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Reveal every feeling and memory from “Jew-Thian” to “Jam-Film”

Jam Rachata – Film Thanapat

Get to know “Jam – Rachata Hampanon” and “Film – Thanapat Kawila”, the duo actors from “To Sir, With Love” through the memories they have of “Jew – Thian”, while revealing the similarities and differences of their roles through the other party’s view

Experience a different side of “Jam – Film” and discover their intimacy together throughout December 2022 at

Jam is wearing shirt, suit, and pants from JASPAL

Please talk about the atmosphere of the photo shoot today

Film: The studio is huge. Traveling is very easy. I panted so much, from the first floor to the fourth floor. It was fun. Everyone here is adorable. There’s so much food, I love it
Jam: You love the food, right?
Film: Yep, They take care of us well. The question is how it was, I say they took good care of us.
Jam: Yep
Film: And the photo shoot was very fun. I liked the mood and tone of the photos
Jam: Yeah, that was really good. I confirm, please follow and check it out.

Is there a particular shot of yourselves that you like?

Film: Every shot
Jam: Hmm, every shot?
madan: You’re good at giving injection shots
Film: Can I?
madan: Who’s better at giving injection shots?
Film: About the same
madan: Do you know what concept the photo shoot with madan is?
Jam: The concept? What is it?
madan: Parallel
Film: parallel Yes, parallel. I was waiting for you to say it first, of course I remember.
Jam: Testing your memory
Film: We’re making excuses
madan: It’s about bringing Thian and Jiu to this world today. madan So, today, we’ll get to see Thian and Jiu in the madan version.
Film: Yep
madan: May I talk to the both of you?
Film: Sure

Film is wearing shirt, suit, and pants from JASPAL

The series “To Sir, With Love” that just ended, how was the feedback?

Film: Okay
Jam: Oh, that’s too little. That’s too short
Film: Sorry, sorry
Jam: It was amazing. It’s very good. We didn’t think the trend will be this good because we never expected the trend to turn out this good. We just did our best in our jobs. That’s it, that’s what we were thinking when filming.

madan: I saw the feedback every time. Everyone already compliments you about your skills because you’re good at doing your research. Everyone can tell from your performance, but what I’m interested in is your fans have so many jokes in every EP in Twitter.
Film: Really?
Jam: There’s a hashtag. They’re cute jokes.
madan: They’re teasing you
Jam: The fans
Film: Memes, right?
madan: There are memes, teasing about the story. There must be a joke that you like when you’re checking the hashtags. Is there one that you laughed out loud after you saw it? Or one that you thought how’d they come up with that?
Film: There was a page that posted, I went to check it out. When we brought the beetle aloe vera, that was the scene that we were looking at the beetle aloe vera we were comparing it. They used the beetle aloe vera to apply it to their eyes like Smoky eyes. Did you see that? You’ve seen it? You know that, right?
Jam: I’ve seen it
Film: I know. I know that you know which page it’s from. I really like it.
Jam: Your photos are all over my house.
Film: If it’s me, I’d do the green smoky eyes and a red outfit like a Christmas tree.
madan: Beautiful
Jam: And do you know what they said it looks like? They said I’m like Mei, just like Aunt Mei, Aunt Mei with black eyes
Film: That’s funny, You likes it
Jam: Me? I like this one. The EP, True love loses to mushrooms
Film: Oh, True love loses to mushrooms
Jam: True love loses to mushrooms in the last scene, people were waiting to watch this. In the end, there was only Uncle Tong’s mushrooms all over the place.
Film: Yeah
madan: When it was mushrooms, Uncle Tong’s mushrooms grew so fast.
Jam: Really?
Film: Are the mushrooms tasty?
Jam: Are they tasty?
madan: I wouldn’t eat that.
Jam: I’ll bring you some the next time I come.
madan: Doing it like Master Chef

Jam Rachata

The similarities or differences between Film and Thian and Jam and Jew

Film: This is like measuring us, Measuring whether we know each other well enough
Jam: For P’Film, The similarity is the way they work. P’Film is a thorough person and he works in a very determined way. He’s very serious with his work. This is the similarity between Thian and P’Film. As for the difference? Hmm, How come I can’t think of a difference? How come I can’t find one? Probably the social role at that moment. Thian at that moment is in the past, right? That’s a different person. He will act cautiously but P’Film is a loud person. He talks loud, so that the whole world will hear him but Thian speaks softly.
Film: Am I loud? Was I loud since I came here? Why is everyone laughing?
Jam: Everyone knows
madan: That time when you screamed
Film: Because they were falling asleep. I saw you building the moment but you were losing energy, so I helped you
Jam: Yeah, for the obvious parts, that’s it for me
madan: Because Thian will give in to us, I mean, he’ll be nice to us
Jam: Yep.
madan: but P’Film
Jam: He won’t give in. He won’t.
Film: I’m just saying what’s right
Jam: Yes. I believe you. I like his facial expression, look.
madan: How about you, P’Film? Between Jew and Jam
Film: Stiff, relentless
Jam: Is this a similarity or difference?
Film: Similarity
Jam: Similarity? Then what is the difference?
Film: Wait, let me talk about the similarities first, there’s a lot
Jam: Wow
Film: Stiff, relentless, Manly. He’s quite manly, right? He likes to use violence.
Jam: Wait, wait. Really?
Film: You like to do things harsh. Go back and look at each of Jiu’s scene. He kicks the door and other violent stuff.
madan: He’s hyper active. Violent big dog. He’s a big dog
Jam: Nah, I just take life seriously
Film: Just admit that you are a rough guy. As for the difference? Jew is an introvert, Jam is an extrovert.
madan: Jew doesn’t like others bothering him
Film: Yep
madan: but
Film: but Jam bothers everyone, he’s a social person.
Jam: He has a wide reach
Film: He likes to be in social. He likes to have friends. He likes to be in a situation where there are lots of people having fun. But Jiu likes to be alone, quiet. Doesn’t like to hang out with anyone
Film: He’s a lonely guy
madan: Jam enjoys
Jam: Yep
Film: Jam enjoys Jew doesn’t enjoy. Jew doesn’t enjoy at all
Jam: Jew doesn’t enjoy at all.
Film: I can’t think of anything else
madan: We’ve finished taking turns talking about similarities and differences

Film Thanapat

What do you like most about being Thian and Jew that you’ve experienced in the whole series

Film: You go first
Jam: What I like most…Hmm. He is, I think he is very serious about the future, the future of his loved ones. As far as I can experience with Jew, he worries for the people he loves, and it’s not that many people in his life and he will love anyone who is good to him will repay the kindness even magnate Ma. He knows he’s not a good person but he still has to repay the deeds. Everything. I think this is Jiu’s obvious identity. Especially with Thian in the beginning when he was good to me. Just being good to me and my brother. I can still feel his kindness and merit. Even though our profession indicates that we are bad people.
madan: That’s true
Film: Not arguing
madan: How about P’Film?
Film: What do I like? Since portraying as Thian, I like Thian’s perspective on the world. If you’ve been watching from beginning to the end, you’ll see that his social environment is very cruel to him, whether it is Uncle Jan, his dad, his mom including everyone almost everyone they’re all cruel to him. But he’s always optimistic. Always a person who forgives everyone. He has love for everyone in the world. I think that this is what impresses me the most in Thian. It made me open up my eyes to the world more. I mean, it changed my own view of the world, not Thian’s to become better It made me a better person too. This is what I like most about the character Thian.
madan: Lastly,

madan: when this clip goes online, we have to send these two back to the world of fiction send them back to the drama world. What would you like to say to Thian and Jew? after being with them for 17 episodes.
Film: Yep
Jam: I want to tell Jiu not to think about his past mistakes. to trust his own heart and just follow what he believes in. It’s already good, Love is beautiful, Make the most of it and everything and then going forward, please continue to be a good person just like this.
Film: Me? What do I want to tell Thian? Thank you. Thank you for coming in and getting to know each other. Thank you for opening up so that I got to know you. Even though we are separating up today. You are considered one of my closest friends in my life that I love and. I feel very happy that I got to spend time together with you for the past 17 episodes. Take good care of your yourself. Be happy in life. You will forever be in my memory

Jam Rachata – Film Thanapat

Special thanks to outfit sponsors

Jam is wearing shirt, suit, and pants from JASPAL – Available at leading shopping centers across the country
Film is wearing shirt, suit, and pants from JASPAL – Available at leading shopping centers across the country

Model : Jam Rachata Film Thanapat
Photographer : BoydFoto Sathianpong
Make up & Hair: Thongchai Suriyawan (Jam), mr.papungkorn kaewtham (Film)
Stylist  : Patipan Jaksukan
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Producer : Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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