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‘JAYLERR’ solo debut with ‘VERY VERY SORRY’

Switching roles from acting in front of the camera to hitting the studios, ‘JAYLERR’ has debuted as a solo artist for the first time, another step worth keeping your eye on with his journey in the entertainment industry and getting to know ‘Jaylerr – Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram’ through his music

‘VERY VERY SORRY‘ the first single from EP. PASSION + PATIENCE with a HIP-HOP R&B vibe that tells the story of a relationship where one person keeps making the same mistakes to his lover, this song represents a person who is full of guilt and wants to say sorry. JAYLERR co-wrote the lyrics and beat with the songwriter team and producer ‘Nino’ who has helped shape the song and ‘Earth Suwannarakgool’ directed the song


But only a few days before the release of ‘VERY VERY SORRY’, Jaylerr released a song that told the story of his childhood life to grow up to become the Jaylerr that everybody knows today through the song ‘Nimman’, being an introduction through a rap making fans know the real Jaylerr

Nimman – Jaylerr

‘JAYLERR’ a solo artist from Nadao Music

Jaylerr isn’t a new face in the music scene because before releasing ‘VERY VERY SORRY – JAYLERR’ his first single which will be released today (9th Sep 2020), Jaylerr debuted his first song in as the OST song in ‘Suddenly Twenty’ while also starring in the film too!

เด็กกระโดดกำแพง – เจเจ กฤษณภูมิ

He was also part of the big project ‘9×9 (Nine by Nine)’, which was a band with 9 of the hottest guys from 3 big labels,4nolouge, Nadao Bangkok, and GMM GRAMMY. The members include Tor – Thanapob Leeratanakajorn, JJ – Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram,  James – Teeradon Supapunpinyo, Captain – Chonlathorn Kongyingyong, Third – Lapat Ngamchaweng, Porsche – Sivakorn Adulsuttikul, Jackie Kungwankiatichai, Paris Inthonkomansut, and Ryu Vachirawich. They all performed together for 1 whole year with songs, series, concerts, and received overwhelming support from fans all over the country

Another amazing piece that introduced ‘9×9’ to the world was the dramatic – mystery ‘In Family We Trust’ TV series which was a assemble of Thailand’s finest actors, debuting their first song ‘NIGHT LIGHT’ in their mini-album ‘En Route’ led the producer ‘Young Gold’ from South Korea and Visual Directors from YG Entertainment ‘Rachel Cl Lee’


After the ‘9×9’ project, Jaylerr started a new challenge joining the ‘Human Error’ project which included ‘Captain – Chonlathorn Kongyingyong’ and ‘Ice – Paris Inthonkomansut’. The projects are 3 Teen Suspense short films and music videos,  ‘BLUE’, ‘WHITE’, and ‘RED’ telling the story of 3 teenagers and the Errors in their lives. As for the songs are produced by the talented ‘Ruzzy – Rat Pikartpairee’.

Jaylerr also took part in writing the lyrics to ‘EMPTY KING’, one of the special songs in the project, reflecting his true self and telling the story of his life through the melody and lyrics


At the beginning of 2020, Jaylerr hopped back to working with ‘Ice Paris’ in the song ‘UNEXPECTED’ written by ‘Piyawat Meekrau’ the guitarist of 25hours and ‘URboyTJ’ and ‘Prateep Siri-Issaranan’ another guitarist of 25hours produced the cute song that no matter who hears it will get up and dance to the music


Another song meant to pass on feelings of caring for someone who is far away in the solo single of ‘Billkin – Putthipong Assarattanakul’ in ‘Kod Nai Jai’ which is the perfect mixture of their voices through the melody of Billkin and rap of Jaylerr, receiving amazing feedback from fans before the music video was even released

กอดในใจ – Billkin ft. Jaylerr

These are all the songs Jaylerr has featured and shown his talent in, for many to witness his musical talent before getting to know him better in the new song  ‘VERY VERY SORRY’ in EP. PASSION + PATIENCE

Fans get ready to listen ‘VERY VERY SORRY’ on the 10th of September and on the 1st of October you can check out every song in the EP before anyone on Apple Music only! (Songs will be released on every platform on the 8th of October 2020)

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