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Get closer to the 5 men from LAZ1 with 5 FACTS that has never been revealed!

In the common eye, they are artists and idols full of vivid energy. The 5 members from LAZ1, Da Ou, Offroad, Diamond, Geler, and Pentor, will there be surprises that they have kept secret? Come and get to know them even more through 5 FACTS! A mixed variety of emotions that are so adorable that will make you smile.

Da Ou – Offroad – Diamond – Geler – Pentor
Da Ou

Da Ou – Pitaya Saechua

Da Ou: Hello to the madan fans (Dino) and LAZERS. This is 5 facts about me. First up, hehe, you’re laughing (looks at the production team)
madan: What?
Da Ou: First up, I’m an impatient person, but I want to tell you that I’m also hyperactive.
madan: That’s already 2 facts, impatient and hyperactive… or do you want to make it 1 fact?
Da Ou: Let’s consider it 1 fact. Since I am hyperactive, I like to do things in a rush, which is the reason why I am impatient. Let’s put it that way, but recently, I’ve been more patient.
madan: Why is that?
Da Ou: Because… a monk told me to pray, he taught me, so I became more patient. After that, I grew up and calmed down. But I’m the kind of person where if I want something, I do it right away? I’d buy things right away, I’d buy what I want right away. If it’s something that I really want, I’ll think about it and buy it right away.
madan: So, if you had to rate your impatience from 1 to 10, what would you rate it?
Da Ou: 0.5
madan: Wow.
Da Ou: Don’t laugh, Pentor. He knows. Actually, I think I’d rate about 8, but I choose not to be impatient now, but when the time comes, I might still be impatient.
Da Ou: Second fact… (losing internet signal gesture)
Pentor: Bad connection.
Da Ou: Bad internet connection. Actually, I can rap.
Geler: Show us.
Da Ou: Joh, joh, don’t make fun of me (laughs). I can rap, I like to rap.
madan: Prove yourself.
Da Ou: Okay (laughs), I don’t look like I’m good.
Geler: Do this song, “Good Boy”.
Da Ou: “Good Boy”? I’ll do “Good Boy” for you, err 1 2 3… (rapping)
madan: Woah (applauds)
Da Ou: It’s a special ability that not many people know about, yep (laughs).
Everyone: Laughs
Da Ou: The third fact. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t plan much. It’s like, I just have a goal. For example, if I want to go to Chatuchak, I don’t really plan how to go, but I’ll find a way to go. It’s like an attitude that brought my life to this point. I’ll do whatever I need to become an artist, an idol. Like how I competed in the LAZ ICON competition. I didn’t plan that at all, I didn’t think what I had to do, but the highest probability is to seize all the opportunities. That doesn’t mean I blindly do things; I have a goal. This is a method I use to set my mindset, but I think that my planning has no pattern. I feel like it is free form. If it doesn’t go as planned, I’d still won’t forget my purpose… purpose (laughs).
Staff: Purpose
Da Ou: Don’t make fun of me, the editing team will be confused. I mean my goal. When I have a goal, I would be able to move forward as I want. The fourth fact, ta-daaaaaa, applause please, everyone.
madan: Have you figured it out yet?
Da Ou: I have. I’m studying business, not music. Ah… everyone already knew.
madan: That’s it
Da Ou: I’m studying at the Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University, in the field of Agribusiness. I’m studying the whole Business Planning. Nothing to do with singing, dancing, acting, communication arts or anything related to these fields. Are you shocked? The viewers said they already knew.
Da Ou: The last one, the fifth fact…
madan: If you can’t think of one, you can tell one of the band member’s secrets.
Da Ou: Ooh, but there’s more than just one secret. There’s too much to tell (laughs). The fifth fact is that I’m scared of… what should I be scared of? Gel, help me.
Geler: What? Scared of spring onions?
Da Ou: What?
Geler: Scared of being alone.
Da Ou: The fifth fact. I quite lack in love, so I long for love quite a bit. Longing for love and kindness. Since I was a child, I’ve always felt that I wanted to be in a place where there were a lot of people who loved me. I’d want to do whatever I can to make myself feel that they loved me, for them to come and caress me, that’s enough. For me to be visible in their eyes, something like that.


Geler – Kritimook Chantchuen

Geler: Hi, I’m Geler, and this is 5 facts about me. First one, my cat’s name is not “Peet”, his actual name is “Gumble”, but I wanted everyone to memorize it easily, and it’s cute too, so I called him “Peet”, and this is also my fandom’s name.
Geler: Next one, second fact. My name wasn’t Gel too. My parents named me “Leo” because that’s my horoscope, and at that time there was a beverage with the same name that was getting popular, so they changed my name to Gel.

Next, I’m actually a patient person, I’m patient with everything, and I try not to think too much. I try to be patient with everything, no matter what I face, I try not to think too much an let it go. Everyone in the team knows that I’m a patient person. Next.

I overthink a lot. Confused, right? How come in the previous fact, I’m a relaxed person, but in this fact, I overthink a lot. That’s because with some things, I think a lot as well, such as family matters, certain things said, certain words. As for number 5… I can’t think of one.
madan: So, you can tell one of the band member’s secrets.
Geler: A band member’s secrets?
madan: He’s going to do it.
Geler: Last fact, a band member’s secret, Offroad wouldn’t sell his computer to Pentor for a lower price.
Offroad: I already decreased by 500 baht.
Geler: Offroad has been using this computer for 2 years already. So, when he got a new computer, he wanted to sell the old one to Pentor, and Pentor said he’ll take it off his hands, pay in cash. And Offroad said it costs this much, I don’t know. Even though they’re friends, Offroad still wouldn’t lower the price. Pentor said it’s his birthday, he didn’t get a present, so Offroad said he’ll lower by 500 baht. 500 baht, Pentor.
Offroad: It’s already a cheap price, and I lowered it more.
Geler: He also gave a mouse and a mouse pad, a total of 500 baht.
Da Ou: Go in and interview together.
Geler: Laughs


Offroad – Kantapon Chindataweepon

Offroad: Hi, I’m Offroad. I’m here to tell you 5 facts about me. First up, I’m a sincere person, I’m a straightforward person. When we talk to each other, I don’t have any complicated thoughts. What you hear when I’m talking, that’s me.
madan: Just now, there were whispers about not willing to reduce the price for the computer.
Offroad: He’s not going to stop making fun of me. That’s okay.
Everyone: Err.
Offroad: He can go buy somewhere else if it’s cheaper, and my computer is still in mint condition.
madan: Who made fun of you?
Offroad: The second fact, I love spicy food. I like my food very spicy. If you think you’re good at spicy food, come and compete with me.
madan: How spicy do you like your food?
Offroad: Well, I used to eat papaya salad with 12 chilies, and I felt that it was delicious. I like it spicy, I like the feeling of spiciness. The third fact, I’m a sports person. I like to play all kinds of sports, anything that uses strength. I feel the adrenaline rush, it takes my thoughts away so I don’t think too much. It also allows me to socialize as well, getting to play with friends.
madan: Fight with friends?
Offroad: Yeah, I fight with my friends too, with this guy called Da Ou. We fight very often.
Da Ou: I never hit him before.
Offroad: The fourth fact, I love to study, whether it is academic or everything. I like to learn new things, because I feel that I haven’t found the thing that I love to do the most. So, I try this and that to find the thing I love to do. It’s just me learning new things. As for the fifth fact, I’m an economical person. What I mean from that is that whatever I buy, I have already thought it through that I can buy it. As long as it doesn’t affect anyone. That’s it for 5 facts about me.


Diamond – Narakorn Nitchakulthanachot

Diamond: Hi, I’m Diamond, and this is 5 facts about me. First fact, I like to write music. I do it all the time, whether at work, or anywhere else. I like to write music; I like to learn.
madan: And are you writing music right now, while you’re talking?
Diamond: It’s running in my head.
madan: What are the lyrics like?
Diamond: Little dinosaur on the ground, something like that. Okay?
madan: Okay (Laughs)
Diamond: The second fact, I don’t like soft drinks. Soft drinks like soda, I mean soft drinks.
madan: Then what do you like?
Diamond: I like fruit juice. 100% fresh fruit juice, something like that.
madan: Like?
Diamond: Like, going to steal it from the gardens. What?
Everyone: Laughs
Diamond: No, like freshly squeezed juice, the regular orange juice. Third fact, I like to be alone. Really, I like to be alone. I have a private world. What’s next? Can I continue with number four?
madan: Sure.
Diamond: I like figurine models. I have a lot of models at home, so much that I don’t know now many I have already. Yep, that’s number four.
madan: What kind of models do you like to collect? Do you collect and build it yourself too?
Diamond: I collect figures, some of them are weird creatures, old items, something like that. I don’t know how many I have already, how much it costs, I don’t know.
madan: Next is the last one, right?
Diamond: The fifth fact already. I have a nickname that I never told anyone. No one has ever said this. My nickname is “Uncle Petch”
madan: Where did you get it from?
Diamond: I don’t know where I got it from. People kept on calling “Uncle Petch”. I never told anyone about this.
madan: Who is Uncle Petch?
Diamond: That’s me.
madan: Why Petch?
Diamond: “Petch” means Diamond. The word uncle is because my face doesn’t look like a 16 year old, so they made fun of me.
madan: And are you okay with the name Uncle Petch?
Diamond: I’m fine with it, really. It’s okay.
madan: You like it.
Diamond: I do.
madan: What’s kind of character is “Uncle Petch” and how is it different from “Diamond”?
Diamond: Laughs
madan: What do you think made people call you Uncle Petch?
Diamond: Uncle? When I sit, or when I do something, it looks like an old uncle. When I walk, when I talk, it gets a bit dizzy.
madan: Tell me what is Uncle Petch’s favorite song.
Diamond: It has to be “Yad Petch”
Everyone: Laughs
Diamond: I like it, something like that.


Pentor – Jirapat Pimanprom

Pentor: Hi, I’m Pentor LAZ1 and this is 5 facts about me. My first fact, I am quite a perfectionist. Everything I do has to go as planned, and I really don’t like it when I do something, and it doesn’t turn out good. And I overthink a lot. If I can’t do something, I would sit and think, lie down and think, and I’d have trouble falling asleep. I get quite serious about this, but recently, it’s getting better, because I fail at so many things (laughs).

As for number two, I get sulky easily, but I won’t say it. I get sulky and then it goes away. I keep it to myself, even my friends don’t know, and it just goes away.
madan: Who from the band do you usually get sulky about? Who likes to make you sulky?
Pentor: Everyone. When they say things, they never… (makes crying gestures) but they don’t know at all. No one knows, and then it just goes away. I get sulky and I just recover by myself. As for my third fact, even though I look like this, I was once an athlete.
madan: What kind of athlete?
Pentor: I used to be a runner for the school, but that was when I was in kindergarten 1 (laughs)
madan: You ran to drink milk.
Pentor: I ran to drink milk. No, I was really a runner, and I was really serious about it. I have lots of medals at home, but that was when I was a kid. When I grew up, I got distant from sports.
madan: Do you still run fast?
Pentor: You’d have to try me, I challenge you. I grab and run really fast (laughs)
madan: Okay!
Pentor: The fourth fact, I’m the kind of person that let love lead the way. Love leads my life. I’m actually kind of obsessed with love. Whatever I do, love is always the priority.

As for the last one, I’m from Phuket. I’m from the south, but I can’t speak southern dialect. A lot of people like to ask me to speak southern dialect, but in truth, the reason I don’t do it is because I don’t know how to. But I understand it. I think my family at home tries to speak to me in southern dialect when I was a kid. My father said he didn’t want to teach me to speak southern dialect because he was afraid that I’d pick up the accent, that when I speak the normal dialect, I’d have an accent. That’s why I can’t really speak it. And with the fact that I am a perfectionist, if it is a language that I have an accent, it would be inaccurate, it won’t be southern dialect anymore, so I chose not to speak it. So I didn’t get to train to speak it since I was a kid, but I understand it. If you scold me in southern dialect, I’d know. 
madan: What part of you makes you the southern? If someone sees this, they will know for sure that you are from the south.
Pentor: My mind. They say that southerners are mentally strong and adamant. Have you ever heard this song? “They say the young southerner is adamant, a heart as strong as a rock.”
madan: “Nora No bra”, right?
Pentor: Something like that (laughs)

Da Ou – Offroad – Diamond – Geler – Pentor

Model: DaouOffroadDiamondGeler & Pentor
Photographer: Pan Sarut
Make up: Wassana Khamleemat
Hair: Chanyanuch Woraphankpridakun
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Editor-in-Chief: Natthida Ratchawong
Producer: Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Content Creator: Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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