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Join us to discover ‘Mile – Apo – Bilble – Build’s’ 5 FACTS that you may not have known before!

madan is inviting everyone to get to know these 4 guys ‘Mile Phakphum Romsaitong, Apo Nattawin Watanakitipat, Bible Wichapas Sumettikun, and Build Jakapan Putta’, the main lead actors from the mafia-themed Y series ‘KinnPorsche The Series’ that will make this April hotter and more vivid than it ever was.

Bible Wichapas – Build Jakapan – Mile Phakphum – Apo Nattawin

Behind the intense characters, they also have another side that most people probably never knew about. Some of these stories are sassy and lovable. Check out their 5 surprising facts at

Apo Nattawin

Apo – Nattawin Watanakitipat

Apo: This is 5 facts about Apo. First is that I love desserts a lot. Some people may already know, so I’m just putting it out there for those who don’t.
madan: What desserts do you like?
Apo: Sweet drinks, like mocktails and cocktails or sweet drinks mixed with coffee, something like that. I really like it. Number 2, I like bright colors. I like all colors that are bright, whether it is orange, yellow, red. Number 3, I love nature.
madan: What kind of nature?
Apo: The forest, mountains, and so on (laughs). I like those kinds of things, or the sky. I can sit with those things for the whole day. Next, number 3, I don’t eat spicy food. Actually, I like spicy food, but I can’t really eat it.
madan: What is the spiciest food you can eat?
Apo: The spiciest is probably… instant noodles. Something like that, but it depends on the food, whether it is tasty or not. If it is good, I can take it (laughs).
madan: How many chilies can you put in the papaya salad
Apo: Probably 2, I can probably take 2. If you put more than that, please prepare a toilet for me. (laughs) And number 4, I love clothes, I like to dress up, but what I like most are shoes. I really like shoes, especially leather shoes. My clothes can get dirty but if my leather shoes get scratched, it’s painful. And the last one is… I forgot, I was just thinking about it (making a contemplative face)
madan: You repeated number 3 twice.
Everyone: laughs
Apo: Yes, the most important fact is that I’m not good with numbers, I can’t count because it’s probably not my thing. Right, so these are 5 facts about Apo.

Mile Phakphum

Mile – Phakphum Romsaitong

Mile: Hello ‘Mile Phakphum’ with 5 facts about me. First is that I have a Chinese name, ‘ 张泽毅’(Zhang Zhe Yi) ’泽’ (Zhe) means pool, glitter, jade or jewelry, moist, juicy ‘毅’ (Yi) means decisive. As for ‘张’ (Zhang) is our family name. The second thing, I copied his a bit. Some people don’t know that I can eat anything. I think I can eat anything in this world, anything that doesn’t kill me. Every production set I go to, almost everyone will ask me if I eat spicy food, if I can eat certain things or not. In truth, I can eat everything, and I like to try new things. I think most people don’t know about this. The third fact is that there is a guitar in my head every day, all the time. I don’t mean that I think about guitars all the time, but every day, my mind would think about it. Whether it is about buying or selling guitars, guitar sounds, or anything related to guitars. The fourth thing is… I forgot. Hold on, let me spin (spins his chair). Chinese name, eat everything, what else?
madan: Guitar
Mile: Oh, I forgot
madan: And you made fun of Apo
Mile: Yes, the fourth thing is that I am forgetful
madan: Just like that? (laughs)
Mile: I’m really forgetful. I can count but I keep on forgetting. The fourth fact is that I am forgetful. I’m forgetful, no excuses. And the fifth one is, let me spin a bit, I really forgot. (spins his chair) Oh, I poo quite easily. Most people don’t know, but I feel the need to poo very easily. I must do it every morning, or if I get to go to the South or go eat Southern food, that’s it. Within a couple of hours, I’m done. Thank you. That’s 5 facts about me with ‘Mile Phakphum’

Bible Wichapas

Bible – Wichapas Sumettikun

Bible: Hi, this is 5 facts about me ‘Bible – Wichapas Sumettikun’. Today, I’m going to talk 5 facts about me. The first fact, I’ve never broken a bone in my life. Number 2, I’ve only been outside the country one time in my life. If we don’t include Mae Sai, I’ve only been to Singapore. The third fact is, actually I was a twin when I was in the womb. There were 2 hearts, a twin sibling, but he didn’t make it, so there’s only me. So, I’m actually a twin but my twin sadly passed away in the fetal. The fourth fact is that I’m ambidextrous, I can use both my hands. I’m actually left handed, but for other things like holding a baseball bat or kicking a football, I’m right handed. Number 5, I’m allergic to silkworms, but I can eat other kinds of insects.
madan: Like?
Mile: Cockroaches
Bible: Sure, cockroaches, like the Madagascan ones, huge like this.
madan: Who cooked it for you? (laughs)
Bible: Oh, P’Mile (everyone laughs), why are you walking away? And this is 5 facts about me ‘Bible – Wichapas Sumettikun’

Build Jakapan

Build – Jakapan Putta

Build: Hi, I’m ‘Build – Jakapan Putta’. This is 5 facts about me First up, I’ve been in a car accident, and my coccyx bone is crooked. Second fact, I like to smile to every problem, no matter if it is hurting me, I smile back at it. (Mile teasing) Yeah, like this for instance. (everyone laughs) Very good, thank you for playing along. (Looks at Mile)
madan: Was that scripted?
Build: No, it was not. What number are we at? Number 3. (laughs) I often forget things, and numbers too. I tend to leave things around everywhere and can’t find it.
madan: What was the worst thing you forgot?
Build: My car keys (laughs)
madan: Where’d you leave it?
Build: I left it at home
madan: Before leaving the house, right? Then what did you drive?
Build: I came by Grab. Number 4, I love cats a lot. I have 1 at home called ‘Snow’ and he has a Korean name called ‘Mino’ and a Thai name called ‘E-No’ (laughs)
madan: But you only have…
Build: one cat, but with many names.
madan: What breed is it?
Build: Khao Manee, bicolored eyes, blue and yellow.
madan: Try looking at the camera and call the cat.
Build: Meow, meow, meow, Mino, Mino, Snow
madan: What about when you’re angry?
Build: E-No, come here (shouts)
Everyone: (Laughs)
Build: Great. Last one. My last one is, I like to eat Fried Basil Rice, whether it is Crispy pork Fried Basil Rice, Pork, Minced Chicken, all of it. Any type you can imagine, I really like basil and I can eat it every day. But I have to cut down at the moment because I have to eat clean food, so sad.
Mile: I thought you smile at every problem.
Build: Yes, I’m smiling right now, I’m fine, and this is 5 facts about me.

Bible Wichapas

Editor in Chief: Natthida Ratchawong
Producer: Ployrawee Choksuchanun
ModelsMile PhakphumApo NattawinBible WichapasBuild Jakapan
Photographer: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Graphic Design: wowweeraya
Make up: Wassana Khamleemat
Hair: Chanyanuch Woraphankpridakun
Content Creator: Aditchaya Sukprasert, Nutjari Plaingam

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