
First: Same for me. I want to thank everyone for giving their all and putting their hearts into this project We’re like a family, and when the series is over, we have to go our ways. I don’t know why, but we don’t really leave each other, but it feels like we’re about to be distant from each other, and I don’t like to goodbyes. Like the fans saying that they don’t want it to end, in truth, we also don’t want it to end. When we finished shooting the series, we also felt like we wanted to continue doing it, but everything has to grow and move on forward. So, I want to thank everyone, the fans, P’May, the staffs, thank you Ja. When opportunity arises, we’ll get to come back and work together, or we might collaborate in the future.

I want the both of you to recap your journey together. Your growth since the first day you met, the tough times up till today.

Ja: Wow… I can still remember the first day. The first day we met, that was Yicon’s project, we came to cast for ‘TharnType The Series’, that’s when we met, and got casted together. Since then, we’ve been together all the time, we went to workshops together, here and there together, been through common situations together and we’ve moved on from it together. So, I feel that we’ve come quite far these 2 years. Thinking about it, I want to thank you again, thank you First, thank you everyone for helping me go through things that may not have worked out for me. Now that I’ve been through it, I feel that I’ve grown up and become stronger.
First: Superb. For me, when you asked me to recap, it felt like we’ve been through a lot, a lot of things happened. The series has been on air and ended already, I feel a bit startled when I had to recap my own life and the relationship, who we grew up with. Just like Ja said, I want to thank you. Good and bad things happen in relationships, but in the end, we get through it together. We’ve been together until now, I think it’s okay, it’s worth it. I want Ja to be successful in life, I hope we get to work together again in the future, lots of work together, get to see each other even more often. If there are opportunities, please wait and follow our work in the future.
madan: First is about to cry already
First: It’s the dust, the air conditioner is blowing in my eye

จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG
จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG

How is working with The first time you got to meet each other.

Ja: This is the first time that we got to work together. You got to shoot first, right?
First: Yep Ja: Let me say how I feel first then. After seeing it, we took it very seriously. We did our best in the shooting, took note of the details, in the props, doing things in the exact natural manner. I was nervous in the beginning, and I felt that it was dark, I hardly get to shoot anything dark, I usually get something a bit brighter, like Korean style. I consider it a new experience, after shooting, I felt that many of the people in the team made it easier for me, less pressure. So when I did the vlog, it was very relaxed, it was fun. The costume staff was very funny, many people made me feel good while shooting. It didn’t feel like work, it felt like a photoshoot for fun, getting to shoot something that I’ve never done before. So, I want to thank you, it was very fun.
First: I feel very at ease today, everyone here is so friendly. I felt pressured at first, because I don’t get the chance to do this kind of photoshoot that often. I mostly get to do soap operas and series, so this was different for me. If you ask me whether I felt pressure, yes, I was pressured because I was afraid that the photos wouldn’t come out good. I was worried if I didn’t do something well enough, but when I was here, the staffs were always joking with me, speaking to me to ease my stress. I think everyone here is funny, they seem to get together really well. I love how they joke around, like Chai Miang, Chiang Mai. It felt like people here are really good, they’re very cute. The relationship with the people here are very cute, and I want to work with them more. And when it comes to work, they are really good. I really like the photos, I saw it and the dark ones really looked dark. Whatever dark side they wanted, they got it. Perfection, everything was good.
Ja: The blindfold too
First: Right, the blindfold one was great, and the staff took care of us well. So, thank you everyone, truthfully, thank you.
madan: Which shot was the toughest one?
Ja: The toughest shot?
First: Wow… This one, I got a cramp on this side, and I was afraid that my facial expression would look tense, so I did this… (cover photo shot)
Ja: The toughest shot? Yeah, the same shot, because I had to come in front like this.
First: I think that was the hardest shot, the rest are all cute
Ja: I think the photo looks great though, I like it

จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG
จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG
จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG

Mention about your work and the channels to follow you

Ja: Okay, follow me at Instagram, jjaajaaaa and also on Twitter
First: It’s a lot… jjaaaa
Ja:  Four A’s, we’ll show it here, and my Twitter is jaestsx
First: For me, my Instagram and Twitter are the same, first_fh and I am also on TikTok, but I can’t remember my ID
Ja: Is it the same ID?
First: No, it’s not, but if you search first_fh, you’ll find it. Please display my TikTok for me too, It’s like a different person from the Instagram, it’s like my channel to relax
madan: Any work or projects that are about to happen?
Ja: Yep, the project that we’re working on together, you’ll have to follow us to find out what project it is. So, please support us.

จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG
จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG

จาเฟริสท์ JaFirst จา พชร เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ
Suit and trousers by TAKARA WONG

Clothing Special Thanks

TAKARA WONG – available for sale at Instagram: takarawongofficial and

Model: Ja Phachara & First Chalongrat
Photography: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Makeup: Tong Sutipat
Hair: Ploy Sukwasa
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Art Direction & Set Design: Ployrawee Choksuchanun

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