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ANGIE as Crazy in Love mode with the song “I’m In Luv”. Get to know her through the various meanings of flowers


How was collaborating with for the first time

ANGIE: It was so fun, I just shot a photoset. It was so fun, I got to dress up in a look that I hardly get to wear a long skirt like this it is like, Do you see this outfit? It’s a little girly. I usually like something more cool. Yep, I don’t get to wear skirts that look so sweet
madan: But today, you’re here with
madan: What song are you promoting?
ANGIE: I’m here to promote my new single ‘I’m in Luv’ it’s called “I’m in Luv”
madan: This song, “I’m in Luv”, your production company whispered to us that the concept is about butterflies, flowers, something like that so that’s why we had this kind of set.
ANGIE: Oh, there are flowers everywhere.


Tell us about this song’s concept

ANGIE: For the song “I’m in Luv”, it’s about the feeling when you like someone, you secretly have a crush on that person, you would have the kind of symptom like hmm, does he like me? Don’t know if he likes me, but I’m already crazy for him already in love with him that’s the “I’m in Luv” symptom

madan: Which part of the song do you like most? Or a part that you like to sing most
ANGIE: I’ll sing you the hook “You’re the one making me so crazy. I couldn’t do anything, so lazy. Cause I think that you just look so fine, no matter how many times I look at you, you’re the one. Do I have to say it? Don’t you know that you’re the one that I’m in luv” Something like that. I’m embarrassed.

madan: Can you do the rap part?
ANGIE: Sure. I wrote the rap part myself
madan: Wow
ANGIE: Promoting myself “Tell me baby am I your type. Just tell me what you like. I can tell you like me. I just want to know what you’re thinking. You’ve been replay in on my mind all day and night ooh woah .Ooh yeah, don’t hesitate. Let you heart go freely. Don’t need to think about anything, flow with the music. The movie that you like, the songs that we both like. Play it on loop, oh I think I’m in luv with you” I’m embarrassed, singing it with no music. Actually, at first, they already made this song, right? At first, there was a guide, a demo So I chose this song, I liked this song. After that, I felt that this song would be good with a rap verse because actually, I like rap so I wanted to present myself that I like both rapping and singing in the song. I can put my take in it. So, I was like let me write the second verse here. So they let me tried it. It turns out when I wrote it, they were like. Okay, good and that’s how there is a rap verse in this song


What is so special about this song?

ANGIE: I think the special thing about this song is that it’s bright and cute and actually, this song is special starting from the producer. Because BamBam Got7 produced this song. I think the song’s concept is like bright and cute. Most people may not have seen this side of me for a long time and also the dancing I dance a lot in this song. Actually, since I started making music, this song has the most dancing. That’s it, the song’s concept. Actually, in this project, it’s like we worked quite simple and like they sent the song for me to check out, and I wrote this and that in the song. Actually, I also collaborated with P’Bank. He helped me with the overall of the project of the songs and lyrics. He would help me check and decide
madan: For the song lyric’s’ ideas, did you offer some of yourself in it too?
ANGIE: Oh no. Actually, at first the concept is from the songs because in the demo that they made, they hummed the song for me and there was the phrase “I’m in Luv” in the song too and then I translated the English lyrics that they wrote translate into Thai, something like that. So it’s like. I used the keyword “I’m in Luv” that they hummed for me and then elaborated it into other things in this song.

How many percent of this song is Angie?

ANGIE: If you’re talking about the content alone, I think about 80 percent. Yeah, because I’m… I’m crazy in love
madan: Crazy in love
ANGIE: Yes, I feel that. It’s quite similar to my real character if you’re talking about the content of the song. You know, when you’re in love, you’d have that kind of feeling, you know? like, hey, what? Right, something like that. Actually, in the song, I’m quite brave. In real life, I may not be that brave but there are moments that I want to do that that’s why I wrote it like that in the song because I want to be that kind of person. You know, I want to be brave like that

madan: I want you to communicate yourself through something that’s related to the concept in the song “I’m in Luv”, and that is flowers
ANGIE: What do I have to do?
madan: In this jar, there are flowers, many types. You draw one you pick it up, whichever flower you get, I will tell you the meaning of that flower and you tell a story using keywords tell a story about yourself that is related to the meaning of flower in this jar. Ready?
ANGIE: Ready

madan: One, first flower
ANGIE: One, two, three, what is it?
madan: What flower did you get?
ANGIE: Forget me not
madan: Forget me not, the meaning is Don’t forget me. Is there something that you will never forget?
ANGIE: There is something that I will never forget. When I was an artist trainee, at that time, I was a trainee at Kamikaze. At that time, I think it was my first test. At Kamikaze, they will have tests every month for us to show our singing and dancing and that month was the first time I did the test. I didn’t know what song to test. So, I asked the teacher. The teacher said how about the song that I really like at the moment? At that time, my family was crazy about Elsa. My mom likes Frozen. So I sang “Let it Go”. I remember that I wore a shirt and a white dress like the snow, you know? I was Elsa from Frozen let it go so I sang “Let it Go” and then when I was a kid, I looked kind of masculine so when I sang that song, it was a contrast You know? “Let it Go” will be in my heart forever, and also in my friends’ hearts forever too. So my friends from that company are still teasing me about it till today that. Hey, you’re Elsa. Yep, something like that.
madan: Can you sing “Let it Go” a bit for us? so I won’t forget you. You have to.
ANGIe: Sure “Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore. Let it go, let it go. Turn away and slam the door”


madan: Let’s go on to the next flower. The next flower is
ANGIE: Lavender
madan: Lavender, It means Waiting with hope or a beautiful memory. What memories do you have that you feel that is beautiful? Or is there something you’re waiting for right now?
ANGIE: I think I’m waiting for my song to release. Yes, because it’s like, I’ve been waiting for so many years. I’ve been working wow, many years already, since Kamikaze till now. I haven’t had a new song for 3-4 years already. So I felt that for the 3-4 years that I’ve been gone, I wasn’t idle or neither was I doing something else. I was still making music all the time and right now, it’s time that I get to release my work so I’m this is what I’ve been waiting for for so long.

madan: Next flower, the third flower
ANGIE: Sunflower
madan: In terms of love, it means the love for you will never change like the sunflower that will always face the sun and another meaning is cheerfulness and happiness. Tell us a recent story that made you really happy.

ANGIE: I think that my most recent happy story happened this morning. I got to eat rice with beef. Really don’t laugh at me. I really like rice with beef and I got to eat it
madan: That’s one story. Can you give us another one?
ANGIE: Another one? Oh, I got it. Another recent happy story is.My song has been approved. Yes, that means there will be another single after this one that I’m working on. I’ve been working on it for about a month. Actually, there have been fixes. Yep, we’ve been fixing it to make the best result and in the end, it passed. It’s a happy story. I’m also relieved

madan: Okay, next flower
ANGIE: hydrangea Hydrangea
madan: Hydrangea has two meanings. The first meaning is coldness but actually, there is another meaning Thank you for always understanding me and accepting who I am. If you have to mention someone who always understands and accepts who you are, who would you like to talk about?
ANGIE: Okay. Well, the person I feel that understands me most is probably my mother because she understands everything about me. Sometimes I might not be that nice to her but she always tries to understand me also relating to work. She was with me since the first day. Something like that
madan: For hydrangea, it’s…
ANGIE: My mother. I’m going to cry now.
madan: In a more less serious way, who is able to accept your weird self all the time? Someone who’s a friend or something? Do you have one? My AR can accept me. The weird thing about me is that I like to say random stuff and I change the topic very often. I don’t know what I would say. For example, if a friend is talking about something, I could change the topic right away. So, the people around me that are close to me can accept it. My AR who is always with me because we are the same. We will be weird together like this forever. Yep, something like that


madan: Okay, next flower
ANGIE: Tulip
madan: Tulip’s meaning is a symbol of first love
ANGIE: My mom is here, I can’t say it. The first time I loved someone was in elementary school. I secretly liked a friend, mom knows. I secretly liked a friend in my class, right? Very cute, in grade 2, something like that and he was a chubby kid, so cute. You know? and I secretly like him, there was nothing to secretly like too like we were close and there weren’t any special moments that were romantic or whether he liked me back or not. I just felt that he was cute. That was my first secret crush
madan: Did you continue the relationship later?
ANGIE: Nope, not at all. It’s like, I told a friend and that friend told him that I liked him but in the end, he told me that he didn’t like me. It’s funny, right? But I wasn’t sad or anything. I think it was sort of an innocent feeling probably like puppy love. I wasn’t sad or anything. It’s fine if he didn’t like me and we were still friends, nothing changed
madan: Okay, the last flower
ANGIE: Yellow carnations
madan: Yellow carnations’ meaning is a sulking feeling, wanting the other person to make up to it. The most recent time you were sulking. Who were you sulking about?
ANGIE: I was sulking about my friend. Usually, when I’m sulking, I won’t say much. I’ll keep it inside. I would analyze if that made sense or not if I say it out loud. That’s why when I sulk, I’d keep it inside. My friend has a boyfriend and she’s crazy about love and always with her boyfriend and we’d usually go everywhere together. So I feel that, hmm, my friend’s hasn’t been going out with me a lot recently. I usually talk to her on the phone all the time but when she had a boyfriend, she left me for love. So, I’m sulking inside a bit.
madan: Did you tell her?
ANGIE: No, I didn’t. So, when this clip is released, my friend will find out that I’m sulking
ANGIE: Do you want to say something to her?
ANGIE: Well, hang out with your friends sometimes. Don’t always stay with your boyfriend all the time
madan: And what about when you have a boyfriend?
ANGIE: If I had a boyfriend, I would be with him all the time too. So, please check out my latest single the song is called “I’m in Luv” You can follow it on every channel by E29 MUSIC IDENTITIES and you can listen to it on all the music streaming platforms. Let’s go.

Special thanks to apparel

Angie is wearing a shirt, denim jacket and jeans from tool_shop, available at Instagram: @tool_shop

Model : ANGIE
Photographer : Franken.STL
Make up : Thanchanok Worapienkul
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Producer : Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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