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Get to know 6 new gen artists from LOMABin Records who have beautiful and attractive voice

Lomabin meeting madan today, how do you feel about it?

Jackie: We’re doing a photoshoot with madan, It’s very fun.
Guy: Doing a photoshoot with madan, we had lots of fun today. The staff here today are so skilled, and they guided us really well.
Focus: I really enjoyed myself today. I’m happy to have the chance to work with the staff today. They instructed me really well.
Titan: They already said everything.
Jackie: Just copy
Patrick: Just copy
Guy: Copy and paste.
Titan: I’m very happy to have the chance to work with madan, just like everyone said, the staff are so capable and they are very kind to me.
John: It has been very fun today. I got to do things that I’ve never done before. The staff are so kind. I thought I was gonna get scolded.

Titan – Jackie – Patrick – Guy – John – Focus

What did you like to do most today?

Jackie: Today, I was stuck with eating, photoshoots and sitting around, playing the guitar, singing. When we were doing the photoshoot, the atmosphere was very natural. I ran around, no one even scolded me.
Guy: But what I liked most was when we were doing the photoshoot, and the staff let us play music on our own. It was very natural. and the artists knew each others’ thoughts, when we played the music, the person posing for the shots was full of feelings.
Jackie: On fire
Guy: On fire
Patrick: Fire lighting up.
Guy: Sparkling eyes.


Tell us one moment for each of you that you think you looked really handsome

John: When I was playing the guitar, because it is a very natural shot.
Jackie: Oh, when that song was playing.
John: When Sek Loso’s song was playing.
Jackie: You wanted to be a Korean star, but you became Sek Loso instead.
Titan: The moment I looked best, is all of it.
Jackie: Wow. This guy is not normal.
Titan: I’m just joking.
Patrick: Everyone else don’t need to answer.
Jackie: I liked when I got to sit because it wasn’t tiring.
Guy: I liked when we were shooting as a group because everyone else made me look more handsome, no no.
Jackie: That’s too much.
Guy: I’m just joking.
Patrick: That’s too much.
Guy: I liked it when I had to pull my face to look normal because when I was shooting alone, I looked like this.
madan: How?
Jackie: liked it when my face was still. I didn’t pull, my face was just tense. Not that much, and when we pulled our faces as a group, when we were shooting as a group, it felt more relaxed, it looked natural.
Patrick: For me, I liked when I had to do a solo shoot and also as a group. During the solo shoot, I liked it when I sat and put my hands out because it was comfortable and when we did the group shoot. When we were together, we looked very energized. It’s like we had fun together. Not tensed at all.


We’re meeting for the first time today, Please tell the madan viewers, what is LOMABin?

Jackie: Lomabin is a music production company, and also an entertainment company. They have already released some music projects and will release more continuously. Please follow us, artists from LOMABin. In our group here, there are some of us who have already released some music. You can go and check it out and also some of us here who will be releasing some music soon.

Can each of you show your special abilities that will reflect the person you are?

Titan: My special ability is I can use my hands to make this sound.
madan: What is this sound?
Jackie: It’s useful.
Titan: One more time.
Jackie: He’s just doing that hand gesture but he’s actually farting. Just joking.
Titan: Next person, Someone was sighing just now. I’ll pick that person.
Focus: Me? My special ability. It was inherited from a senior I knew and was very close to. This ability requires the usage of the hands too. It’s a content.
Jackie: Now you know that not everyone can do it.
Patrick: It is a special ability.
Focus: Can I pass it on to other person first?
Jackie: I can make my hair move, Look carefully.
madan: Applause
Jackie: What do you think?
Patrick: Can you do it again?
Guy: One more time.
Patrick: It’s moving. I’ve heard the legend say that, there are different types, the normal ears and the godly ears and those who can wiggle their ears are the godly ears.
madan: I see.
Patrick: I can’t do it, Can do it. Let me show you. Is it moving? Is it?
Guy: Isn’t he like a dolphin? Like flat ears.
madan: Make some background music for his moving ears, quick 1 2 3 go. That’s not bad. Put your hands together for him.
Patrick: That proves that the legend is real.
madan: Can anyone else move their ears?.
Titan: Me.
Patrick: Wiggle your ears?
madan: You can do it?
Titan: I know your special ability. You have gray hair all over.
John: Are you bullying me?
Patrick: What a bully.
John: Can it be about making sounds? Low sound like this.
Titan: Why is it shaking so much.
John: Let’s move on to the next person.
Focus: For my special ability, you have to touch my neck. I can move my glasses, Touch only my neck.
Guy: How’d you do it?
madan: Clap your hands I’ve never seen that before.
Guy: As for my special ability, I have to explain something first I like Luffy.
Patrick: Straw hat Luffy?
Guy: Is there any other Luffy?
Guy: When I see Luffy, I think this is my idol. I got to practice everyday.
John: You’re going to do it?
Jackie: Stretch your arms?
Patrick: Very long arms.
John: He looks so serious.
Guy: I practiced since I was a kid.
Jackie: I didn’t expect it that he would do that.


Please talk about your current projects or upcoming projects

Jackie: For us JAYP, we’ve released a song already. it’s called…
Patrick: “The day that heaven doesn’t care”
Jackie: Yep. You can go check it out in LOMABin’s YouTube channel, and you can listen to it on all streaming platforms.
madan: Can you sample a bit for us?
Titan: They’ve all released songs already.
Patrick: My voice was gone when I laughed
Jackie: Let’s go on to P’Guy.
Guy: My song that was already released is called “Still You” or “Still You” from Lomabin and it’s my own song. You can check it out on all channels. I’ll sing a bit for you. May I have the guitar? Thank you.
Focus: Mine is the song “Situationship”. You can go check it out in LOMABin’s YouTube channel or on all streaming platforms. Thank you.
Titan: As for me, I’m the only one here who doesn’t have a song yet.
Jackie: You’ll get it for sure.
John: No drama.
Titan: Please wait for my project on LOMABin’s YouTube channel.
Jackie: So let’s have P’Titan perform.
Titan: Okay, something like that.
Guy: Very nice
Titan: Let’s move on to the last person, P’John.
John: I also have a single that is already released, it’s called “Just an eye contact”. You can check it out on all channels. I’ll sing a bit for you. Thank you. Since we’ve all used it already. Let JAYP use it too. Let’s go back to the song “The day that heaven doesn’t care” with the guitar, Fighting.

John – Focus – Patrick – Guy -Jackie – Titan

Editor in Chief: Natthida Ratchawong
Producer: Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Model: Guy, Patrick, Jackie, Titan, John, Focus
Photographer: Sakdanai.K
Graphic Design: wowweeraya
Make up: Pansamorn Bamrungmoo
Hair: Thanyarat Krutkam
Stylish: Patipan Jaksukan
Content Creator: Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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