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Shining in their own Light

Kaownah – Kittipat Kaewcharoen and Turbo – Chanokchon Boonmanawong
These two close friends are better together
with their individual special and undeniable charm
that becomes clearer than day when together
like the streaming ray of lights that reflects from a diamond

What do you think about today’s concept ‘The Mysterious Shine’?

Kaownah : I am extremely excited, but I think the one who is more excited is Turbo because his outfit is revealing top and bottom
Turbo : I am embarrassed… I have never taken pictures like this before, this is the first time and the concept of lighting, prism, and diamonds is interesting
Kaownah : It’s fun and the madan team is very funny

What kind of light would you think you are if you shone out from the diamond?

Both: Laughs

Turbo : What light should it be?

Kaownah : I am just going use my high school knowledge, I’d be a white light because the white light is the combination of every light. We all have different sides to us, many colors in one person and those colors are what makes us who we are.
Turbo : I would be a rainbow color because I think I possess every emotion from happiness to sadness, and together, it becomes what I am
Kaownah : Ok

“Kaownah is a diligent and disciplined person who gives his all in doing anything and when he puts his serious face on, he looks in the game, I find it charming”

What do you think is the other person’s charm?

Kaownah: Turbo is good at using his eyes (Laughs) he is someone who communicates with his eyes, what he likes or what he wants he just does this look
Turbo : Kaownah’s charm…? I think it is his work ethics and discipline (Kaownah: Disciplined at doing homework?) Yeah, homework (Kaownah: School work) Kaownah is a diligent and disciplined person who gives his all in doing anything and when he puts his serious face on, he looks in the game, I find it charming

And what color of light would the other person be?

Turbo : Hmm…what color? Rainbow just like Turbo because Kaownah is a person of many emotions and many sides to him
Kaownah : Color(Looks at Turbo) I would say pink (Turbo: Pink!?), let him be the cute one
Turbo : Oh ok
Kaownah : There’s those pink lips!

“I’d say pink, let him be the cute one”

Is there another side of you that you want your fans to know about?

Kaownah : Many fans might not know that I enjoy meditation. Sometimes I feel that the world is messy and chaotic, so I take the time to sit and meditate before bed and think back about the day. It is another moment that many do not know about me
Turbo : Another side of me is when I am with my mother and sibling. When I’m with the fans, I act all cute, but when I’m with my family, I’m much calmer and more like an adult version of myself or when I’m with my friends, I’m always the entertainer

Tomorrow will be the first day of shooting ‘Nitiman The Series’ (14 November 2020), are you excited?

Turbo : Very much
Kaownah : I am extremely excited, there’s excitement, stress, and fun
Turbo : Like… it’s closing in
Kaownah : Yeah, it’s the first que and there are 15 scenes for us, so it feels a bit stressful
Turbo : The first que, it is at 6 am and it will go on all day (Kaownah: Laughs)
Kaownah : So, it is a bit stressful, but we had our workshop, so I think we’ll be able to do it
Turbo : I think I’m up for it but it’s a challenging part (Kaonah: Yep), challenging for both of us

You guys are really close in real life; does this make acting in the series any easier?

Kaownah : I really want everyone to wait and see for themselves because I cannot really say anything about the series
Turbo : We are close but, in the series, …
Kaownah : It is something that we hope you’ll see for yourselves in the series, but we’re really close in real life
Turbo : We see each other everyday
Kaownah : Yep, we are seeing each other every day right now (Turbo: All the time), except when Turbo goes to class, if I could go with him, I probably would
Turbo : Kaownah come take another course (Kaownah: Laughs)

Anything you would like to tell the fans?

Turbo : Please support ‘Nitiman The Series’, coming soon!
Kaownah : ‘Nitiman The Series’ is going to start shooting soon and hopefully it will air in the middle of next year, please support us and the series!

Model: kaownah & turbotb
Photography: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Makeup: gemsstone
Hair: ploy_sukwasa
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan​
Concept&Style: theployrawee

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