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New challenges for ‘PARIS’
and bliss in every minute of life

This is the second time that Madan is meeting ‘PARIS’ (Paris Intarakomalyasut), the first was last year at Big Mountain Music Festival 11. Back then, we also met ‘Praewa’ (Nichaphat Chatchaipholrat) and ‘Jayler’ (kritsanapoom pibulsonggram) in the backstage.

This is the first time for Madan is having an exclusive interview with Paris, mainly to discuss about his new challenge as a solo artist. He has move out of his comfort zone and master 4 new dance styles in his latest single ‘Let’s Love’. This single reflects PARIS’s perspective, thoughts and appreciation in every moment throughout his lifetime.

What is ‘Let’s Love’ about?
PARIS: Actually, I got Golf F.HERO and his team to help me with this song. I was discussing about the single’s concept and we decided to go with my idea, “we only live once, so live your life and do what matters, because our lives are short”.  After my father passed away, I started realizing that I only got the chance to stay beside him for such a short time, I realized that life is short. If we get a chance to do something we want, let’s seize the opportunity before it’s too late. So Golf F.HERO picked this idea and adjusted it to the final concept, which is the idea, “If we find the right person, let’s try to love without thinking too much and without fear”.

The first time working with Golf F.HERO
PARIS: Yep, this is our first collaboration. He’s truly a funny guy. I know him as one of the most famous rappers in Thailand. When I think about rap, he is the first person that comes to mind and I also idolize him. In the beginning, I was really nervous, but Golf is an easy-going and funny person in his own way. Working with him is quite comfortable and actually quite hilarious.

The most challenging part of making the song ‘Let’s Love’
PARIS: I think the rap was tough, because this is my first-time rapping. Normally, Jayler is my duo rapper and he deals with all the rapping. However, I’m working solo here, therefore the rap part is one of the most challenging things for me. I used to rap with friends for fun once, but that was it. Anyway, after I got to try it, I really enjoyed it and I think it is helpful for now.

PARIS พาริส นาทีนี้ Let's Love #IcePariss

Adaptation to work as a solo artist
PARIS: Did I need adapt a lot? Not so much. The work process is pretty much the same, but I just feel a bit lonely (laugh). I had to think for myself, there was no one to ask “Is this good bro?”. So I had to do everything on my own, including going to meetings alone or going to the recording studio by myself, something like that. There were many times that I thought of Jayler, we would regularly decide to do stuff together, but this time I had to do everything alone.

The difference between ‘Let’s Love’ and your previous songs.
PARIS: I think there are a lot of differences. Actually, I think the genre is quite different from my previous few songs, because this song is a bit more Pop/Hip-Hop. My previous songs were really Pop and I think the biggest difference is that I’m alone now (laugh). This may be the most obvious part because I’ve never done a solo single before, yeah, that’s right! Since the song ‘My ambulance’, I’ve always worked together with Praewa and then with Jayler all along.

The 4 dance stlyes in the music video
PARIS: Actually, about dancing, I usually have an image of the moves in my mind, but this time it’s different. I talked to my director (Ton – Nithiwat Tarakorn), and he wanted to see me in a different dancing style. At first, I thought “hey… seriously?”, but then I realized that I actually like this feeling. Maybe, the audiences will be surprised, just like me. There are both hard and easy parts, because it is 4 dancing styles. To illustrate, the viral dance that you may have seen on the Tik Tok challenges, there’s Hip Hop and Tapping (Tap dance). I think the hardest style for me is Tango. At first, I thought Tapping would be the toughest, since we hardly see anyone use their feet to dance like that, as for Tango, we’ve seen it in a lot of movies. However, when I actually got to try it, Tap dance was much easier. Tango dance requires us to use a lot of our body muscles, such as raising your chest up, shoulders down and elbows up, something like that. I felt like a bull, I forget what they call it.(Madan: Matador) Yep… Matador. It felt just like that. It was difficult to instantly switch everything, the feelings had to be right, that’s why it is hard. 

PARIS พาริส นาทีนี้ Let's Love #IcePariss

13. The meaning of “Let’s Love” for PARIS.
PARIS: The word “Let’s Love” reminds me of the word “Grateful”. It’s a grateful and thankful feeling for everything I have at this moment. I really feel that way. The concept of the song came from this idea. We started from the idea that our lives are short, so we should do everything we want to before it’s too late, and we should also appreciate the things we have. I think this is the real summary for the song. Even though some definitions aren’t mentioned in the song, but I think the word ‘Grateful’ summarizes everything.

Unforgettable minute for PARIS
PARIS: My unforgettable minute is when we launched the 9×9 song. I remember, the 9 of us standing behind the LED screens and it slowly raised up. That was the first time I saw myself on an LED screen. There was a big LED screen, which displayed all 9 of us and small ones below for each and everyone of us. Can you imagine the screen slowly turning on? It was the moment that I will never forget. There were LED screens, and the crowd. I really can’t think of a word that can describe this feeling.

PARIS พาริส นาทีนี้ Let's Love #IcePariss

“This minute” of PARIS.
PARIS: This minute? I’m a bit sleepy (laugh), but I feel really “Grateful” talking to you right now. I believe that you will make this song a lot more famous than it already is, so This minute let’s love the song ‘Let’s Love’.

Say something about your work “Let’s Love”
PARIS: This is my first single as a solo artist “Let’s Love”, the Music Video is available now on YouTube: Nadao Music. You guys can listen to it on every streaming platform as well, so please support me.

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