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‘Looping’ love together with ‘Jeff Satur’

How has it been working with madan again?

Jeff: There’s something fun every time. Looking at my fingernails right now, I guess you can say that every time we shoot, the level increases.
madan: Did the team tell you what the concept is?
Jeff: If I had to interpret it, the concept is about comfort, freedom, doing whatever I feel like. I could wear a nail jewelry if I want, I don’t have to be a girl to do that, gender doesn’t matter, I can do whatever I want.
madan: Do you like the look?
Jeff: It’s a bit hard to turn the faucet. (laughs) I really like it, it feels like… I’ve never tried wearing this type of jewelry. It helps me discover that when I wear this type of jewelry, what kind of feelings I get. And it challenges me, because I’ve never reached this point before, and I want to try it, something like that.

You just released a new song

Jeff: It’s a new song called “Loop” “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow”. For this song, I tried changing the way I work, because I fell that my work feels like it’s going in a loop. So, I tried a new way where I play a chord that I feel sounds good, then I think of something from the past, and I write the lyrics together with the melody. I usually start with the melody, then I put in the lyrics, but for this song, I tried to go with my feelings, and it came out like this. I was a bit confused and then I felt that it came out as a simple and easy to understand song, and it justifies the feelings well. I wrote only half the song at first, and when I showed it to everyone, they liked it, so I finished writing the whole song. And I got the word “Loop” from the second verse, it’s like from a movie where they said that tomorrow isn’t coming, we’re stuck in some kind of loop until we do something about it. At that point, I finished writing that song already, I didn’t know who should produce this song, because I wanted… the song already had my footprint in it, but I wanted someone else’s footprint in it too, so that it has this person’s style in it and it will be perfect. So, I got to talk to P’Tabby AF, she is already working with P’Mac, she knew P’Mac, I wanted to work with P’Mac, so she sent this song to him, and he was like hey, this song is cool, so I was like, maybe you can try this kind of direction. And it turned out that he didn’t change anything, it was perfect.

How does the song “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow (Loop)” differ from your previous work?

Jeff: Like the song “Highway”, it’s about moving on. The song’s title “Highway” interprets what a Highway is, it conveys about pushing you, when you listen to it, you have to do everything to get on the Highway, even if you don’t have the money to pay for it. Or the song “Why is it so hard? (complicated)”, is about pain, and it gives a vintage feeling. The content is about the conflicting complexity that is inside every person. As for the song “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow (Loop)”, the song’s title sounds confusing, but in truth, it has a very simple meaning, and it is something that every one of us has been through, I really believe that everyone has secretly loved someone before. That’s why “Loop” is simple, because it is already similar to most people’s memories.

And the hook of the song, there is something that is very gravitating there. And about procrastinating, I believe everyone does it (laughs), like for work, sometimes you want to do it tomorrow, you’re too tired today. You want to confess your love? I can’t do it today, I’ll do it tomorrow, everyone does things like this. The main point is that tomorrow doesn’t exist, the tomorrow that you’re waiting for is never coming. You also believe that you got the courage to do it, you practiced everything already, prepared everything already, but just a bit more time, you want to do it tomorrow. It becomes, today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and it keeps on repeating, tomorrow is never arriving, in the end you didn’t get to confess, you didn’t change anything in the loop, so you are stuck in the loop continuously. It’s actually from my own experience, it’s about how I liked someone for a long time already, I was secretly looking at her every day. I felt that I can confess to her, I practiced everything, prepared everything, but when I got there, my mind went blank. 2-3 am is the best time to think of the best things to say, to find the perfect words to confess, but in the end, in real life, nothing is perfect. Everything has its flaws, so in the end, it didn’t happen, I didn’t get to confess that I liked her for a long time already.

What is the reason why people secretly like someone and never confess to them?

Jeff: I believe the number one reason is that we’re afraid that the answer will make the relationship disappear. We may already be that person’s friend, we may be someone that the person respects, or maybe a childhood friend. There is a relationship existing already that makes us feel comfortable when we’re around that person. But when you confess, that relationship will disappear for sure. This is the number one reason why people can’t get the courage to confess, and then they are stuck in the loop.

From your own experience writing this song, why where you afraid of confessing?

Jeff: Just like what I said just now, I was afraid because I was her friend. I felt afraid that she would be cold to me, that I would be rejected, but if she was cold to me or distant from me, that would hurt.
madan: Afraid of rejection and her being cold to you, but aren’t you afraid that she will have someone else?
Jeff: Sometimes, I’m afraid, but I’m more afraid of this. I’m more afraid of being rejected than confessing. And when she had someone else, sometimes I’m happy in a way that I didn’t know I was happy, because I still get to watch her. Maybe a part of me is feeling that this position may be alright for me.

Have you ever had the experience where you didn’t dare confess and she had someone else right in front of you?

Jeff: Yes, I had, and I waited. I didn’t feel too bad that it was the result of me not confessing. I just waited and kept this feeling to myself. Make myself look better, get more brownie points and so on, until one day she breaks up with that person and then I can confess to her.
madan: Then why aren’t you afraid to confess anymore?
Jeff: I might’ve felt that if I wait longer, there is nothing more from there. I thought that this is the most brownie points that I can collect, it’s a dead end already, stuck in the loop on the 365th day, the new year is about to start, and I might be stuck in the same loop again. That’s why I felt that I should confess now, there’s nothing to lose. And if I remember correctly, at that time, I didn’t get to see her much too.

From the song “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow (Loop)”, what advise can you give to someone who still doesn’t have the courage to get out of the loop?

Jeff: I believe that everyone would wait for tomorrow, because I’ve been there before, from my experience of waiting for tomorrow for a long time. I want to say that there is only today that is real, and we’re living in today. Sometimes, there is no such thing as the best or most ready. If you keep on waiting for the day that you are most ready, you will never be ready. So, if you want to do it, if you want to confess, you should say it right now, because in the end, the way that person feels about you will not change. If that person already likes you, or there’s a possibility that they like you, no matter when you say it, they will still like you. But if they don’t like you, no matter how you say it, no matter how many brownie points you have collected, they still won’t like you. So, go confess and accept the outcome.

Right now, you’re taking on a lot of different kind of roles. How do you separate and differentiate those roles?

Jeff: I can’t (laughs). Well, for singing, it’s quite clear, there are certain periods where I am singing. For acting, I do it in the morning, I produce at night, but there are times when I lock my schedule to be able to produce. But the hard thing is how I have to switch my mode to make music. I must write songs about myself or a story about someone that I heard. But when it’s a character, I have to go look at the character that I researched, how this character is, I have to switch into character mode. When I get back to singing, I have to ‘Jeff Satur’ who has to sing and tell this story. As for modeling, it’s like I get to try various things, using certain emotions, like using animals, the jewelry that I’m holding, clothes, and so on. It’s like absorbing things that are different, different perspectives. Is it hard? I think it’s more like challenging and it’s fun too.

If you had to pick only one role, which one would you pick?

Jeff: That’s a hard question. I keep on asking myself that same question. I’d probably pick storytelling, I get more invested in that because whether it is acting or producing, everything requires skills to do the storytelling. It’s more about how I tell the story, and improve that skill to become better.

Besides your music projects, you have a series that is on air. How is it going?

Jeff: I’m very excited about it. When I saw the teaser, I was so stunned, and I teared (laughs). Probably because I felt that I was so dedicated to it, I spent so much time on it to make it to make it what it is now. I’m excited about it and I want to know if others are excited like me or not, I want to know the result of my work.
madan: What do you want to say to the series’ fans who are waiting for Khun ‘Khimahant”?
Jeff: I want you to put your blankets on well, because it is super hot… because Khimahant means summer.

Tell your fans to support your work

Jeff: Please check out my song “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow (Loop)”, you can listen to in on all the streaming channels. Watch it on YouTube: Jeff Satur. There’s a behind the scenes, a documentary, and many other stuff in YouTube too. And there are songs that I may be into at the moment, so I might cover those songs in the channel. You can go check it out and follow it. And soon, I have ‘KinnPorsche The Series’ that’s almost on air already. Prepare your blankets well, because it is really super hot. And I also have a theater project coming soon. Stay tuned to see how my first theatre project turns out.

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