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Out of the box into a new identity, “Kaew Natruja” is taking a new step while growing up

Out of the box into a new identity, “Kaew Natruja” is taking a new step while growing up, with challenges in working as a solo artist and a new role that we will get to see in the future. Get to know her through 5 FACTS of an introvert in #madanxKaewNatruja #madanmode

Welcome Kaew to

Kaew: Hi. There’s a lot of people here. Hi, I’m Kaew Natruja
madan: You’re working with madan for the first time today
Kaew: It’s the first time.
madan: How are you feeling ?
Kaew: It’s fun. Actually, I like to take pictures for fun. I love taking fashion photos too. I got to wear a dress today. This dress actually fits my style. I’m glad I got to do this photoshoot. And the team came up with a new concept for the shoot today. It was fun and everyone was very nice.

madan: And the concept today is Unwrap, Tearing.
Kaew: Yep. Tearing.
madan: It’s a new identity. I saw you tearing just now. What did you tear?
Kaew: I was tearing paper

Which shot do you particularly like?

Kaew: Which shot do I like? I like all of it and I felt that. It was like a new concept that I’ve never done before. And to be honest, this kind of dress…When I was in the band, this kind of outfit was a bit inappropriate but I’m grown up now. I can now tell the team whether I’m okay or not. So I get to do things that are has more of my personality. It’s like tearing paper.
madan: It’s like unwraping your new identities as you grow up

madan: After you graduated from BNK48, you started making more of your own songs. What kind of challenges were there?
Kaew: Actually, I’m not fully an artist yet but when I left and got to work alone, First of all, when I graduated. I felt like my mind…It felt a little more independent. Actually, when I was still in the group, it’s not like there were so many rules. But because there were so many of us there will always be things that we feel we have to take responsibility together. I’ve been there for 6 years. I don’t really know if I felt uncomfortable inside or not or maybe I’ve been doing that for so long, it became a habit. But one day I didn’t have to do it anymore. Some things felt. I felt happier. I felt more like myself. I can think about my own feelings more. The main thing is that I feel more independent.

and the difficulty of being alone is probably having to talk to more people because I have to work alone now. I had to learn to ask the team members or go and meet new people. If there were many of us doing the photoshoot, sometimes my friends will talk for me, right? If I don’t like to talk, I don’t have to. I just let my friend talk. But since I’m alone, I have to communicate with people more. It made me better at talking

madan: Okay. We will be talking about your latest song today. It’s called…
Kaew: “Love..You First”
madan: Tell us what’s special about this song

Kaew: This song? It’s actually a webtoon soundtrack. I had the opportunity to sing this song because of this webtoon. It’s called Backstage. The writer created one of the characters using me as the inspiration. And he thought that if there was another song, he wanted me to sing it. That’s how I got the opportunity to sing this song.

Since he used some of my characteristic to create this character this song felt like it had a little bit of me in it. It had a bit of my personality in the song. The song is about how. I don’t want to confess the love first, can he say it first? Actually, I also love him. I just don’t like to say it first, I want to wait for him to say it first. That’s just like me/ Because I feel that if I’m in love, I would want him to say it first.

So there’s a little bit of me in there. So the conveying of the song wasn’t too difficult. The difficult thing is the new style of music because I’ve never sung that style of music before. I had to adjust with the producer a bit but it was fun. The song is released already. It’s called You First. You can check it out now on YouTube and on every online streaming channel. You can follow updates and work schedule at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by Conversationthailand.

5 facts about Kaew Natruja

Kaew: Number 1, I will talk about how I like to eat recently because I have a manager now and he is a very indulgent person. Since I’ve been working in the industry for 6 years. I’ve found that the thing that makes me recover from work that only thing is to eat big meals. If I’m done with work and had to eat a boxed meal, I’d feel that the work today is not yet done. I’d feel dissatisfied, I have to eat a big meal. And my manager spoils me a lot. Every time I finish work, he would ask me what I want to eat. We’d eat grilled pork every time we meet. So recently, I can eat grilled pork and shabu everyday.

Kaew: Number 2, I want to say. I rarely shower at night. I’m embarrassed. Everyone tells me that this logic is wrong because in general, people don’t shower in the morning. Most people will think that when you go to sleep, you don’t get dirty, right When you wake up, you don’t have to take a shower and can go to work right away But I can’t do that. I have to be very clean before I go to work. I have to be confident that my hair smells good. Then I can go to work. So, when I sleep, I sleep alone. No one will be sniffing me. Yep. Sometimes when I get home, I’m already tired. Sometimes I would take a shower and brush my teeth. and can go to sleep right away. I won’t feel all sticky and can’t sleep. I sleep easily. Number 2 is I rarely shower at night.

Kaew: Number 3. I likes to go to the gas station and secretly open the window to smell. I like the smell of gasoline. I like the smell of car gasoline. I don’t think it smells bad.

Number 4, I’m an introvert extremely introvert. During the COVID period, I had to quarantine. People often complain that they are lonely but I wasn’t lonely at all, I loved it so much. I can be quarantined in the room alone for 10 days without getting bored because I like it. Sometimes when I look in the mirror and see friends, I don’t like it. No, that’s me. Do you know how an introvert is like…Is it a bad habit or am I just an introvert? I even get annoyed when. I look to one spot and see a person talking a lot. And I can do this.

madan: Me too
Kaew: Really? It’s like. That’s not an introvert anymore, it’s just a bad habit. I go to work events often, right? And when the event is over, people will be standing outside and talking. I like to sit alone. And when I look at someone who’s doing this. I’ll be like, wow. I’d feel that. I’m happy for them that they’re good at socializing, right? But I’d question if they are tired or not. Because I get tired from just sitting there. When you see them, you get tired for them. Yes. This isn’t like an introvert, this is a bad habit. And I don’t like being around a lot of people. I have activities that I like to do alone. like reading. I like it

Kaew: And then the last one. I don’t eat rice along with water. I don’t know why. There was a time when I was addicted to sweet drinks. I had to drink sweet drinks with rice. Soft drinks with rice. I’ve always been addicted to that habit and I’d switch between eating a mouthful of rice and drink a mouthful all the time. Like one mouthful of rice and then a mouthful of drink instantly. You don’t drink water. Yes, I can’t have water next to food, it has to be sweet drinks only. And this is 5 facts about me.

Model : Kaew Natruja
Photographer : Sk Boom
Make up & Hair: Oishi_copy92
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan
Assistant Stylist:  Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Creative Director: Phurichearth
Graphic Designer: wowweeraya
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun & Napassorn Asawanon

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