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Love Mechanics The Series

‘Love Mechanics The Series’ is a romantic – drama series. Initially, it was one of the three mini-series from ‘En Of Love Project’ in 2020, produced by Nantarit Thampracha and Kanpitcha Sinlertpattana, a production by Studio Wabi Sabi, with ‘Yin Anan’ and ‘War Wanarat’ as the lead actors. It got overwhelmingly good feedback after airing, and eventually, in 2021, a full series was announced as a WeTV original series, produced by Padung Samachan. The first EP has already aired on 18th June, 2022. 

This drama story is about ‘Mark’ (War Warwanarat), a 1st year Engineer student, who is an adversary with ‘Vee’ (Yin Anan), a 3rd year Engineer student. Mark has a crush on ‘Bar’ (Got Kanisorn), who is dating ‘Tossakan’. This made Vee very upset, so he tries to push Mark away from his best friend. However, it became more complicated when Vee and Mark had a one night stand relationship. Their relationship gradually changed and became love.

Their love story isn’t a bed of roses, since Vee already has ‘Ploy’ (Perth Wirinsara) as his girlfriend. This situation created confusion for Vee and it led to an unclear relationship. So, Mark tries to ignore Vee, which made ‘Pack’ (Rit Ruengrit), Mark’s ex-boyfriend, want to date Mark again. In addition to that, ‘Nuea’ (Prom Ratchapat), a senior and Vee’s best friend, gets involved in this messy relationship.

How will these relationships that nobody wanted to happen end? Who will be the heartbroken one in the end? Let’s get into their stories, every Saturday at 9 PM, only on WeTV.

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