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Tighten the intimacy area with difference but perfectly fit of ‘Gap – James’

Gap Kittichat – James Prapatthorn

Tell us what concept the photo shoot is today

James: Answer
Gap: The character according to the series? Because mine is a bit lively and James’ is a bit love-seeking.
James: Nonsense, I saw the word Skinship plus, right? Or is it just a stain?
madan: It’s a logo
James: It’s a logo? Did I get it right?
madan: Yes
James: Awesome

Gap Kittichat

Is today’s concept the same as the photo shoot just now?

James: Same, exactly the same, like a stain
Gap: His Cheeks are red too, but it’s not red because I’m embarrassed.
James: Why is it red?
Gap: It’s red because I worked out.
James: Yep
Gap: I think James’ cheeks are cute, many people compliment this that James’ cheeks are so cute.
James: That’s true.
Gap: And James’ cheeks get red really easily. There’s a little mark, so I have to apologize to James.
James: That’s okay, P’Gap.
Gap: Okay, we’re even now.
James: We’re even, This pose.
Gap: This pose
James: If we did it longer, it will leave a mark.
Gap: If we use our hands to touch, it won’t work. So, I had to put in my inner feelings but I put in too much.

James Prapatthorn

How is the atmosphere of working with madan today?

James: I had a lot of fun. Every staff is very cute here today, very friendly. At first, I arrived and was very sleepy and then there was a staff in front of the set cheering us. I had a lot of fun.
Gap: Everyone came to watch, to help cheer us.

Your relationship, how close are you to each other?

Gap: I’m still the same, No change. I never thought James was hard to get close to. I think he’s easy to get close to, same back then and now. Wha… he’s the only one looking good.
James: No, no. Mine is… There was a special day of mine not too long ago. He didn’t show up, didn’t show up at all. I was thinking… why, why? Is he really not coming? And then, two days later he came with a gift, and it’s a special gift, engraved my name on it too. Actually, the gift alone is already so cute but he got it engraved too, so cute.

Gap Kittichat – James Prapatthorn

The moment where both of you were impressed by each other or anything you were curious.

Gap: I’m curious, Why do you like to go and watch the same movie repeatedly?
James: I’m crazy about a certain movie right now, and that movie is Top Gun: Maverick. I usually don’t watch military movies, very few. I usually don’t like military movies but because this movie was in the theaters, so I decided to watch. I watched it, not knowing anything about the movie, never seen the first movie too. The first 10 minutes of the movie gave me goosebumps already. I really like it. These days, I ask everyone. if they’ve seen this movie yet. If they’ve seen Top Gun yet, go watch it, it’s really good.
Gap: How many times have you seen it?
James: 2 times and today was the third time.
Gap: What was the most times you seen the same movie repeatedly before?
James: Hunger Games, if I include both watching in the theaters and outside the theaters. I dare say more than 30 times. I watched it enough to remember the dialogue. I really like it. I like the writer’s idea. I like watching plots about putting people together for an experiment or to kill each other. Starting to sound scary, right?
Gap: I still don’t understand how you can watch 30 times.
James: I didn’t watch it consecutively. Suppose I’m at a friend’s house or something, and I can’t pick a movie to watch. I’d ask if they’ve seen this movie. If they say no, we’d watch it because it is good. Everyone who watches it likes it.
madan: He’s curious about this, and is James curious about anything?
James: It’s the same topic, I mentioned it before. I’m still curious up till now.
Gap: That thing in the car?
James: Yep, in the car. I’ve never seen any human who would drive in absolute silence. He’s already a person who doesn’t speak much and then he doesn’t put on any music too.
Gap: Actually, I get sleepy when I listen to music but when I’m alone and I put on the news on the radio, I won’t get sleepy. I don’t know why, or I’d put on a podcast. I won’t get sleepy because I can think along but if I play music, I’d get sleepy. I don’t play any podcast because I was afraid that everyone would get bored as if P’Gap is a old man.
James: So you turn off everything.
Gap: So I turn it off. Actually, I want to spend time with the person beside me. I’d rather chat.

Gap Kittichat

Is there anything that impresses you?

Gap: Being with James, I don’t have to look for much information because he would tell me all kinds of information. How is the set, how is this and that person. I would learn everything from James. This is a good point. I’m impressed.
James: Oh, good.
Gap: Good, right?
James: Good, good. Listening to you say it, I’m impressed by myself too. As for what I’m impressed about P’Gap. I’m impressed with his money because many times that we had meals together. My wallet would still weigh the same. I hardly have to pay for anything. If that dining table has P’Gap included, I’d ask him. “P’Gap, how much is it in total?” I just ask but in my mind, I’m not gonna pay. The other day, we went to watch a movie together and we had dinner together too. We were done with everything and P’Gap paid for everything first. When I got home, I messaged him. “P’Gap, how much do I owe you?” and he replied with this sentence. prepare yourselves, everyone. Please sit still and firmly. He said, it’s his treat but that wasn’t all. I told him not to treat, that it’s fine. He said that he’s not a good guy. He’s just handsome and rich.
Gap: I’m not rich. I have a rich personality.
James: He’s a handsome guy with a rich personality. He said he’s a handsome guy with a rich personality. He’s not a good guy.
Gap: Otherwise, people will think I’m rich.
James: He’s rich.
Gap: Let’s move on.
James: It might sound funny but my point is that he takes care of other people well. It’s not just about paying for other people’s meals but in many things like giving people a ride. He doesn’t speak much but there’s a lot of action. He’s that kind of guy doesn’t speak much.

James Prapatthorn

How close are you both?

Gap: James might think that I don’t open up but I think that James is already an open person. At that time, I might have answered 9, today might be 9.5. It didn’t increase much. It’s already almost full.
James: Then why don’t we make it full?
Gap: What?
James: Why don’t we make the score full?
Gap: Why? because I’m still curious about many things about you.
James: Oh, then, same for me. There’s many things that I’m still curious too.
Gap: Suppose it’s full score, and the score drops, what would we do? So, it should gradually increase. If you say 10 today, what will be your answer next?
James: 11
Gap: No better answer
James: 11, I’d say that the love is over the limit.
Gap: Okay, sure. So what score is it now?
James: 10
Gap: And in the next interview, you would say…
James: 11
Gap: and the next 2 times?
James: 12 13
Gap: Great

What are your impression to the series and to the fan club?

Gap: For me, I’m very happy because this is my first series. Before getting to this point, there was Covid, and other stuff. By the time we were through with Covid, we had to shoot during the Covid period. We didn’t get to watch the shoots that much because that was the Covid period.
James: We had to hurry.
Gap: Yes, we didn’t watch that much and we only got to see it when it was on air. I feel proud of myself because our series is released for everyone to watch already. I want to thank all the followers, both for complimenting and criticizing, making us improve ourselves Thank you everyone.
James: As for me, as an actor, this is the first time meeting everyone. I’m very impressed. I feel that I’m lucky not just about P’Gap but including all the other actors. Bodo, Bright, P’Por, P’Chris. Everyone has been really kind to me. I feel thankful that everyone is in my life. Thank you to all the 40-50 staffs. Thank you very much. Without you guys, there won’t be us. And most importantly, the fans who have been following us. The fans who have been watching since the first EP, and those who will become our fans in the future, thank you for supporting us. Even if it isn’t big, but if it is encouragement, we thankfully receive all of it. Thank you very much.

James Prapatthorn – Gap Kittichat

Editor in Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Producer : Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Model : Gap & James
Photographer : Tantai Photography
Graphic Design : wowweeraya
Make up : Bew makeup
Hair : Subsin Papungkorn
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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